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  1. How much is Trusty charging for this thing?
  2. Turn off 720p/1080i in the xbox system menu.
  3. Turn off the HD to see where it is
  4. Was it the fur-tastic fighter: Brutal Paws of Fury? If not, Altered Beast?
  5. FBL takes the latest roms. Any decent emulation site hosting MAME roms will do.
  6. Use the utility Romcenter with the dat file included with the emu to verify the list of compatible games.
  7. I've never seen NES crack a joke Here's one avatar-sized to the one receiving NES' smite
  8. Shantae don't properly on Xboy and is simply awful to play
  9. I second Streets of Rage Remake. Even though i've never played MUGEN i'd like to see a proper port just to play Card Sagas Wars.
  10. Couldn't get Double Dragon II nor an English patched Bubblegum Crisis runnig on MednafenX, but otherwise the emulator is perfect. Anybody else have any troubles with Double Dragon or is my ISO faulty?
  11. "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me, now there is no hope!" There are no willing authors left in the scene. NES was the last one who could make updates or give us new emulators.
  12. Count me in the minority who prefers to play point-and-click games on console. I got my start in the genre playing Clock Tower and Snatcher, and have dabbled here and there with ScummVMx.
  13. Don't we wish. It's a very nice send-off for perhaps the last legend of this scene.
  14. I have yet to come across an Xbox controller that doesn't have drift, whether it be a few of mine or my friend's.
  15. Is this natural for an original Xbox controller? Whenever i play ScummVMX or adjust the screen setting in an Xport emu it moves on it own (the y-coordinate to be precise).
  16. The best Pong available is in the second (or was it the first?) stage of Mystical Ninja for SNES.
  17. Hey BP, why'd you change your name? Are you on some sort of witness protection program?
  18. This takes me back to the Zsnexbox days when it seemed like you were releasing new versions every day. Can't say i mind though. Any big projects in the future beyond FBL?
  19. I remember playing a demo of this at a kiosk. I would of bought two copies of this for game for Xbox had it came out. It's that awesome.
  20. Do all roms still have to be in caps? Guess i'll it a go soon and find out. To Ironclad: If the rom is in red then find the parent rom, aka the biggest rom (either japan or world region).
  21. Is there any app on the Xbox that allows renaming roms in lowercase? Tried XBMC and dvd2xbox, but no good. Quite inconvenient to have to drag out the Ethernet cable every time i want to transfer.
  22. You're probably right about the internal copying, so i'll just assume Californiadad's roms were in caps to begin with when he copied them. nes6502 you were right about Garou. Didn't think it would take 5 - 10 minutes to load that rom. That's unbelievable. Any chance you'll integrate an option to switch between AES and MVS? Is anybody else getting a green screen just before the system logo appears when a NeoGeo rom loads? Doesn't affect anything, but could it be a problem with my NeoGeo bios?
  23. Rom files need to be in lowercase letters, which means you'll need to ftp them. Copying them from usb drive or within the system itself results in capitalization.
  24. 1. Find rom, then put that into a folder on your PC.2. Grab romcenter utility for PC, then in the app open the .dat file from the FBA Legend folder. 3. Add a rom path linking to your rom folder, then scan it to see if your rom file is compatible or needs a fixin.
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