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  1. BP's cult members are a plague on this scene, along with their spiteful leader. For the record, the xbox community is very much still alive. They've just moved on to a different board. Not sure what sort of mess Coin-Ops is like today, but it was good for MAME emulation at least. All the other stuff BP crammed into it isn't really worthwhile as long as there are other emulators on the xbox that do the job better (way better).
  2. I joined the xbox homebrew scene fairly late (back when everyone actually got along with BP on here lol. That's a very distant memory now). Xbox-Scene has the most clunkiest user interface imaginable; WAY too many sub-forums.
  3. Version 5 already? Don't quite like MadMab's numbering system for these minor updates.
  4. HD skins! It only took us nine years to get here >_>
  5. 1stmoon

    Coinops 3.

    BP sinking to lower depths? What a surprise!
  6. Is it just me, or does navigating the rom browser seem incredibly slow? I'll be back after some intensive testing.
  7. Any chance you can implement the left stick as an actual button?
  8. Make sure your files are in lowercase letters and not in caps; this applies only to the Nestopia and Final Burn emulators.
  9. Retro - Turrican 2 - Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Monster World IV Current - Mother 3 - Resident Evil 5 - Mario Galaxy
  10. I can do without the Genesis and SNES emulation, but the CPS Changer sounds mighty interesting. Would it be possible to implement functional save states into NeoGeo emulation here? Don't think i could ever hope to reach or beat SNK bosses like Geese at the end of Art of Fighting 2 without it.
  11. Save states aren't functioning for me in NeoGeo games. (tested two games at the moment) Anybody wanna back me up here?
  12. This forum does not need to be flooded with a gazillion Coin-Ops updates. It'd be wiser to just put it all in one thread, and when its bumped up people will assume there's something new.
  13. Sigh. I remember happier times on this forum when everyone got along (with BP). Kenshiro and 1q_132 were far more talkative, NES as well. I came here to rant about retro games, and not to participate in the drama between the BP defense force and Xtras team.
  14. Sweetness. Maybe i can finally get around to playing Ys. Are you really legendary elconejotres like you say you're? You come across as a beggar around here.
  15. Very disappointing. This game is awfully buggy, to the point where playing with a friend is going to be impossible (ruins the couch experience). Crashed sifting thru the bgm test, and it crashed after the character select.
  16. Swanky looking skin. Reminds me of them old magazine layouts from GameFan.
  17. Not every low-level Windows title is on the Xbox unfortunately.
  18. Radical Dreamers and BS Zelda are playable through a patch, but i haven't gotten Excite Bike to work. Am i missing something here?
  19. The butt kissing here is... yikes. Not to mention your name.
  20. Solved my own dilemma by flicking the software filter to "none". Weird, but case closed.
  21. It works on the PC, and that's about it.
  22. It's a fact it doesn't work on Zsnexbox, but I'm getting a black screen when i boot it up on Snes9xbox (audio is fine). Game is perfectly normal when i try it on the PC rendition of Snes9x, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  23. Look harder. Its under the display or video setting of the MS Dash.
  24. There is no SoRR xbox port planned, just Wii.
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