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  1. Thought you weren't interested in doing the Xport stuff. Why the change of heart?
  2. I'll ask my own noob question here: Is there any way to configure joy pad 1's buttons on NeoGenesis using joy pad 2's? It would be neat to play something like Ranger-X with another player controlling the cycle, even though its built as a single-player affair.
  3. Perhaps i can be of service. I've got a copy of Splinter Cell and an Action Replay memory card loaded with the hacked save file. Just PM me your address and i'll send you the items right away. If you would like to be generous i'm in desperate need of a fully-functional S-Type since my old (and only one) broke down a couple months ago. (i've been playing on a PS2-Xbox adapter since then)
  4. I'd like to know how those "bad pron puzzle games" always end up being the rarest of the rare for NES collectors.
  5. Bad games can be fun... for a good laugh that is. Haunted Castle gets my vote. Although it bears some semblance to Castlevania, you realize the worst as soon as you get hit by a bat and it takes 1/3 of your life away; fun's over guys.
  6. I'm also interested in hearing what's worthwhile on that system. I just learned a few days ago you can install Windows 98SE through XDSL. Since i've never been a PC gamer i'm not exactly sure what's playable with the lowly power of the Xbox.
  7. Sounds like you need some coffee, Kenshiro. What's your favorite pick-me-up?
  8. Are we finally at a non-beta release of FBA? It only seemed like yesterday when Kenshiro promised to update FBA and then abandon the Xbox scene for like an eternity Thankfully that was not the case
  9. Can you make the text larger? I have to squint on my 26 inch HD television
  10. Greatly appreciate it. Will try it out soon.
  11. Any 1080i skins? I'm an unfortunate owner of a CRT HD TV, with the HD meaning 1080i max (and 720p being basically 480p).
  12. Implement the BOR engine into Coinops? That seems a bit unorthodox, although i certainly wouldn't mind.
  13. Sega Saturn emulation would require hardware on the level of an Xbox 360 for proper emulation. The sole reason it's such a bitch to emulate is cause of its dual-processor, and there are like only two game consoles in existence that ever went down this road (PS3 being the other).
  14. This could be a tough one to fix BP considering you don't have a HDTV (i would recommend getting a VGA box though for testing purposes for this kinda stuff), but i can't even see half the freakin' GUI when playing in 720p or 1080i mode.
  15. Seems a bit insulting to Kenshiro if you insist on using FBA 1.28 as a starting point instead of his latest built.
  16. 1000 games can't be beat. I guess most people are satisfied with FBA as it is. Gotta try out Kenshiro's latest some time.
  17. Kenshiro's leaving?! It's a sad day indeed, cause there's only like two or three guys left actively pursuing the interests of this scene. Keep on truckin' for life, Kenshiro
  18. As someone who owns a modest HDTV i'd like to see those Neo/Cap games we couldn't in HD resolution. Garou in particular.
  19. That's a shame, but i can't say your answer was unexpected given your attachment to the arcade X-Box scene. Is Akuma your favorite Street Fighter character?
  20. Any desire to fix up some of the X-Port emulators? Mednafenx PCE and Visual Boy Advance are some of my favorite emulators, but they're nowhere near the perfection of ZSNEXbox and NeoGenesis.
  21. Oh wow. An update to Surreal64 seems a bit surreal (pun intended). Last i heard Team XXX was close to perfecting N64 emulation until that little incident occurred. Seems much of the drama has shifted over to the Wii homebrew scene.
  22. You've been consistent in speedy releases, BP. You've accomplished a task few have done in the dying days of Xbox homebrew. As far as i'm concerned you're entitled to a long R&R.
  23. Sweet. Haven't touched Mario 64 since the N64 days. Wonder if this hack is playable on SurrealXXX? If you ever get around to Mother 3 hellsfury i'd like to hear your impressions.
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