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  1. Does anyone know if this game KMST is on the xbox? or playable on any emulators? here's some screenshots I found..
  2. ah maybe im wrong, yeah I remember super skidmarks (the bigger vehicles right?) Ultimate skidmarks? no dont remember that one! have to check it out... sweet any good?
  3. only method I know of is viewing pdf documents through xdsl, but its slow
  4. yep skidmarks was pretty good back in the day, that game is made in New Zealand there was supose to be a sequel in the works but the project was cancelled anyone that enjoys these types of racing games should definately check out: Overdrive All Terrain Racing Supercars II enjoy!
  5. sorry I missed it, I was busy checking out the tools posted earlier.. okay reading the forum now
  6. Codec: WMV3 Type: Video Resolution: 1280x720 would like it to be playable on the xbox. (divx, xvid whatever, but keep the video quality and audio)
  7. what do you mean just try it, thats like telling me to squeeze the cow for orange juice, it just aint possible, like I said mkv2vob only supports mkv. I'll check out this staxrip anyway, cheers (this staxrip program is a pain, any simple tools?? come on people!! help an xboxer out)
  8. cheers Punika the program only supports mkv format? what about wmv avi etc ??????
  9. whats the ps3 application called? yea I will use it to convert mp4, wmv and some avi files which are encoded in HD.
  10. Hello, currently running stable build of XBMC 2009-06-01 9.04.1-FIXED-Babylon and the xbox struggles to play hi definition video, for example 1280x720 will run very slow with the standard mplayer. When I open the video with dvdplayer in XBMC the video will play slightly better, but then the audio isn't sync. Could anyone suggest any alternative players or XBMC builds which will run HD video smoothly? Note I am using the High quality pixel shader v2 in the config setup. Cheers
  11. Well as far as i know,it is still being worked on and there isnt any release date for it as the author bendermike is doing this when he has time. as far as i can tell bendermike is updating the cps1,2 and neogeo drivers to a more updated version of mame and that is all i know. all cps games are supported in MameOX, theres like hundreds of games which could be supported since the last official MameOX. I think the new versions of mame had different coding making it harder to emulate on xbox. ?? BenderX any news ??
  12. Loderunner & Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PCSX (both running flawless)
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