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  1. Ask for roms again and you're gone. Kawaks sucks btw. Find yourself a real emulator like FBA or MAME or gtfo.
  2. I removed all the alpha blending effects in fba-xxx, otherwise the speed took a serious hit. I have a few ideas on adding it back in, but I can't assure that it will run 60/60. Wow! A real live FBA dev? which one? lol
  3. As always, the source diff is located here: http://mamedev.org/updates.html Thanks to Lord Nightmare on the MAMEWorld forums for the news.
  4. Should be under the dip settings. The green screen skip is a hack. That's the actual neogeo hardware doing a "self test" and the reason it is slow is that it fills the video ram with garbage, which causes the vmm to read random graphics from random places.
  5. Holy shit! That's my philosophy word-for-word! Anyway, stunning work man, nice to see the finished product of all your hard work. Off topic but does anyone know how to disable the tree view of replies under a post? I'd rather have post displayed in a list page by page. The tree view jumbles it all together by replies to replies to replies etc... I can't figure out how to disable it. Thanks. Go to the top post, under the new topic button is an "options" button. It should let you select different views from there.
  6. Our very own nes6502 (better known for his port of Zsnes) has released a port of Final burn Alpha to xbox. As the read me is enormous, here is a select few from the list: The release thread can be found here. Unfortunately, due to the nature of xbox binaries, we cannot post a link directly to FBAL itself.
  7. Holy shit! That's my philosophy word-for-word! Anyway, stunning work man, nice to see the finished product of all your hard work.
  8. Gamefaqs says no. http://www.gamefaqs.com/search/index.html?...tform=0&s=s I would suggest the SNES version though, and I would say the obvious choice of emulators is zsnexbox by our very own NES6502.
  9. Just throwing this out there. But this whole thing between BP & cha needs to stop. Next time I see anything like it, it's g'bye for whoever starts or takes part in it. Anywho. How 'bout those Lions? *sigh*
  10. Yeah, I can add a super secret clubhouse for you on NeoSource if you want. ^^ Or you can maybe set something up with Gamecop (that lurking bastard lol).
  11. apparently you saw my facebook status lol
  12. Okami on PS2 (pcsx2) and Assassin's Creed 2 on DS (not a terribly good game).
  13. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to mucking through your sources a bit.
  14. Ridiculous question. Obviously the one at the higher res is going to look better. On that note, I want an enormous turkey sandwich. (enormous turkey or enormous sandwich, either way, I'm happy)
  15. Interesting stuff. I want sound in the silent Toaplan games. Odd that Dogyuun isn't on that list. It's possible that they either suspect it is the same as one of the other games, guru just forgot, or it is too rare.
  16. Is it difficult to emulate the CPS2 QSound algorithm? I keep hearing people say that the Xbox does not handle it accurately in any of its emulators. What do you think about that, nes? From what I can remember, QSound isn't properly emulated in any emulator. The QSound chip is on Guru's "to decap" list (Number 17 [ http://guru.mameworld.info/decap/index.html ], and has been for quite some time.
  17. First Console = Atari 2600 First Computer = Apple ][ with the green and black monochrome screen and dot matrix printer. Best Console Memories = Working on FBA-xxx and CoinOps and watching some previously unemulated (on xbox) games running along quite nicely. Best Computer Memories = I could list dozens of memories that make me smile.
  18. Great. I just told BP to overclock the CPUs a bit. It allows the CPU to finish doing its work before the next frame starts, reducing slowdown. Placebo effect lol. Double Dragon 2 was not changed afaik. When you start overclocking the cpus for that, it becomes too much for the xbox to handle, reducing the actual framerate. No biggie.
  19. There's a psikyosh driver on NeoSource that kenshiro posted. it contains both of the tgmt2 games as well as the rest. If someone were to compile a build it'd be very playable on xbox...
  20. This thread makes me upset. Closed.
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