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  1. The Cave games only really slow down in the menus. Ketsui has a bit of slow down on the beginning of the first stage with all the clouds. I made another tweak to the vmm last night that makes the fps a lot more stable in-game for most games too.
  2. great work as always iq,hopefully the fantasy zone 2 16 bit version is playable in this new update of final burn legends. have you been working on the code for the pgm cave shmups for a while iq? Only a day or so. I am more familiar with the PGM code than anyone else (having rewritten most of it in later fba revisions). And I'm quite familiar with the VMM code I'm using too (as I wrote that too lol).
  3. Small update: Reduced amount of RAM used by a few MB. Implemented ARM7 -- KOVSH now works.
  4. FBAL was giving me problems compiling and I figured a better use of my time was to actually work on the driver. As it is: All PGM games that work in the PC version of FBA with the exception of Martial Masters, Knights of Valour 2, and Knights of Valour Super Heroes work with the new code. Do not expect Martial Masters or Knights of Valour 2 to ever work well on a 64mb xbox. This took: Changes to my original vmm code Changes to the way the pgm driver loads roms Significant updates to the drivers themselves Reverting to old pgm code (it is faster) Updates to the protection code. The driver as it is now is a Frankenstein mishmash of the extremely old driver and the newest driver in my sources.
  5. Did some work on this for a friend. I think I may be able to make it a bit faster.
  6. No. Seriously. Stick around. Good news is coming.
  7. Crack, loader, nitpick if you want, all it does is bypass the security checks.
  8. Taito Type X1 & X2 hardware is PC-based, just running windows XP. Pretty much all the games (sans Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny) run fine with a crack (the same one for all) on standard PC. You do have to set up Joy2key if you play on using a gamepad.
  9. I've repeatedly expressed that I don't give a single shit about being credited. I do what I do because it is fun or interesting. If I don't find it to be either, I don't do it.
  10. That's a shame. Borrow the stuff to softmod it from someone, get a cheap controller. It's a pretty nice little emulation / media center machine. Otherwise, I'm sure someone in your area would probably love to take it off your hands. ^^
  11. Your attitude is extremely annoying. Like others have said, you're on an emulation site. Deal with it or get lost. Ps. I was the first person to emulate Ketsui, ddp3, and Espgal. Just so you know.
  12. I'm fairly sure it wasn't. The PC (Acro Studios) version isn't the same either.
  13. Iirc, I ported the dreamworld driver to coinops. send it back and i'll update it.
  14. A complete driver can be found on the mame svn mirror here: http://git.redump.net/cgit.cgi/mame/plain/...vers/dreamwld.c It shouldn't be too hard to backport this, but some cpu bugs are keeping it from running properly in fba.
  15. I'm fairly certain that it isn't. (Could be wrong, but I'm usually not lol). The intro of Guwange shows a similar effect that is done completely with 2d graphics. PS. Sh3 emulation is already done by several people, it's a matter of it becoming public. And I'm sure we'll see it sooner rather than later. What I'm hoping is that it stays out of mame for a little while and that the demul guys lock any of the newer games (>= 2008) out.
  16. The sh3 (133mhz) is clocked a great deal slower than the sh4 (200mhz) used by the dreamcast. The Dreamcast also had a very powerful (and funky) nec pvr2 graphics processor. The Cave games shouldn't use most of the cpu, so it's likely possible to underclock or at the very least idle skip a lot of that. The graphics processor is unknown/undocumented. So i can't really make a guess there as to what it's going to take, but it looks fairly complex (not 3d-hardware complex though). The graphics are almost certainly not 3d, but it seems to be able to do alpha blending, zooming (variable), and it seems capable of loading an assload of sprites onscreen at once.
  17. I wouldn't count on seeing the newer cave games on FBA for a while. The Sh3 processor will likely use MAME's Sh4 processor core (Sh4 is the dreamcast cpu). Also, I know for a fact that there's an Ibara dump floating around.
  18. I added this ability to FBA/FBA-xxx a long time ago. I'm pretty disappointed no one ever seemed interested in it aside from myself. It's pretty neat to play Street Fighter 1/2/3 and tons of shmups with rumble.
  19. That's already fixed in the FBA mainline sources.
  20. Barry added it to FBA already. It should pretty much be a drop in to one of the fbal cores.
  21. No idea, honestly. That's something you'd have to run past lantus. I just gave him the sources I had, what happened from there is all him.
  22. http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/romset/sprcros2 ? Nope, it was not that either. Though the graphics were similar to the mystery game I played, you were playing excitebike. Same 2d side scrolling like the regular game. You could look at the game and say "oh it's excitebike with better graphics" Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium bootleg maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLHHq0fEseI...feature=related It's also possible that it is a bootleg of the sharp x1 or NEC PC-8801 system versions. I haven't been able to find screenshots of it.
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