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  1. Hi! I'm from the internets. It's quite serious here!
  2. As always, the sources are available here: http://mamedev.org/updates.html Thanks to MAME-Fans on the mameworld forums for the heads up!
  3. http://barryharris.co.uk/article_view.php?id=144
  4. No. No. No. No. Read the damned rules. AGH!!! And my day was going so well.
  5. A few things to be aware of if you want to add those: The ARM7 core's page handling takes a lot of RAM, you can free up a bunch if you remove the page handling and use if (address >= xxx && address Since you're probably going to be using the vmm for almost all of the graphics, it would probably be a decent idea to disable line scrolling first thing and add it back in if it doesn't slow down too much. (the line scrolling calls each tile 16 times [once per line] in the tile map). Rom loading and crunching takes a little bit of work to get it going on xbox. PGM, like Neo-Geo, has massive rom capacities.
  6. I didn't so much fix the graphics problems as some protection problems. There are still places where the graphics are quite bad. And as for speed, I don't know. I develop solely on a custom MAME 0.84 build on pc.
  7. What other games are on that hardware? And what did I say about them?
  8. Saw Public Enemies and the new Wonder Woman animated movie. Neither made me think "wow... this is a good movie," but I also didn't think "wow... what a massive ass-ripping piece of shit" either.
  9. I mentioned the jackie chan game earlier afew posts back and iq_132 said it woudn't be able to run on xbox, not enough power. But yeah "Best of Best" looks like a potential game to add. It's possible I spoke too soon on that. How do the Kaneko Supernova games run on the xbox [gutsn, galpans2, etc]? If they run fairly well, it's possible that Jackie Chan may run fairly well too (it uses the same graphics hardware). As for Best of Best, that's a fairly simple one to add.
  10. lmao. no. absolutely. should take about a minute to add (it uses the exact same hardware as Power Instinct 2), so it's pretty much copy + paste.
  11. DoDonPachi 2 isn't playable in any emulator. Kov2 with its arm7 protection processor is quite slow, too slow to emulate nicely on xbox, and too complex to simulate the arm7 (unlike kovsh). yeah i thought kov2 would be to much for the xbox and i dare say martial masters would be the same. yeah your right about ddp2 i remember trying ddp2 on a newer biuld of mame. I just added G-LOC, Turbo Outrun, and Cotton. Do any of the PGM games work on the Xbox? knights of valour knights of valour plus oriental legend these games play well on the xbox under fbaxxx and coinops reignite. pretty much any games that don't use the arm7 run pretty decently. You can get a pretty decent speedup with kov2 [and most other arm7 games] by detecting idle loops in the arm7 and skipping them [which I've done for the most part], however, martial masters uses the arm7 quite a bit for extra processing power, making it much too slow.
  12. Nope, no progress afaik. If you check Guru's decapping list, a lot of the mcu (also the sound cpu) chips are needed. http://guru.mameworld.info/decap/index.html Highly unlikely. Here's a good way to tell if a game will be playable on xbox. Run your mame game in windowed mode on pc mame -window kof2003 Open up the task manager Record the average %cpu mame uses for this game (not intros, IN-GAME). Next, add 5 to this as newer cpus are more efficient than the one the xbox has and MAME has gotten slower. We will call this percent-> GAME_PERCENT Next, find out how fast your CPU is in mhz So if it is a 1.8ghz dual core cpu your ghz is 1.8 * 2 -> 3.6 next, multiply this by 1000 so your mhz is 3600 we'll call this number CPU_SPEED Next, find out how much ram this game takes. If it is over 60mb, you're likely going to need to use the VMM. This takes, I'll guess, about 5% more cpu. If this is the case, add 5 more to GAME_PERCENT. Now, here's a quick formula (CPU_SPEED * GAME_PERCENT) / 100 just plug in the values as necessary. if this value is above 733, it will very likely run like crap on the xbox. Here's an example Night Slashers takes ~23% cpu on my system. I'll add 5% to this, making it 28% I have a 1.8 GHZ c2d. So I would do (1.8 * 2) * 1000 -> 3600 mhz Night Slashers also needs the VMM. I'll add 5 more % to the GAME_PERCENT, making it 33%. plugging the values into the equation: (3600 * 33) / 100 = 1188mhz is required Taking this even further, you can calculate about how many fps you should get. 733 / (1188 / 60) = 37 fps. [note that ~60 is the normal fps for most arcade games] This isn't 100% accurate, but it's close enough in most instances.
  13. DoDonPachi 2 isn't playable in any emulator. Kov2 with its arm7 protection processor is quite slow, too slow to emulate nicely on xbox, and too complex to simulate the arm7 (unlike kovsh).
  14. ah thats a shame can anything be done with the prototype version instead possibly? (sonicp) Oh, and does the same problem apply to virtua fighter and virtua racing? would be the icing on the cake to have some 3d arcade games working in coinops I said "driver" and not "game" or "rom set" for a reason. The Sega System 32 driver got a huge update in later builds, fixing most issues (graphical or otherwise), however, the update causes the games to get a lot slower. Pretty much anything 3d is too slow in MAME. I'm not going to waste time on a driver that will only run 3fps. Just added in it in. Atm, it needs a speed hack, which will take me a little time. Works fine otherwise though.
  15. That's something I'm working on (I like Silkroad), but atm it's putting up quite a fight getting the cpu core it needs updated. Already in. For future reference, I'll not even be looking at games with FD1094 or FD1089 in the title. Same driver, I'll probably take a look at some point. I'll add this to the yunsun16 driver. It should take about 30 seconds. Already in. As long as you don't mind it being painfully slow, sure. Updating that driver too far causes it to be to slow to be playable.
  16. I think that's because Heavy Smash rom is contained in the "R3 showcase update" rar. BTW thanks for your hard work and dedication! Yes it's the point. Is it playable in the R2 version? nope. Thanks, that's a pity. Anyway 1.000.000 OF THANKS to BritneysPAIRS for her job! His. BP is a dude. lol
  17. CPU : SH2 @ 28.636350 MHz Sound CPU : YMF278B (OPL4) @ 28.636350 MHz These are the Psikyo SH2 specs Wasnt there a rule of thumb that you need 10 times the mHz to emulate a platform properly? 20 (normally).
  18. That's on the same hardware as Asura Blade. It runs too slow in MAME. I'd suggest giving FBA-xxx a try if you want to play those games. Nope, none. My suggestion is: PCSX with Mortal Kombat Trilogy. It's a bit slow on the loadings, but it's great fun to have such a huge roster of characters. now this is what i call a umkt hack for the genesis that is but still bloody good. back on topic. finally iq 132 heres a game suggestion.. bombs away info TEST MODE: Hold Start1 + Start2 on boot to enter test mode. WIP: 0.127u4: Jaleco 'Bombs Away' improvements [aDG4W+qp0]. Added game to the Psychic 5 driver. Changed region user1 to proms and palettesize to 768 colors. 0.123u2: Added 'CoinA' dipswitch. 0.106u6: David Haywood and Andrew Gardner added Bombs Away (Jaleco 1988). 19th March 2006: Andrew Gardner - After (finally) submitting my Psychic 5 blend chip changes, Reip pointed me to another game running on similar hardware to Argus, Valtric, and Butasan. It's called Bombs Away, and it looks to be a quaint 194x-style shooter. I've decoded most of the graphics, found a few bits of the palette, and have the text layer drawing quite nicely. No idea where the tilemaps are, nor the sprites - and the thing reboots after running for a few seconds, but there are still tons of other things to try so stuff may begin to look better. 7th April 2005: Guru - Bombs Away (Jaleco 1988) arrived, purchased from two private sellers by Randy. 22nd February 2005: Dumping Project - Randy finalized an agreement to purchase from a Swedish seller Jaleco's 'Bombs Away' (1987). GAME( 1988, bombsa, 0, bombsa, bombsa, 0, ROT270, "Jaleco", "Bombs Away", GAME_NOT_WORKING ) That kind of rules it out for me.
  19. I'm glad you understood I wasn't trying to be rude.
  20. Do it! Spirit Tracks is coming out soon too!
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