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  1. Yay! Got it to show both sets. Now to see why the arm7 doesn't seem to be doing anything...
  2. This is getting very frustrating. I could have the two games up and running in a matter of minutes, but messing around actually getting fbal to recognize the sets and call the right routines is an absolute nightmare. I would rather spend this time having my teeth pulled without anesthetic. As of right now, all the code is there, the sets are in the driverlists for both core and psykio, the roms are correct. However, they refuse to show up in the scan for the sets. No idea...
  3. ahh. Psikyo that's the problem. Thanks! I will try to find some time to work on it today.
  4. I'll get back to it, I just don't have any time until at least monday. :S
  5. Annnd, that's every bit of patience I have. Done for this week.
  6. Too bad there's no way to show how much memory is being used. Not only that, ddp2 and dmnfrnt take less ram than kov2 or martmast. And I'd love to generate a rom dat, but it freezes on that. :S
  7. I forgot how in-fucking-furiating working on fbal is. I've got everything in and compiled, but now when i go to load the roms, they start loading then quit back to the menu with no sort of error message of any sort. No idea what's going on, nothing. GRRRRR.
  8. Would you mind pm'ing me the fbal sources again please +T+. I would like to put out a version with ddp2 and Demon Front as playable games.
  9. The multislot stuff wouldn't work on the xbox1. Waaay to much ram usage. I suppose it could be worked out -- write the alternate cart data to the hdd, and load it as it is switched out. A real pain in the ass lol.
  10. The multislot stuff wouldn't work on the xbox1. Waaay to much ram usage.
  11. I would be willing to help with a few pointers too if someone wanted to make some improvements. Mind you that my time is somewhat limited and mostly spent on developing for FBA.
  12. To be honest, I wouldn't call it "Emulation". The N64 is high level emulated (more or less complex simulation). N64 emulation in MESS was really progressing with mooglyguy working on it (despite being an asshole, he is good). But progress has slowed to a crawl.
  13. The latest source and binaries can be found at http://barryharris.co.uk
  14. Not a chance in hell on those two ever being playable on xbox. SF The movie is one i've been interested in doing. Kaiser knuckle as well, but the odds of it being playable on xbox are slim to none.
  15. Thanks for reading the WIP thread. And I don't know about the scrolling compared to mame. I honestly spend little time actually playing games.
  16. Boogie Wings will not have sound in FBL until it's added to the driver in FB Alpha. There's nothing to fix. We're having a hell of a time getting MAME's huc6280 core to play nice with FBA.
  17. I will take a look, for sure. I have other ideas that i will try and implement there too. About 40 fps. I think adjusting the vmm will help more than anything. Sure.
  18. My main goal is to port/improve things that interest me. That's why I hop around between adding to MAME, Coinops, FBA, FBL, and various other projects. Basketball interests me slightly less than Curling. Sorry. :S I accept payment in the form of baked goods. On a side note, I added the vmm routines to tkdensho. The game runs less than full speed. Probably some vmm setting tweaking can fix that or possibly ripping out the alpha blending.
  19. Okay, added some minor speed stuff to the m92 games (the most updated driver [with proper music tempo]). With the optimizations to the drawing routines I only managed a few fps increase in the frame rate. I'm currently working on adding idle skip routines to the games (this is somewhat time-consuming, but thankfully a lot of this is already implemented in older versions of mame). I've got a lot of idle loop skipping done on the main cpu, I think I can add it to the sound cpu with little-to-no consequence. With idle skipping (just the main cpu), hook (the only game I've tested so far), gets around 40fps. This drops when there's a lot of sprites on screen though. Additionally, tkdensho should only take me about 10 minutes to get hooked up to the vmm once I get around to it.
  20. Sweet. Thanks for the sources. And yes, lots of goodies in 14. Have you considered throwing the neocd stuff in a separate core? You could set fbl to either list isos or make a clone of neocd for each iso and launch them from there. ^^
  21. Hey +T+, how far have you gotten on merging in the latest fba updates? I've made a ton of changes to the nec v30/v33/v35/v25/v20 games (m92 specifically) and am curious to how they'll run on xbox. If you could up your sources somewhere for me I'd love to take a crack at it (tonight ). I can probably take a minute to look at angel eyes and fix that too.
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