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  1. Because now i already have the rom i want,i don't have any questions. Now i want to know about you all thinking.Which one is better,FIFA 2009 or PES2009?Answers needed....
  2. Hi 4 all,because 2 of my topics were rejected,now i open a new topic.How to get orochi(kof97 boss) for kawaks?Do anyone know?
  3. Oh,so sorry man.Maybe i read the rules too fast,i guess...
  4. Hello 4 all,my new topic is about svc chaos.Do anyone know where to get it?I got it but it is a hack version for kawaks.Also help me with kof 2003 topic.I'm waiting..
  5. Sorry,but i don't have it.Is there any other way?
  6. Can u give me some tutorials cause i have downloaded it but ther is no emulator or application,just some files.
  7. Hey man,i also like u,but u must defend yourselves from that food or u gonna get awful diseases.
  8. It sound like this,it is an xbox emulator and it also support neogeo,CPS1 AND 2 and sega genesis.Do i right?Which one is better?
  9. I do have the neogeo bios but i don't understand about final burn legends or coinops reignite.Tell me about it.
  10. Hi gamecop,this may sound rude but can u help me by giving a download link for kof 2003 that works with kawak..

  11. Hey,i have rated it.5 STARS man.......
  12. Sorry man,i'm also new at this site but i suggest to you that you search mugen for king of fighters.It can be found at youtube plus at google.Now i have 2 new mugen games.Reply my comment for further questions.
  13. Hi everyone,i want to ask for help with what must i do to get king of fighters 2003 rom for kawaks emulator and how to work it.Plzzz help me........
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