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  1. whats the current state of the american dollar to the british pound???checks wallet moths fly out 1.00 GBP = 1.60291 USD. So not stellar. Plus, our beer sucks (mostly). Btw, added Swat Police and Tang Tang and updated the romsets on the ESD16 driver.
  2. Knocked this one out in about an hour. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/dreamwld.rar snaps http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/drea0000.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/drea0001.png @Fumanchu: if you're ever in Michigan, let me know. You can definitely buy me a beer (or 15).
  3. Here's one that had me pulling my hair out. Apparently MAME 0.84's vblank handling sucks. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/dietgo.rar Snaps. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/diet0000.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/diet0001.png Which also fixes the rest of the simpl156 games. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/chai0000.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/joem0001.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/joem0003.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/magd0000.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/magd0002.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/magdrop.png
  4. there is actually a clone/bootleg of fighters history called "the history of fighters" which works on a different driver from fighters history.i tried it in coinops before and got it working,it played well if i remember but was a while ago. lol. Try it in MAME. You will kick yourself for even suggesting it. http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/romset/histryma
  5. In the immediate future, I'd have to go with no. There's a lot of work to do there and I'm terribly unmotivated.
  6. You're missing roms (don't ask where to get them) and on top of that, even if you do locate the rom, there isn't an emulator that exists that runs it.
  7. Another request filled. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/boogwing.rar Snaps. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0000.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0001.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0002.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0003.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0004.png http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/snaps/boog0005.png
  8. Took a minute and got Thunder Hoop and Squash (on Gaelco hardware) up and running. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/gaelco.rar *edit* Here's an updated cps2 driver. http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/cps2.rar I did leave xors there and the games will use them if they're available. If you decide to not use them at all, just remove #define CPS2_USE_XORS in cps2.c and it will always use the decrypt code. I also added the phoenix games and hooked up analog inputs for pzloop2. No speed increases or anything. *edit 2* Here's another update for NMK16 http://www.fbadev.info/iq_132/coinops/nmk16.rar Fixed hachamf, tdragon, tharrier, tdragonb, manybloc, and the flags for blkheart. All games on the driver should be playable now.
  9. Not a chance. It uses a protected MCU to deal with sound and it's not dumped. Imperfect sound is a definite possibility. I'll add it to my list of things to look at. i dont know if this would interest you or not iq 132 but would it be possible to get the raiden fighters drivers ported. bp managed ot get raiden fighters 2(2000)chinese hacked version to work on xbox and the us single board version of raiden fighters2 works on mameox 128 but with really bad sound.also on mame 128 you can get the us single board version of raiden fighters jet to load but it will just play the attract/demo screen,once you put credits in and press start it crashes. dont know if you are interested in porting these drivers but i thought there would be no harm in making a request. thank you. Very unlikely, but I will take a look. For a status update, I'm not going to be looking at anything until at least tomorrow. I'm out of town until then (and since early Thursday).
  10. Imperfect sound is a definite possibility. I'll add it to my list of things to look at.
  11. Hiya. Finally got around to looking at djboy. Have fun.
  12. Add me to the list of people you need to talk to kenshi. lol I've got big ideas (for having such a small head ).
  13. Thanks a ton. Check your inbox.
  14. a cheap method to softmod an a xbox is to do get a original tom clancy splinter cell game from a game store (ex. gamestop) and a memory card. then get the xbox splinter cell softmod heck off the internet or xbins since you have mod xbox (chip) you could transfer the file to the memory card through you chip xbox. now hookup your xbox you want to softmod and load up splinter cell with the memory card plugin. next go to load game.... select the hack file from the memory card and it will began to softmod the console. now the xbox will boot to unleash dashboard....at this point you could transfer files and edit file through ftp (basicly get access to your console) Yeah, I'm aware of HOW. I just need the spliter cell and memory card. I think it's silly to buy them when I'm only ever going to use them once, that's why I'm asking to borrow. Thank you though. ^^ Kenshiro gives me too much credit. Usually our conversations about FBA-XXX go something like this: Kenshiro: Hey Dave, can you you take a look at this? I've got a bug somewhere that I can't track down. Dave: Sure. Send me your sources. *file send* Dave: Ok, let's see. four hours later Dave: I'm a fucking idiot. Here's the problem... Kenshiro: I'm a fucking idiot too. Fuck. Dave: Well, now it's fixed. Kenshiro: I hate you.
  15. It's fantastic. I just discovered that you can build shit! Btw, Lunar Lander is totally the best flying machine.
  16. Hiya! I'm hoping someone can let me borrow everything I need to softmod a 1.6 xbox. I've got another 1.3 one, but that's chipped and I'm not terribly comfortable with using any of the swap methods. I will pay shipping costs and will ship the items back promptly when I'm done with the modding process (or maybe we can arrange something else). I'm in the US, so iirc, I'll need a US/Canada region disk. Thanks!
  17. Hmm. My usual places don't have this week's manga there yet. It's still on 373. Got a linky (via pm) for me?
  18. Where'd you get that info? One of the games?
  19. Nice. Thanks. Pretty hilarious game. I love that you can create a monster (I like "dragon", "t.rex", and "cthulu"), shoot them with a dart gun. Then you can ride the bastards around like a pony. Hell, you can even fly with the dragon. Another awesome thing is putting a jet pack on. You can fly while riding a t.rex. I also like to fight things. God Vs. Devil was a pretty epic matchup.
  20. lol. nice. I'm going to have to go with the Seta "hunting" series. Btw, MSN is being a bitch. So I probably won't be on today.
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