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  1. More that the newer consoles grow prohibitively complex to emulate, in development time and hardware ressource consumption/system cost. No contest, next to jailbreaking/chipping. With newer machines from arcades to consoles increasingly relying on PC-based hardware, there would be more translation and protection neutralizing than actual emulation. So all it means is just creativity shifts away from nextgen towards previous-gen consoles (innovative frontends, javascript-based emus, accuracy, and so on). Regarding mobile discussion, it's a natural interest to add so as to increase the variety of local discussion (homebrew/emulation guides, regular mobile use and discussion). Regarding activity in emulation communities, they're meant to cater to newbies, readers, unsophisticated users rather than oldtimers savvy enough to help themselves and in need of no handholding anymore to emulate their games. That core of senior users will always be necessary to keep around if just generic activity, but a consistent flow of emulation enthusiasts is what keeps momentum rolling. Not to mention 'timeless content' (like guides, compatibility lists, rankings, etc -flagship blogs commonly rely on that for articles whose content does not grow stale over time) beats ephemereal content (which for example release news fall into no matter how timely, despite the necessity of a release coverage service).
  2. Emulation has never been as mainstream as today, but homebrew/jailbreaking/mobile actuality is nowadays increasingly more prevalent (with a far larger audience too), compared to PC-based emulation. Emulation sites can too cover actuality affecting emulation gaming (see dcemu or the previous maxconsole for over-the-top examples). The later niche features higher payouts and possibilities for sponsorship. A lax approach towards dubious linkage is not a magical solution, though overzeal could be dropped with little consequence. Effort is necessary to identify and deal with underperforming aspects and keep up with trends, and it seems like everyone's burnt out (desillusioned?). Thats an aspect that would benefit from being addressed first, as it tends to negatively affect momentum and contributor motivation even after you get initiatives rolling.
  3. Every aspect of the situation has a logical explanation and solutions.
  4. No, this corpse can be tazed back into olympic shape.
  5. x10hosting is all you can need. Completely free hosting there has an activity requirement, but a few pennies lift it. http://x10hosting.co...ting-comparison You could also go for a hosted solution like forumotion and use a .com domain name instead of an ugly subdomain on their domain. ...perhaps you'd be better served by hosting yourself or offshore then, unless you're fine with the risk of suspension and deletion by your host.
  6. I'll drop this here. "N64 Player" ripped off "Mupen64plus AE", put advertisements over it, then lodged a false copyright claim against Mupen64plus AE, removing it from Google Play
  7. Because keeping margins sucks, oldschool publishers want them multiplied. Getting rid of stores as middlemen and the overhead of unsold leftover is not good enough. Retail will keep thriving to create installed userbases, with increasing amounts of DLC. Take Steet Fighter X Tekken. Its dead obvious why they want to keep the 'Super edition' a DLC for content already on the disc: it brings more cash for capcom than having it separated into 2 retail games (cutting retailers from the second release completely, pocketing the difference), while still keeping it cheaper for both editions. and they can still charge extra for cosmetic DLC like costumes on top of it.
  8. True that, kids missed the times when an Atari costed 4 fingers and 6 pints of blood.. Plus, penny arcades died, and its difficult for anyone to feel nostalgia about an era theyve not lived through.
  9. It was suggested PS4 'Orbis' will try the same. Essentially games work fine on play, but to install on hdd, play online, allow downloading the game from PSN or similar, connecting to PSN with the account that unlocked that disc would be necessary, else some sort of online pass needs to be purchased. All speculation for now, but details aside, consoles are going digital and obsoleteing discs and the used market.
  10. Mindshare and skill moves along. Homebrew on consoles, handhelds and mobiles is taking over and evolving far more healthily PC-based emulation did.
  11. Regular interface render lag in browsers and heavy page loads (especially for first visits), unrelated to server/app settings. All within reasonable bounds, except the heavy background perhaps.
  12. A decent reshuffle. Fresher blood can make all the difference in a world.
  13. The sites can go to hell, but I'll miss their paid CPM/affiliate programmes.
  14. No. But wether SOPA or other stuff, I sure hope the fandom gets purged from as many greed-driven scum as possible. A few rotten apples bring down whole trees.
  15. As part of v2 settings carried on, only login with username seems to be currently used here (login with email or both ways is normally available), but dont take my word for it.
  16. You can log using your email and password.
  17. As a workaround, you could post private messages in public.
  18. Dunno if its legal first of all, much less how on earth it was approved on the official app store. Apple is pretty stringent regarding apps whose primary use is to access copyrighted media files coommonly sold remotedly without proper permissions.
  19. Refer to gbatemp for the latest updates and workarounds
  20. Looks like Target has a nice deal going: 2 3Ds handhelds for 225$, making one 113$ (even cheaper than current DS systems). http://www.tqcast.com/2011/12/18/take-that-vita-get-2-nintendo-3ds-systems-for-only-225/ Anyone grabbing that ?
  21. Its insane enough to host anything emulation-themed in the US. As long as you maintain plans for continuation of operations and have your stuff hosted outside continental america, good enough for a start. Regarding DNS, p2p mesh resolvers, opendns and google's dns could do. Regarding hosting, well if hosting in the US, youd really get what you deserve. That risk alone should encourage mirroring like in the old days (not just of static sites and files, timely database replication is rather commonplace nowadays). There's always offshore hosting, and for more convenience, sites could even go private (therefore strive more for keeping their userbases loyal and active compared to just increasing their numbers. Private trackers had that approach right). Network connectivity shortcomings aside, hosting from a garage only has the notable problem of engaging your moral and physical person regarding liability. Regarding advertising, even if traditional advertising platforms shun your sites, others just woould take their place (especially underground/adult/sale-centric ones). All sorts of bypasses could be thought on to bypass an internet watch. Take a mail donation or check for example (especially chained upwards to individuals with increasing sums -multilayered donations or something I suppose-). Not so detectable, and each participant would be easily replacable till the top is reached. Mind you, thats just for hobbyist-levels of funds.
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