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  1. Oldtime creator since FL was barely known (Magix ruled with its glue together wavs formula), kinda lost interest since. I dont know, this may be a bit too niche and easier to cover in a site, personal blog or youtube channel dedicaced to the subject. Suppliers of review units like synth makers and stores tend to prefer so as theres support groups simplifying the relations and pooling ressources and opportunities.
  2. I'm kinda partial to old spice out of habit, but this feels fresh and improved readability.
  3. My personal favorite on Windows is EmuLoader, which just celebrated its 20 year anniversary this week. Now that's some longevity.
  4. IMO establishing a separate channel for communication should be considered. That'd give staff and users a venue to discuss things and maybe collaborate
  5. For people who dont use facebook or IM, maybe a permanent Discord chatroom could help keep people in touch when theyre not on the site. It can be used without an account and is more accessible than IRC.
  6. nginx is often troublesome. Unlike other servers like litespeed, it needs more careful setup. Maybe the server could use a refresh, alongside the forum software.
  7. Are site-bound apps even desirable anymore? Nowadays casual games are everywhere (Kongregate, Facebook, especially mobile).
  8. Isnt upstream MAME going properly opensource actually a good thing? Downstream recipients could simply relicence or work around this change. At worst, stick to the last non-FOSS release during the transition.
  9. Better live within your means, build a safety cushion than falling for the credit mermaids for non-essential/luxury and perishable goods. Contagion was inevitable. All oil exporters' currencies got hammered and will keep doing so until the correction is over, and that's before accounting for the dollar's rising value and the coming TPP.
  10. You got my deepest sympathy. I can imagine how hard it is to lost a kid this young so suddenly.
  11. Dedicaced gaming machines are not much safer. I attribute the poor state of a lot of releases to the fact games can be updated with patches, and console makers do nothing to deter what I call "gigantopatches" that literally switch the game's code with a modified near-complete version. It's also used as a soft piracy deterrence system, where existing leaked versions either contain antipiracy tripwires or are similarly crashy (an issue regular customers wouldnt have if they update).
  12. Let's see how its PC release stacks: - horrible performance - apparently crashy/buggy - Denuvo DRM (seems to stress ssds hard) - has only a 36% positive score on Steam ("mostly negative" reception)? Now you can't add Steam reviews, likely so the score doesnt sink to zero. I'll stick to the previous games for now, til this gets patched.
  13. 'Mobile' is the natural evolution of emulation, and would expand both reach and audience. 'Homebrew' on the other hand cant expand similarly (console-specific releases are locked to those specific devices, instead of more accessible, durable platforms like Android - just like PC itself as a platform was)
  14. Their closure is actually a good thing when you think about it. 'Incriminating' tracks disappear, and replication/link rotation is encouraged, especially to private lockers and torrents. It's even profitable for lockers to close, since they get rid of a lot of maintainance burden and can restart again under other brands (not necessarily only one) with very little overhead and a much higher concentration of paid accounts.
  15. Xenia's dev was on Generalemu in the days (with PSP Player). I dont think he has an enduser-facing forum now, Github handles everything devs need without the distractions. The JPCsp authors (or Shadow).
  16. PS3: rpcs3 (boots games, shows graphics) Xbox360: Xenia 3DS: Citra (runs some games) All opensource, very active. Thing is emusites stopped being a viable center of development, so folks are taking it to their own sites to accomodate their needs much better (including those of monetization, like with ads whose gain flows to support development). Regarding mobile, maybe a (public?) master list of hardware ownership in any form could help along another for new purchases, in case discussions or testing need to be focused on specific hardware (you cant ask everyone every time who's got a specific model of tablet and expect timely positive responses too).
  17. Sharing' tends to be a good activity initiator, since the barrier to entry doesn't rise across time. People could engage in a lot more mobile discussion, notably mobile emulation on Android/iOS/etc... It's a way to keep around people who otherwise grew out of emulation/gaming, and expand reach (comparatively few follow emulation, far more use smartphones/tablets, and those devices accompany them everywhere). There's also too much general talk IMO (news seem to difficultly start discussion). Probably because the most active appear to be longtimers that may have grown out of emulation as young adults. Emulation should be discussed in a ratio of at least 50/50, to keep focus. Thoughts on ongoing development discussions (say to keep up with developments for specific projects, like dolphin/rpcs3/citra)? Project-specific perpetual threads tend to get their followers surfacing and contributing more specific, higher quality activity. I thought it worked fine on RetroArch ?
  18. IE11 is damn good, fast and secure now. Give it a go, unless you're stuck on XP.
  19. The maps' BS, whole world is. Unlike in the dark ages, planes take people everywhere quickly, and each infected people are liable to contaminate thousands before they even show symptoms. Stop all air transport, lock the borders for a couple weeks (except to those seriously checked and with reasons to travel, like businessmen), and spam the media with campaign to get people checked and quarantined to not infect their families and neighbours. Without that, a quarantine cannot be efficient.
  20. Anyone considered putting up 'Missing' ads on Google ?
  21. I'm surprised you're not even considering Opera. It's now Chromium-based but fixes a lot of Chrome's annoyances. But to be honest, the default browser of any OS you use should suffice.
  22. The lack of sandboxing makes systems with FF more susceptible to infections today, but this shouldn't be source of worry if you browse safely. Even Internet Explorer is sandboxed nowadays, so you couldnt go wrong sticking with its latest versions nowadays unless you need specific addons or features available only for other browsers.
  23. Rarely for anything not linux-related, like tech support or quick questions. I see it as a major security and privacy risk with inappropriate protections in place.
  24. Cheap cr@ptops with little RAM work more smoothly on a 32bit OS than 64. It's also a way to price-discriminate and keep upselling opportunities available for Starter and Home Basic editions.
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