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  1. Maybe you should try weaning yourself off the net a little. Not so long ago, we had to do without Facebook and unlike the myth goes, mankind managed to survive...
  2. 'Normalize' your mood through interaction with other people. Contribute to the building of positive circumstances for interaction rather than passively absorb others' (noone enjoys the companionship of the depressive, opposite goes for cheerful people fun to hang and chat with, even if forced) Leaving negative or deep thoughts in the backburner by engaging in activities whose finaility doesnt force you back to negativity (going out for sport, socialization, getting back in touch with people...) Companionship in realworld rather than online favorizes exteriorization and spontaneity, the latter introversion (Facebook and now smartphones exacerbated this phenomenon).
  3. Brushing back skills with musicmaking, now experimenting with LMMS and other tools (RIP Fruityloops).
  4. Still alive, but wondering. Does anyone emulate things 'lately' (read in the last 3 years)?
  5. I think he must have been joking about the Windows 2000 thing. Nowadays people can secure far better specs and much less frustration for like 100-150$ (APUs do wonders nowadays).
  6. Chromium is barely less bad than the official Chrome (pretty much all Chrome-based browsers, including Opera now). Not recommended for even basic privacy, only for portability.
  7. XP install media with extra software slipstreamed. FF3 doesnt seem to auto-update to more recent versions.
  8. Chrome collects and leaks like it's made by the NSA. Firefox is much better even vanilla. Ditching sync and privacy-focused addons will secure peace of mind. For the most privacy, I suppose you could give the TOR browser bundle a go, but as all information is relayed and all nodes cannot be trusted (many are malicious, others simply insecure - Hearthbleed), it'd only be recommended for discrete browsing, not for logging into any site. ...maybe it's time to update.
  9. Wired is always better (lower input latency, no need for the fancy radio converter).
  10. By syncing, do you mean source code, files or multimedia assets (like images, 3d, media) or internal activities (chatter, notes, changes...)? Overall, sounds you're looking for Jira, Confluence and related tools. Jira can be run as an autorunning/restarting Windows/mac service. Not all apps have free tiers but I think it's cheap for small deployments (10 users and less. Monthly if hosted, lifetime if downloadable). Available both as online deployments and downloadable installs with several compatible desktop clients.
  11. English, french, saudi, soviet (all hail glorious Lenin!). I skipped spanish and local dialects as it was more random mumbo jumbo than discussion-viable scraps.
  12. Regarding Youtube, it's stale now, the real gold is in Twitch streaming. --- Anyway, regarding Youtube, HD or even 4K gameplay videos of emulated games. This is gold for the mainstream gaming media, who aren't expected to make their own on short notice (say to illustrate recent developments). Reviews for hardware and games would be good too, especially recent releases. Helps get your folks familiar with the intrinsics of reviewing things, writing and video editing, over time building authority and acquiring more expertise in those areas. Doing this also helps you 'ride on' trends (review recent big releases = gold, especially if sprinkled with controversy or feather ruffling critics both fanboys and haters will make it a mission to rush).
  13. English included, 4 fluently, with scraps of japanese. Planning on chinese soon.
  14. For backing up game saves for PC games and emulators. Mostly to keep them synced across devices, and just because there is no seamless solution for that. Yet.
  15. I prefer lucha libre, it's more exciting and less fake. Still, big fan of Rey Mysterio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN5BW1Zd7QA
  16. PCSX2 was just updated with a massive trove of improvements and widescreen patches integrated. PCSX2 1.2.0 released 2 February 2014
  17. What's your graphic card and RAM amount ? Unless you want an APU, an FX-6300 might do. Larger caches, more performant, lower energy consumption and just as overclockable as that Phenom.
  18. The archive itself is staying up, as is the collection. They've always had this 'shoot first' approach regarding archiving. Save everything and only remove individual bits that are objected to (distribution-wise only. Nothing prevents them from archiving everything they can, the only limits are on making it available/distribution, which they are in no pressing need to offer right now or even this decade). Games currently sold on digital marketplaces like PSN may be the only ones to go, not just the first, and that'd be for purely moral reasons, not legal. Also, The Internet Archive obtained in 2003 a multiyear exemption from DMCA, which was renewed a couple times, then indefinitely renewed. Good luck suing then.
  19. Internet Archive starts digitally preserving ROM collections, based on MAME 0.151 definitions, as a 42GB gigatorrent and individual downloads for the curious. A Second Christmas Morning: The Console Living Room 26 December 2013
  20. No chance in hell. I'm skipping the nextgen and building my own Steambox, with blackjack and hookers. This will be most appropriate, since I wouldnt need to give up my (now somewhat large) library of games, and would be able to share access to them on a single machine registered as a Steambox (kinda like switching profiles on your Xbox, you can play any game installed on that machine).
  21. jDownloader should do nicely enough and is consistently updated.
  22. Short attention spans. People quickly move to the next big thing rather than dwell (on the past).
  23. As usual, depends on games. PPSSPP and jPCSP are equally matched. jPCSP wins on the portability front (java-based), PPSSPP on performance (with no disadvantage portability-wise since its released for many platforms).
  24. I'm struggling to give a damn about either PS4 or Xbox One. That interface looked bad enough when first unveiled, and I'm not amused by the requirement to display your full name rather than a username (it also serves to more easily get folks connecting their accounts to social networks like facebook since they already ensured you didnt reject that fullname thing straight).
  25. Seems it works really nicely on mobiles with large screens and pens, like Galaxy Notes. Not sure about input precision but it's not been reported to be problematic.
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