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  1. Well it's available now. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsemu.drastic
  2. It's completely clean. The issue comes from the custom packer nocash emus use (similarly packed apps from other folks using their own routines get flagged too). Antiviruses dont recognize it as either a bad or clean one as they fail to check the internals, and some like Norton and Avast add a reputation check that recognizes the files as 'very recent' and not yet vetted. Reported another nocash emu as false positive before, was fixed by the next day.
  3. Version r1229 MFC


    VBA-M is the successor to the popular GBA emulator VisualBoy Advance. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac in MFC and WxWidgets flavours.
  4. Stay awesome. And if they enjoy solitude and frustration, respect their wishes. Their loss, not yours. Some use this to keep people at bay and not open up more than necessary, an attitude time can fix as worries and edginess are replaced with safety.
  5. Version Release 7


    Gens/GS is a Sega Mega Drive emulator derived from Gens and maintained by GerbilSoft. Project goals include clean source code, combined features from various forks of Gens, and improved platform portability. Linux ports are available on the project's website.
  6. Version 1.13


    pSX is an easy to use emulator for the Playstation 1. Linux version available on the project's website.
  7. Version


    The Official Support Forum is hosted by 1Emulation at http://neosource.1emu.net/ Final Burn Alpha is a multi-arcade emulator for the following arcade platforms: * Capcom CPS-1 * Capcom CPS-2 * Capcom CPS-3 * Neo Geo * Cave * Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board * Toaplan * Taito * Psikyo 68EC020 based hardware
  8. Trading is not going to disappear for as long as DVDs continue to exist and it only takes reception of one to keep the activity 'the grid'.
  9. It's cheap enough for impulse buys, throwaway experimenting and single tasks. Being ARM-based, it's also highly energy-efficient. I'm picking up one or 2 sometime for local servers. Its biggest flaw is it's not provided in a case but naked and vulnerable to static electricity, dust and other hazards unless you can find one not covering the ports.
  10. Onlive could be interesting on OUYA.
  11. There's a handful for new consoles already, like that renamed pcsx2 build promoted as a working Xbox One emulator and as a firsttime setup step sends you to an ad-filled webpage filled with malware.
  12. Become herbivore and stop worrying. this kind of scheme has more to do with with imposing marriage as a result of external coercion (like parents) than either being ready or desiring parenthood.
  13. Not, as many are still sold in various digital stores. These additions might've been led by the belief it becomes fair game to share after more than a year passed after the expiration of commercial exploitation on the original machine. Additionally, as the ROMs are essentially the same whenever they have been archived, other than absent ownership controls, whether its archived now or later will make little difference.
  14. With Google, Gamestick, Ouya, Mad Catz project M.O.J.O. and supposedly Apple coming out with game console's you would think the developer would have to implement controller support at some point. It wouldnt make a lot of sense other than for the stick control, as the devices targetted lack either touchpads or sticks (we're emulating the DS here and extremely few own the accessories you mentioned). This might change after Android 4.3 is released, as it seems it features a handful of standardized gaming-related functionalty, which could help compatibility between accesories rather than require implementing support for each separately (same problem DirectInput resolved on Windows).
  15. It's unlikely it will work well, as it's be touch-dependant and the small touch surface on gamepads won't do.
  16. Exophase and Lordus will be soon releasing a port of the DS emu DraStic to Android. It will be awesome, buttery smooth, packing high compatibility and totally paid (they ran out of cheap noodles). With desktop-based emus still generally free and the donation faucets reportedly dry, mobile marketplaces are becoming increasingly more compelling alternatives to fund project development and gain some livelihood from previously ungrateful hobbies. More on this http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/13430-future-drastic-android-port-help-needed/ Video (tested on Nexus 10 tablet and Galaxy S3)
  17. Most look cheap (under 15$), but you got a couple gems apparently. Cartridges alone are usually under 10, double or more for the full package (box, manual). - Castlenvania 3 dracula's curse goes for around 150$ visibly. - castlevania 2: simon quest: 40$ - metroid (full package): 70$ - double dragon: 60-90$ legend of zelda (cartridge alone): 40$. This one looks highly sought, your full package should be comfortably over double that. - excitebike: 30$ I'd say youre looking at no less than 300$.
  18. There's a retro-targetting collector site where you can put those for people interested. Lemme dig that one up. byuu and his bunch would be more familiar with the venues and the value of those though. edit: this one looks fair for a reference http://www.retrogamecollectorheaven.de/
  19. For time-constrained folks, plugging another in takes just a minute (even a cheap one). Mechanical keyboards are really only useful for gamers IMO.
  20. Not yet but I expect to sometime. I still prefer flat, silent compact keyboards and seldom run into the multi-keypress limit.
  21. Pretty solid (PCSX-ReARMed). Touch controls are still problematic but nothing specific to iPad, more the whole touch thing for mapping actual gamepad input. You might wanna give RetroArch a try while at it. The folks behind it have done a nice job improving performance with less compromises than more mainstream emus. Cydia repo: http://themaister.net/cydia Retroarch iOS talk: http://forum.themaister.net/viewtopic.php?id=413
  22. Not into Macs, but still considering going with Retina macbooks sometime. And mind you, I still hated Apple.
  23. Seems the WiiU got its authentications and protection measures defeated this early in the game. nteresting that the time between hacks and release of working emulators for the latest consoles keeps shortening rather than increase with complexity. http://wiikey.com/news/
  24. Nope. Quite a bit of a backlog. Also got a slight bias toward Saints Row: The Third. Which reminds, I see you people seem to have a steam group. ttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/1emulation
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