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  1. A keyword-rich domain and stable links for pages is pretty much all there is to it. The cafeine and panda updates have clearly been taking their toll, psx-scene (corporate-owned now, fleed like the plague) ps3news (not so rosy history) ps3hax dashhacks group (corporate-owned now) gen group maxconsole Among others.
  2. Linux might be for you then, but Mac is close enough to fit the bill for you, I suppose. LinuxMint should easen management a lot, especially with its backup and restore utilities. Ubuntu jumped the shark with its late netbook-centric interface, so unless you tweak that, you might find it a pain. Also, MacOS's interface can be replicated on linux systems, which essentially makes them just as visually pleasing and comfortable to do work on.
  3. 2 or 4. With such a loss, the least youd want to have with such a fella is a fight started. No need getting the cops on your case for being loudmouth while the real culprit might be watching you guys and having a laugh at your expense.
  4. It does, autoembedding just requires normal youtube links to be pasted. The url type you used could also be added to the media autoembedder for convenience of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxPbgnO81sQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxPbgnO81sQ
  5. @robert Results are defaulted to 'new since my last visit', which will list everything and just bolden unread updated content. What you want is "content ive not read" (select it on search results at the left). It can be set in usercp if accessible, or made default. Once you select a specific timeframe on the sidebar, "view new content" will keep using it.
  6. If recent mac builds are not available, compiling using cmake should do the trick.
  7. SPDY and chrome's special accelerated SSL negotiation makes a noticeable difference on google-ownerd properties (even for google analytics). The browszerr and google.com also use a few smart prefetches to preload pages predicted to be what youre looking for. Its even faster if the pages are already loaded in the cache. In browsers supporting the WebP image format, google search previews, thumbnails and picasa use them in priority, essentially providing better quality for smaller filesizes. Firefox only prefetches results from google search (this can cause cookies from pages listed in search results to be created in your browser, even if you never visited them). Rather useless in practice. http://dev.chromium....spdy-whitepaper http://code.google.c.../prerender.html http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-57329328-264/googles-webp-crosshairs-target-png-not-just-jpeg/ You might get even more radical speedups if you optimize your DNS with faster, more secure ones (especially if you use them properly, faster first). See DNSBench for a benchmark (try a full check for your closest DNS resolvers).
  8. Cold refresh (ctrl+f5) or clear your browser cache, see if it makes a difference.
  9. Posts can be softdeleted and kept in their location now, permanently deleted or moved to a section set as trashcan. Perhaps the old setup would need an edit, as it mightve been before functionalty supported through a plugin (if so, now no longer necessary). Regarding the warnstatus, its an easy template that can be set to hide, same with the 'return to top' in every post. Its mostly there to warn over specific posts, but its also accessible from within profiles for users and staff anyway.
  10. Avatars in topics and elsewhere but profiles get resized or cropped, and animation is lost. Uploading 100x100 or smaller animated gifs would do.
  11. A bit too dark IMO, but still nice looking. You might wish to consider introducing the most notable changes/features since IPB v2.
  12. They better offer left4dead2 free weekends to make up for it.
  13. No cookies, Warrick is weeks away from compatibility with API changes from the various public cache system. You might want to look into having the blog reinstituted. wordpress.com and especially livejournal are livelier discussion communities as far as verbal warfare is concerned.
  14. Post your blog's url. Maybe there's a way to archive everything still public (even after complete removal)
  15. you could get win7 64bits. Least infection rates. http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?...sta-sp2-xp-sp3/ The lack of emulators and games on mac could turn grown men insane.
  16. Wait for black friday deals, I suppose. Also, why get apples when you could get beefier from dell? A sandy quad with a gt5 or over should do great for everything you throw at it.
  17. I do, though the large amount of hankypanky he's been engaging into with different partners makes me wonder. One of the problems here IMO is that he seems unable to keep it in his pants.
  18. Surreal. Armed horse and camel riders have been storming manifestants, and 'pro-mubarak' supporters have engaged manifestants. Apparently, over a 100 was found out to be 'policemen' in civilian attire, 'enforcing order' with knives, blades, sticks, machettes, cutters, molotov cocktails (thrown from roofs)... Local cell carriers (such as Vodafone) had been forced to send their customers messages calling 'honest and loyal egyptian citizens to stand up to traitors and criminals and to protect the people and the honor of egypt'. Local law force phone operators and ISPs to do such, by will or by force.
  19. People have been demanding and screaming to their heart's content for days for Mubarak to scram. No way he wouldnt step down. West seems undecided between supporting and abandoning the regime. Realpolitik or not, siding with the people or against them hardly would be easy to explain for their own people and allies. Tel-aviv shared fears that this sends a worrying message to the local moderate governments in how the west' pledges of support could lose their value and potential to impose local peace. Meanwhile, jordania just had its government dissloved. Seems Syria too is getting facebook rallying calls to insurrection. Yemen needs no comment, I suppose. All this and we're not even talking yet about Algeria, Lybia. Kinda disturbing parallels with the fall of the soviet union and the Berlin wall.
  20. Opposition commissioned Al-Baradei to negociate with the gov for a peaceful transition. Seems the entire egypt is in the streets screaming to its heart's content for mubarak to scram. This is no longer manifestation, rather a nationwide insurrection. Cairo is difficultly recognizeable and looking more like a warzone.
  21. Manifestants captured 2 armed people looting a bank. Turns out those were cops. Everyone must be feeling so safe. Meanwhile, civilians took it upon themselves to organize and keep organized automobile traffic and neighbourhood watches, since cops are nowhere to be found.
  22. Aljazeera is the best source for live coverage (Aljazeera International should do)
  23. Not what I'm seeing. There will be concessions sooner than later. Egypt falling would have much more grave consequences than just ones limited to its territory. In fact, intransigeant contestation is now gaining across many more countries. More subventions, less corruption, more equality (not the rich constantly spoliating the nation's riches and getting filthy richer), more civil freedoms. I'm more surprised Tunisia didnt get much press here, when it was the trigger to violent protestations across the whole arab world (most share the same environment that Tunisians got fed up about).
  24. The PSP's master keys got pilfered too. Now's the time to get a PSP-Go, I'd say. Homebrewers have made UMD games run on it, and the handheld sells for dirt cheap with a number of free downloadable games. Exploits are not necessary anymore. The system is fully open now, and any countermeasures Sony might produce would be countered easily enough. As long as it's something PS3's can execute as official code from Sony (its not supposed to be possible to bypass all the protective layers of the hypervisor). I suspect we'll start seeing mandatory internet activation tokens and initialization for offline games and hdd installs. With cartridges, onboard chips couldve been considered but blurays cant pack anything like that. Also, games might chip 'incomplete' for that reason (like with Steam games not yet released officially. The missing code that is made available online only after release dates ensures noone can play games without at least a small enough, relatively identifiable base going through that activation thing).
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