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  1. If you mean the latest VBA-M, it by default checks from subfolders inside its folder (for saves, snapshot and batteries), so you can move those files to their respective subfolders, or point to the ones you actually use (only one location for each, so it makes sense to have those in a single subfolder directly. A gui option for switching between this approach and the old way might be considered for later revisions, or a combination of the 2, with subsequent storage of those performed in the same location as they were read from). And if you mean by "doesnt load" that you get an error message about Directx, you should either update your DirectX (either with the webupdater or installing the full updated runtimes). http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Its less troublesome to just paste the latest directx dll into the same folder as the executable, though you might benefit from a generally updated DirectX install.
  2. "Now there's a new teaser with a relese date of November 30, 2008." Really of this year ?
  3. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Casino Royale still looked acceptably nice despite the significantly negative anticipated critics, so this Quantum of Solace might reserve a couple good surprises. Other than the slight lack of classic Bond catchphrases.
  4. Clusty.com A not bad search engine, second to the plain Google homepage, in personal preference.
  5. Surprise registration. Just joined today. And needless to state the obvious, selfplugging-introduction speeches are not truly my forte ;p
  6. - Parted Magic: superior to GParted, and even more visually pleasing. - XNview: widely superior to Irfanview in all aspects, and worth a recommendation over IV. - PSPpad: advanced text editing for advanced users, and hex editor. - Spyware Doctor Starter Edition: for realtime protection and cleanup. Available in the Google Pack. Version 6 seems to have used to be exclusively available from VNU.
  7. I personally prefer usage of more optimal applications for just music listening. Keeping an emulator instance running sint as nice as just loading the sound parts, the Winamp way. You can get a utility for that called M1 at Belmont's place. In MAME tradition, it's GUI-less, but you can slap the BridgeM1 GUI on top of it, for a more pleasing experience. I reckon there are 2 other similar apps with the same functionalty, but M1 is apparently the more up-to-date and accurate one, so by no mean a bad pick. M1 http://rbelmont.mameworld.info/?page_id=223 BridgeM1 http://www.e2j.net/downloads.html
  8. These sound to be be among the most popular shows this year. - Bleach - Naruto - Code Geass - Death Note Good luck with your participation.
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