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  1. Some more action. Seems the suspects were indeed the culprits (one dead) and half the state's police is giving chase GTA-style (6 stars so far, no tanks or jets called in yet). HOLY SHIT. Marathon suspect in car chase -- Explosives been thrown + shots fired! (Stream broadcast via radio)
  2. Not sure what's going on but this reddit livethread is on fire with updates. Apparently the Boston incident and a shootout at MIT were related and the cops are chasing armed carjackers and finding xplosives fricking everywhere. http://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/1cnwms/mods_removed_thread_live_updates_of_boston/
  3. Personally I find the reactions ridiculous. Nothing news channels should report (I guess impressionable folks attract those for sensationalism, as people still shaken convey extra emotivity viewers respond to more positively).
  4. That could easily have been a false flag operation meant to rally the public opinion behind anything the administration planned to pass these days. Opportunism will reach critical mass. Maybe the best chance legislation like CISPA will ever have to be passed, while the public is distracted.
  5. Get a laptop or tablet. Don't get your mobility taken hostage. First world problem fixed.
  6. A loader could be independantly made. With reference achievement data and a listing website available, nothing too complicated as someone already had a similar idea before and took a better approach.
  7. A certain 'Ubersheep' is bringing the concept of achievements to retro emulators and asking for testers. So far there's no love for arcade titles, only select Megadrive games are supported. Site @ http://www.retroachievements.org Supported games: http://www.retroachievements.org/gameList.php How to create achievements: http://www.retroachievements.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22
  8. Version 1.9.0


    ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is a popular Playstation emulator, available for Windows, Linux and recently Android. It is extensible through plugins compliant with the PSemuPro plugin architecture.
  9. PS4 looks like the better deal compared to MS' offering. Lots of freebies and cheap games on PS+, good support for indies, what's not there to love?
  10. Looking nice. A brighter palette could help activity. The large amount of white space could use some toning down though.
  11. Their next stunt will surely be to broadcast sequences from Homefront as live footage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQeQWWKKvq4
  12. Sony's latest way of providing "backward compatibility" by forcing use of Gaikia's streaming service isnt one. I find it highly offensive when it gets called "backward compatibility" when it is not at all. Following that logic, Livestream, Geforce Grid and VNC provided "backward compatibility" with every console since a decade. Sony's biggest problem comes from recreating the OS every few years, unlike Android which maintains forward compatibility and encourages players to upgrade their mobiles without fearing to lose their apps and games for that generation (any game bought since Android 2.3 will work fine on 4.2 without needing 4.0 and 4.1 "emulated"). Hardware refreshes are only OK when the OS remains stable and your purchases and savegames bound to your account. Imagine the outrage and effect on the ecosystem is you had to rebuy your entire library of apps and games everytime you get a more recent smartphone. People would stop bothering buy new mobiles if they were locked into their current gen's. Kinda nonsensical Sony still isnt realizing that's how it has to fight iOS and Android.
  13. Sony needs the extra revenue from PSN digital sales (including PS1, PS2 titles), at least so players keep paying for Playstation+ gold subscriptions. PS3 would not be viable for obvious reasons, plus games would not be download-friendly. Firmware upgrades will likely introduce the functionalty, to not harm the launch window titles. Cant say about discs but DVDs should still play fine, its CDs that I hear are scheduled for blocking (potentially ruling out PS1 discs). PS4 is still PC-based. One way or another, maybe PCSX2 could run on that (AMD sells the PS4 CPU/GPU separately though without Sony-specific bits). Sony's Xbox Live Gold programme. Its biggest differentiation is it includes free access to select games every month, which you can keep for as long as you stay subscribed (you can also buy them at a discount to keep them). This is a great deal for people who dont buy many games or live in countries where Sony doesnt sell physical copies of games (like Nigeria), and a good gift idea when coupled with a PS3 since its just the cost of one game, yet for a yearly 50$, you can play lots of titles.
  14. I'm sure I dont. It distracts away from the forum in the first place, and its role (putting you as an "orator" against an audience) is more easily fulfilled as threads (with 'peers'). The problem with IP's blogging system is it does not easily cover the type of use it would be most popular with and there's no indication that will change before at least v4 (where blog-only sites will be possible, though still with the current limitations).
  15. Officially or not, it definitely will for PS2 at least, just perhaps not at release. I lost all enthusiasm for Xbox720 on the other hand. Crazy stuff we're talking about here, when the PS4 will apparently be the far better option this time with its PS+ programme.
  16. Skype has a mobile app I believe. If you get called from phones, its normal verbally abusing you using voice is preferred over text.
  17. The emulator included in the first batches of PS3s with hardware-based and software-based emulation of PS2 games just got unlocked and can now be used to run PS2 games on all PS3s running custom firmwares, including Slim ones. Removal of this feature despite the PS3 being fully capable of running PS2 games raises again the question of strategic removal of advertised features in order to sell them back (as "HD collections", like with the Silent Hill one, whose mediocre quality was put to shame by PCSX2 junctioned with a widescreen-enabling hack). Details http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=526722 Current compatibility http://www.pshomebrew.net/wiki/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List
  18. I dont think one should be expected this soon. For all purposes, the WiiU processor is mostly a more powerful multicore Wii one with larger caches. Nintendo has always been conservative with its hardware, which greatly helped production of emus increasingly earlier (like for Wii emulation, perfected during the useful life of the console). Consoles whose games can require firmware upgrades are a moving target compared to previous-gen, fixed-firmware ones. IMO, emulation for the next gen will be marked by increasing reliance on virtualization rather than emulation. Makes sense when one thinks about it (its easier to maintain virtualized target hardware than go lowlevel - like how Virtualbox emulates only about 3-4 network cards, but any computer can run VB fine with the only hit being variable performance).
  19. Tried it, was inches away from ragequitting computing. I like the extra security and snappiness, but the Metro interface makes navigation really difficult, especially multitasking. 'Start' apps mitigate the Metro issues and booting to the desktop, but priorities were clearly messed up when they forced that UI onto users of non-touch devices. Just adding an app store to Win7 for classic apps would've been a great change.
  20. I have yet to finish the first game. The trailers for Last Light were glorious.
  21. Does this one here qualify? Mostly reading (since ages) unless I see reply-able topics.
  22. Input methods are a mess. The giant tablet controller sends a wrong message and contributes to a pricing unnecessarily higher than necessary. Unless they heavily push backward compatibility with Wii games and tie game ownership to accounts rather than consoles, their existing audience just has no incentive to pick a WiiU instead of a Wii with a huge library. I mean, anyone looking for hardcore games likely plays them on PC or their Xbox/PS3, so having such titles as exclusives wouldnt help much.
  23. Damn yeah. Trading should at the very least be regulated so the state keeps up-to-date records about weapon ownership. Some states like manillasomething dont even require permits for M16 machineguns fer chrissake, and anyone from nutjobs to ex-convicts can order those from the closest armory without any alarms rang anywhere.
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