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  1. Would you believe thats exactly what BP was asking for in his CoinOPS irc channel just over an hour ago, now either your psychic or doing his dirty work for him. Not quite as noob and naive as you would have us believe are you ?
  2. Brilliant ! Love to see FBL get some updates.
  3. I come from a working class family and im the eldest of six children in a one parent family. So you can imagine, money was real tight, most of the toys / clothes etc i had were second hand or hand me downs from wealthy cousins. As a result we had a few second hand consoles, we had to share, as i grew up. First i can recall was an AceTronic then i got a second hand TI99/4A for Christmas one year. When i was 15 or 16 i bought myself a second hand Acorn Electron, which i still have in good working order. Love that Electron and would normally say it would be my favourite BUT. In around 1990 (im 20 and have an excellent paying job) i finally bought something brand new and for myself. Oh yes i had just bought a MegaDrive with Castle of Illusion as the freebie game, waited for this pack as i didn't want the shitty Altered Beast as i wasn't impressed with it at the time. I had cut outs of a MegaDrive in my locker at work for weeks while i was saving up. Needless to say i've had every Sega machine since and spent an damn lot of money on that company. Still have my Dreamcast too, what a great machine that really was.
  4. If Yabause was ported to Xbox and tweaked for performance one would see it's not worth the effort in gaming terms. Xbox simply doesn't have the raw grunt. If he want's to be first for kudos sake then unlucky on that one, again Some lead, others just follow.
  5. If you build it, they will come.
  6. Cant give the video out in this forum so if you need it, you will have to read here = *snip*
  7. Brilliant find FU as per usual. Will download and post an Xtras video/artwork tomorrow. Kudos.
  8. If you can boot copies then why not try the newer Hexen Disc.
  9. The CoinOps guys put together a great package for beginers, unfortunately torrents and other links never tend to stay true for very long. Due to hit n run users, because its a very large pack, ( too large some might say) This is probably your problem. Bad or corrupt links. This happens to a lot of projects. Im sure one of the CoinOps guys can link you to something decent.
  10. Ive worked on building sites for nearly 20 years, now im older i get the job of supervising and tellig the lads what to do, beleive me when i say i get called allsorts all day long, ive heard it all, water off a ducks back. CoinOps arcade emulation is a fantasic little tool (much like the dev). Backwards and forwards pointing fingers is doing no-one any good. This needs to be a site about emulation and conversations regarding emulation. Not quite true Error404, someone a while back checked into your XBMC Dev work and nobody in the XBMC team has even heard of you let alone used any of your code. So to double check, the said person got permission to look waaaayyy back into the svn and found nothing by yourself. As to your other points nobody did any further research as we had aready had a great laugh. PS. Welcome back stranger.
  11. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do. Lets be honest, BP and i are hardly best friends BUT !!! I do believe he has just as much right to post his comments and opinions as anyone else does. That kind of censorship was what a lot of forum users were moaning about, so it now seems a little out of order now the boot is on the other foot, so to speak. As long as things are kept sensible i do not believe BP should be banned, merely moderated like the rest of us. Having said that, it really is up to us all to behave in a sensible manner (myself included). Some comments and rantings on these boards over the last few yrs have been a disgrace. Purposely flaming other emu authors in public was/is "OUT OF ORDER", Mr BP ! Taking others work and rebranding, without pernmission, is about as low as it gets. Nuff said about that. I eventually stayed away as the info and resources this forum gave me dissapeared. Damn shame i say. Apparently myself and others (no names need bringing up) were killing the scene and this forum, so we decided to stay away and form our own xbox forum. Funnily enough its a very healthy forum and the scene isnt dead at all, merely smaller but more hardcore. Summise from that what you will, decide who was killing what, if you want. The warning signs were there but no-one could see past the supposed 20,000 CoinOps hits a day, lol (sorry, i know i shouldn't laugh). Anywho, i can rant for England but i won't, i say NO to BP's ban. Live and let live. Lessons have been learn't. Let's move on.
  12. Seems i already voted in this poll, i honestly didnt at all, perhaps someone is using my account, fraudulently. Isnt that illegal ?
  13. Honestly didn't read your post past the first 3 words, although you have started talking English. If i was retarted then simply mentioning it would be bad form and quite frankly a disgrace, however that's what you are, a disgrace, so no harm done there then. I've always said your skills and dedication would be an asset to any project but your such an asshole that no-one wants to do anything with you. I believe Surreal is flying along, i'll keep you posted on purpose. If anyone can't use my simple skins then quite frankly they must be one of your crew or just plain thick, drag n drop, it doesnt get much easier than that. When you start shaving and your balls drop you may start vieving the world in a more calm frame of mind and be able to control your ego, which by the way has no reason to be as influencial on your persona as it is, as you've done nothing to deserve an ego. I genuinely think the CoinOps emu is looking better, although dated, just like the core which as we all know wasn't your work. Has this fantastic emu been submitted to xbins yet just like all other original work does ? Had a look earlier, so i could laugh at your media, alas it wasn't on there. Can you explain that for me and those that may be interested. PS. I care not a jot if anyone uses my stuff, in fact, i'd prefere it if they didn't. Here's for for you as i know your obsessed with numbers. 01000111011011110010000001000110011101010110001101101011001000000101100101101111 011101010111001001110011011001010110110001100110001000000101000001110010011010010 110001101101011
  14. lol, im a cock, that's rich coming from you, software/code thief. Pixel perfect can't be your code as you don't even understand aspect ratio's. You don't even care about aspect ratio's as you've posted above. Edit. Probably removed that now have you ! Why do you have a feature that informs the user of how many times they've played a game, is that usefull for anything at all ??? There are more "clutter" features but let's not go there we will be here all day. lol, knobhead
  15. No such thing as pixel perfect as i keep telling you. The last version of CoinOps had "pixel perfect" which as i pointed out was all wrong in HD. The supposed pixel perfect settings you have now are from other emu's and certain members websites. Not your work at all, nothing new there then, just like the emu. Unfortunately that's the only info i got from your couple of post as i didnt read the rest as its usually a load of shit. PS. You need your video building tools out tonight, im flying through these n64 vids by hand. You know the tool, its run from xbox, captures video, detects action scenes, edits and encodes for you. What a f***** load of shit you you bullshitter. Do you think anyone believes you ? Fool. I would love to see a copy of one you've made, i need a good laugh. Dont need automated tools/scripts for artwork as i already know what im doing, newbie, lol. If your a good boy i'll show you how to do 3d video's, no automated scripts involved, just skill.
  16. On seconds after another look at those screen shots i can now tell that the Mario video is in the wrong aspect ratio. It's being distorted, so i take back half of what i said earlier. For BP. 256x224 Scaled = 549x480 (and a percentage of a pixel on the width) 320x240 Scaled = 640X480 and very rarely 640x480 full screen. None of these resoloutions match what im seeing in your post above. You need to do some homework son.
  17. my layout is "2 mins" old, your layout is 2 -3 yrs old. You've some catching up to do. If your skins sort the aspect ratio's then they must be being stretched or shrunk from the original video as one size cant fit both SD and HD screens @ full screen can it ? You may be able to fool a lot of people but not me mate. However i am geniunely glad to see your now displaying what appears to be correct resoloutions (albeit distorted to suit the skin res) from the original video. You took your time but got there in the end (2 yrs). Your video previews look much better quality than before, the bad video spoilt the look of CoinOps before, im so glad you saw sense even though it wasn't your vision ... but mine. Well done BP. Looks good now. Top marks, go to the head of the class ! PS. You forgot to mention that it has 3 configs, let's set the record straight as we know you like to tell a few lies now and then. PSS. Remember, every time i push you get it better n better, i'll keep pushing, you just keep getting better. OK. PSS. Video preview skins to be added, real soon.
  18. I guess BP is gonna pump out a few hundred N64 vids by the morning, well done, lol. Anyway i thought users ought to see what an NTSC game looks like when displayed @ 640x480 res. Just like it would on your tv (not stretched) The versions you lot will no doubt be getting will now be @ 640 x 480 stretched. Below is an example of what it should look like. http://www.mediafire.com/?vmcyconpjlpmc8g
  19. In all honesty BP we have had a laugh WITH each other for a long time. However you are so disruptive that i think allowing you to engage with Xtras members would be an awfull thing to do just because of your attitude towards people. You really have moved MameOx forward, no doubt. I personally don't like the way you've changed the name and pretend it's new, which is a shame and probably why it's not on Xbins (amongst other reasons). You have taken some of NES6502's work, before he'd finished with the project, which as everyone knows is out of order. To summise, a catalogue of social errors that only serve to upset and divide people. As i will keep saying, your dedication to your project is admirable, i like a lot of your features added, dont like some you added and dissapointed in some things youve left out, but hey you cant please evryone right ! Good luck moving forward with your vision/s
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