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  1. what a bullshitter you really are BP, your info is wrong again. CBAGY isn't building a new Mame emu at all, in fact he already has an emu that plays LightGun games properly. For all other users that are struggling with LightGun games, i suggest you use any Xbox Mame variant before BP got his grubby mits on it and broke LightGun support. Anything pre CoinOps works lovely. BP doesn't actually know how to fix it !!! PS. I know how to plot a skin no problem, do you ? Is CoinOps still rendering everything in the wrong resoloutions @ 720p ? I was merely helping others to find an alternate and easier way to plot their own. Proper help, i know you don't do proper help. Well i'll say this for ya, you are a dreamer "oh great one". LOL, silly boy.
  2. Another good find FU. Video's and 3d artwork available, see Xtras team or visit Xtras forum.
  3. Have to agree with previous post but in my own words - your on to something definately but haven't turned the correct corner "YET". Stick with it but try some changes. Try a few.
  4. Hmmm, maybe someone has been looking into this "GUI" in a new modern/3D//lightwieght/speedy/low ram usage way. "Completely" open to the end user using what ever skin they choose to make and whatever artwork, videos and GUI. In fact im guessing it would operate in exactly the manner you describe except it would be new code and not built using Xport or XBMC code. Now such an app would be usable as a dash for cab owners or as an application in an existing dash that could quit to the emu list or quit to dash. Although a GUI uses a lot of code for such a small task it can still be made lightwieght and very efficient as long as it doesnt have cut n paste code in it. Built from the ground up and optimised for the old Xbox. Well here's hoping, hey you never know, a newbie could even be building such an app.
  5. Constantlly closing a thread after you've slagged people off show's just how weak you are on so many levels, it's laughable. So to ask a question in your "Closed" thread, my question is - what's the f*****g point in adding 2 games that run at 20 fps ? I mentioned over a year ago that this emu was scrapping the bottom of the barrel, your disjointed, self opinionated, child like post's are getting painfull to read. PS. My Xbox multi-emu launcher pisses all over yours, lol.
  6. and that's your answer to the user is it ?
  7. lol, im off to do something more interesting, like watch paint dry.
  8. The code is already out there for these roms as well you know. In fact all your doing is adding other peoples work, hang on, this is all sounding familiar.
  9. In all seriousness, i will possibly download one of you builds when you change it over to XBMC code just to see how much further you have come. Unfortunately im not expecting much.
  10. My fix ????? Don't lay that shit at my feet, clean up your own mess, i've done enough for you already. Here's my advice - use the far superior FBL built from the ground up by a real Dev, the proof is in the using, in conjunction with Mameox128 for you arcade needs and the Xport Madmab emu's, although i believe that's what you doing when using CoinOps.
  11. As i've said before, there's no such thing as an RX Build, there never was, it's your grubby effort with video and artwork added. No Code changes. At least stand up to your own mistakes and stand by your work which you keep saying you do. Only new builds reveal how bad the last version was which is why i lost interest last year. So, ergo, i can already tell users that ShowCase is full of errors. We can summise this based on a 100% BP track record of multiple past bad releases. In fact i would reccomend people don't bother at all cause ShowCase XVIII will be on the horizon just after this version is being downloaded. I can also say that CoinOps 3000 will own them all as all previous releases were buggy as hell. On that note i would wait for CoinOps 4000 because the previous 2000 releases were buggy as hell. See a pattern emerging here ? PS. No your not a newbie, which is why im always stunned at how slowly your personal deveopment has gone. 4 or 5 yrs working with the same code (which already worked as an emu). You've really not come far at all have you. Not such a smart arse as you think you are, get some sleep anyway you have school in the morning.
  12. lol, same shit different day. Do you know what moron means ? Or is it one of your new buzz words this week ? Squirt ! Im sick of cleaning up/diagnosing your shite. You fix it, your the genius that's been working on it for years. Hey "ALL" my stuff works flawlessly. Mods, emu's and everything. Better still, why not re-write QueerOps from scratch (not copy n paste patched code) and then you will definately get things right. Then and only then will you become a real Developer and probably get a pat on the back. Repainting an old car and re-badging it does not make one a car manufacturer. Any knob can do that. LOL, TTFN back next week.
  13. Besides all the hair pulling and spitting n biting aside, i can't believe you've known of a problem for quite a few releases now ( probably 5 or 6 ) and haven't removed the problem. Your a very dedicated man, to which i salute, but man (yes bad grammar using "but" after a comma) this is certainly not up to your standards. Again, despite you and i biting lumps from each other for a laugh, i honestly feel your a real dedicated, keen, bloke. Is this just an oversight on your part ? Or, end users with multiple install conflicts ? Saying you've known about it for a long time and let users suffer is a little "weak" to say the least. Your doing something very cool for a lot of end users here, your rep is on the line with every release. Lot's of new users are having a twilight experience with the Xbox and you yourself constitute some of that resurgence. The stuff being modernised and updated by yourself, Madmab, Kenshiro, FreakDave and others and obviously not forgetting top of the pile XPORT, will at some point keep on rolling in new formats on other machines. On a side note, IF and i say "IF" you make an effort with the LightGun code over into the next release i will buy you a LightGun to work with. Theres nearly 60 roms that need attention. LCDTopGun works with all TV's. Period.
  14. Top marks to all, made me laugh.
  15. Xbox-Scene will be scarce these days as dozens of it's core members are working away on projects "TOGETHER". You only have access to public stuff you fool, no core members use any of the sites or it's affiliated chatrooms for any Xtras talk as we know who ya bitches are there too, yes including Admin at certain sites, they are some of the bitch's/rats too. We know and always have. Fool. You've entered 3 abusive post's since i stated "the R5 release is BP's balls up, RX never compiled any of that shit" What say you ? At R5 etc release time it was the bee's knees according to you, now you've been found out so you blame someone else. LOL, how lame. Definately an insecure teenager. Definately. Keep your thread open cause as you've found out, people will soon wander off. I think edit time one more will no sense make. Hey, tried some of your post's in Google Translate ?????? It couldn't help me either. So now im convinced, you do make it up as you go along.
  16. Were you born or created ? Did a goat "knock one out" over your mother's hairy ass and a sunbeam caught the released residue and you hatched ? Spineless little creature, ugghh gives me the creeps.
  17. UnPosted from the BP thread. LMFAO, October 2009, in regard to one skin hardly heralds a thread that i'll weep over, silly boy. Just close your thread again, that's the easiest soloution isn't it. However, then you have no soap box to crow from, no post numbers, no interest. Then again with your MOD/Admin rights i suppose you could merge some stuff and rustle up a few more numbers as you've been doing for a very, very long time now. Well over 2 yrs on the same project, perhaps 3. You've hardly come a long way have you, copy n paste can only take you so far. The scraps real Dev's throw you every now and then, ah bless your dumb ass. It would have been quicker to do a Degree or start from scratch and build your own emulator. Talk about "flogging a dead horse". I thought you compiled that bug ridden piece of shit R5 ! It wasn't Rx at all. Adding the Xtras to one of your projects hardly lays the blame at the his door for your shortcomings. R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, X. All the same patchwork. From what im told its still its not right. Hey if it was a Ocean Liner or an AirCraft with that many bad patches it would have been scrapped, crushed and recycled long ago and you would have been facing charges. CoinOps in its various guises (Arcades, Ignite, re-Ignite Combustion and probably 10 others previous) then the 9 "R" series and now the 3 Showroom series. Must be well over 20 of your release threads available to read isn't there ? No, just the one merged thread, hmmm, do the math. Numbers my arse. Your a FOOL to think everyone else is also fooled. Euthanasia, refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. Have a think about it. Sad, sad little boy. PS. Keep the PM's coming, i will try to work through them as best i can. And "YES" your identity's will never be revealed by me, not my style. BP will never know who you are, i promise !
  18. They are just edited WMV's from the Xtras packs with some cropping here and there. Meaning they have had to be re-encoded therefore degrading the quality, i would get the proper packs if i were you
  19. How many, post times, you edit, this time, eventually, no sense, make. Your one of those that shouts abuse at people once your very far away from them. Spineless Bas****. If i could afford a jolly to your place i'd show you just how big my balls are. You are a Wimp. Saved my post from earlier, remember when you locked the thread, or was it your mum coming upstairs to your seedy little room. Want to read it, un-edited. Pop into the CoinOps Fix Thread.
  20. Post any neccessary info here and i will try to diagnose your CoinOps problems as i know there are a few of you.
  21. Well Madmab is working to perfect those so you may see them suddenly appearing in CoinOps soon. Then again, most of you knew that already anyway, didn't you !
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