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  1. Well downloaded NestopiaX, grabbed Operation Wolf rom. Launched, changed controller to Zapper, no lightgun config screen. Same problem as with FBL, very laggy response to the gun motions. No quick code fix it seems from Nestopia, unlucky. MameOx worked ok and im sure theres more sources out there. Just remembered Zsnexbox uses lighguns too, not sure if it has a config screen, will grab n test after my tea. Found this http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=551744
  2. Ok, dusted off the old LightGun today to test VCop 3, thats another story. Anywho decided to give FBL 1.5 a blast with the few lightgun games it does support. Everything seems ok except i cant configure the lightgun within the emulator itself. I see an option to speed up the cursor but that doesnt help with guns at all. The onscreen reticle seems to lag behind the gun movements, badly, like about 6ins behind. To move the reticle to the top of the screen i have to the top of the screen and wait 2 seconds for the reticle to catch up. What im asking for is a gun calibration screen for FBL 1.6. ie:- top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right with the ability to adjust the speed of the reticle/cursor. These games play brilliantly but the reticle/cursor lagging behind makes them unplayable with a lightgun. Lets be honest, they were designed to be played with a lightgun. I know its not a priority of yours but if i dont ask you wont look at it. Lots of sources out there for this kind of thing. PLEASE
  3. HD 720 skin for FinalBurn Legends. Link to download is available at a site where they make Emulator Xtras. Xtras are media (video's, boxart, artwork, configs,etc) for your Emulators. Notice my usual super HQ photo's including the motion blur on video's
  4. Singularity HD 720 for Final Burn Consoles. I only use it for NeoGeo and CPS Changer roms so the skin reflects this. Already configured for 3d BoxArt. Link to download is available at a site where they make Emulator Xtras. Xtras are media (video's, BoxArt, Artwork, Configs, etc) for your emulators. Sorry bout the pics, im shit with my old camera. Notice the excellent motion blur on the video's
  5. Nice, solved a few issues for me. Need to remind you to get on the Alpha/Transparency for png previews please so i can knock a 3d BoxArt set out for this emu.
  6. Another bloody skin to make ! Thanks +T+
  7. Ah, hmm, new PC, new HDD since then. If i do have anything it will be on an old dvd somewhere but the chances are extremely slim. I wouldn't have kept the code seperate in any case it would have been entered in the sources. In all honesty im 99.99% sure i don't have any of the sources anymore, sorry mate.
  8. When i say re-introduce, what i mean was that the alpha for artwork wasn't added for png's in 1.3. I asked NES6502 to add it to the next update he did but instead he gave me the code and where to put it in the source, along with Kenshiro's updates at the time, i had to recompile myself. I believe some people regarded this recompile as 1.3u (not my idea). So i believe this little fix wasn't actually in the original sources.
  9. @ +T+, can you re-introduce the transparency/alpha for the screenshots/artwork please. Custom artwork looks rubbish with a black space where it should be transparent. Thanks in advance.
  10. I can trump that, i was given a collection of 4 xbox's (in bits i might add) with mixed failed softmodded HDD's, failed TSOP's. Yep a whole box of problems, had a day on them and got them all working, TSOP'd those that could be done, my payment for this task ? I got 3 of the xbox's and the fellow just took his Crystal back, that's all he actually wanted running. Sold 2 of the xbox's (1.6's), modded of course, kept the 1.0 Now i have 4 and they all work still to this day, in HD of course
  11. Thought i would bump a subject worth reading as "what's your favourite colour Yellow or Pink" topics are getting rather mundane.
  12. As far as i can tell, with the beta's i have, these issues have been sorted out in the Madmab editions. Rayman etc worked a while ago in the new beta's so go figure !
  13. Thought i would bump a subject worth reading as "what's your favourite colour Yellow or Pink" topics are getting rather mundane.
  14. Thought i would bump a subject worth reading as "what's your favourite colour Yellow or Pink" topics are getting rather mundane.
  15. ace9094 and gamez fan should get on like a house a fire, they are both from same part of the UK. Perhaps even the same person
  16. The lightgun games i would like to see added to FBL are :- All of em. I miss my lightgun games. @Gamez Fan, all the lightgun games supported by CoinOps or MameOx play perfectly, they require some setting up though that's all. Though the calibration in CoinOps is/was terrible, in later revisions it didnt even work. I used to calibrate in Mameox128 and transfer the calibration dat to CoinOps. Well that was when i used to have/use CoinOps. I used to supply great ini's for all the working lightgun games for CoinOps BUT i stopped supporting that emulator im afraid !
  17. Copied everything i nedd from my FBL 1.3 folders to my new FBL 1.4 install. Copied Screenshots, Video's, Singularity skin (with marquee mod), ini's and everything and can report everything works exactly as it should. Simultaneous video previews with screenshots and marquees. People must be doing something wrong ! Well done +T+, IQ_132 and of course Neil222 for his skin.
  18. I'll send you a box (iq_132) if you need one, just let me know.
  19. Doesn't matter how long it takes mate, when it's ready, it's ready. After that, perhaps tweaks, additions and requests.... maybe
  20. Any one really as long as it had porn on it ! 20 yrs is a long time.
  21. Hmmm yeah, i always found it hard to find proper versions of Silkworrm and Nemesis.
  22. 100% correct, been banging on about this for over 2 yrs now. Pixel Perfect does not exist, mathematically it leaves percentage pixels. Its Pixel Accurate, thats about as close as you will get, see Madmab emu's for closer datails.
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