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  1. i thought that the dvd drives were like the xbox360 which have to have number and you cant put it in other drive unless you program it to the other drive. good to know ill try it out today hopefully. Thanks
  2. paper clip doesnt work. now as for the dvd drive i thought thzat you can only use the drive since it has its own serial. didnt think you can switch them around. can ya?
  3. k well its not stuck but it doesnt open. my personal favorite is to throw it against the wall but i want it to softmod so i can have it in bedroom
  4. sorry ive been working and only time i have to post or anything is late night or sundays. sorry i didnt get back to you. i already have the stuff up now i have to figure if i want to make it default which i think itll be the thing to do. thanks for the help btw how do you softmod a xbox that the dvd drive doesnt open. i have another xbox here laying around but when i turned it on today, the dvd drive didnt open.
  5. K ill try to do it tonight. thanks for all the help. I actually got to play my fav game of all time Moon Cresta, dint see it on the lite but i also have the 25gb full version and just dragged and dropped. man those were the days. soon itll be time to start the cabinet. This summer is going to be great. ill let you know 2morow how it went. damn it im going to be forced to buy a X-arcade stick cause the controller doesnt do it justice lol
  6. no i dont have update hdd. trying to ftp but i cant now evolution i think changed settings. which screen do i have to be to ftp Never mind i put it in the emu folder and now it works flawless. i can only put 500 games on it with i could put more but i have stock hdd.
  7. k boss thank god i got it going with the krazie app. i set it to go to evolution. now i have to load coinops. which drive can i get it into?
  8. k let me try the first one then. family is here for bbq and they hogging up the tv so i cant work on it for now, the bastards lol. i cant thank you enough for the help. btw was wondering what you though of this on a nice space next to my bed http://www.recroommasters.com/Xtension_Arc...p/rm-xt-tab.htm either that or ill have to b uild one. this guy taz has a great mame check it out, he also has the plans and will help in any way possible. check this out http://tazmame.com/examples/
  9. oh ok cool will do that then thank
  10. havent started with this since it looks intimidating dont know which part to start. ill search for the instructions in an hour. doesnt say how to install. thanks btw cant do the ide trick since i have only laptops to play with.
  11. k did that tried to load and same thing. goes back to game after a flash on screen. just got Krayzie_SC-NTSC_Ndure_Installer_v1.1
  12. btw when i boot up to the dashboard how do i ftp from there? thought i had to be at a certain screen
  13. k what i did was boot to dash and deleted SC game save and tried doing it again but goes back to the game not linux.
  14. I recently modified my xbox so i can play some mames. problem is i dont know what i did that now i have error 21 on my screen. i can go to regular dash but i cant go to softmod screen or even softmod again using Splinter Cell game. Last thing i did was try to put Coinops 2 on system, didnt fit on the c drive so i was trying to put it on the E drive. then i dont know what happened , i think my kid touched it somehow and now i cant go to softmod. At least i can get to ms dashboard.Any help would be appreciated. And thanks to Ace for trying to help me on another site.
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