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  1. PS 2 Sharpfork, That diagram link to the controllers was not very clear on where the positive and negatives were for some of the buttons... do you think you could help me out with that? I am really interested in trying the TV + Xbox way, for I have another cab, now with a broken monitor. I tried scratching off the contact pads but I scratched too deep down to the board and now I think I have broken 2 controllers :/ (only cause it would not stick) I also could not get the solider to stick for the life of me , on these parts , I think I will be using the old duke (big) controllers for these
  2. Thanks alot guys!! Sparta , do you have any good links? I am not familiar with the items you listed. (but I could find out) I chose the timer board out of pure ignorance I am now wondering, if I am using any of these tools... will I have to completely re-route my Jamma harness? The cab I have included a kick harness.... How is this compensated in the setup? If I do have to take out pins... what is the best way.... I had a hell of a time trying to get one out (that was loose ) , it works now... but i broke some of the plastic trying to get it out :/ Thanks again PS. Again with the xbox timer board.... I had sound and video working.... but I had not a single button working for me in any way.. (they are still sending me another one to try)
  3. soldiering xbox controllers/ wiring the pads to arcade controls not easy for me! please help!
  4. pics soon! I promise any one have any advise for soldering wire to a game pad contact point? I cant get it to stick EDIT: I got the ebay timer board.... the video and the sound worked.... but the sound was loud as hell! (any ideas on how to add sound volume controls? ) But....! The controllers did not work at all... I could not get a single button working.... I told the guy... and after much dicking around, they are sending me a new one to try out . Will let you know!
  5. Well I bought one of these weeks ago : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...mMakeTrack=true I bought it from this site: Recommended from that other thread : http://www.coin-arcade.com/catalog/i22.html as you can see the site is no longer there and I have yet to receive my item!
  6. Please someone add these to the Xtras pack. I could not stand that my favorite game SF2CE had not had the proper Marquee! Also... I photo-shopped the SSF2T one, to make it a little better Is it possible to add bezels too? just wondering... thanks
  7. thanks... still trying to get this thing to fit to the page the right size :/ also still looking for capcom overlays in high quality format
  8. Hi guys... so I got my cab! ...And I have been busily tearing it apart and cleaning it. I am wondering about button config CPO's I have one... and I actually took it to be printed as just a test... but it printed too small... The printing place was gonna charge me $10 to re-size it... not that I would do that.... and also I was not sure what the right size was... Any advice?: I would imagine that these templates would come in the right sizes.... Here is the one I am working with right now: (thanks to Ace for his continued help!) ps. I am looking for this one in a high res format :
  9. Ok. I am in USA hacked pads huh..? hmmm I will have an old dynamo jamma cab I'll pm you my email ace ... no i have not seen your thread... Thanks guys
  10. Do I need this? what does it mean by "timer" ? http://www.coin-arcade.com/catalog/i22.html
  11. Thanks for all the feed back guys... You make some really good points! OK so you have convinced me to do Xbox! What are the pieces of hardware I need to do it? Is it just that xbox/jamma thing?
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