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  1. I hope you can climb that mountain of work when it comes to coverflow. I'd really love to see it in action on Xbox. Coverflow shouldn't be difficult at all, it's been around for a couple of years now in xbmc skins. Copy 'n' paste is all it takes from an existing skin or decompress the textures file, change a few pics and recompress and voila a claim for an all new skin. Well that's how it will happen behind the scenes, unfortunately no CoinOps user is getting a new version, just old MomeOx wrapped in a xbmc skin. I'll go as far as to guess the skin code will come from, hhmmmm, Confluence maybe. Bp if your as mature as you say you are then stop dating girls and start dating women. You keep banging on about "doing things with girls" perhaps this is something you should keep to yourself, no what i mean
  2. lol, done last year sunshine, when you couldn't get it right.
  3. Q1 = No, nobody made video's for CoinOp's, they were taken from many different sources. I heard he bought a DVD compilation from a certain website. At leasst 50% are piss poor quality as proven last year and for this my heart went out to BP and i was going to help remedy this for the community at large. The showcase video's will no doubt be Xtra's replacements too. Im basing this on fact. I downloaded what was available at the time and was bitterly dissapointed in what i saw. So much so and against my better judgement, i sent people reccomended set-up's and suggested settings so at least some form of HQ video representation could be made. Due to BP's piss poor attitude towards people i decided i wasn't going to remedy the bad video problem myself. However, great emulator for the masses. Bad media and an ageing front end.
  4. I use some home made adapters for keyboard and mouse using XDSL (Damn Small Linux for Xbox). Also use them for flash drives for transfering stuff if i can't be bothered to boot my full network. Never tried using keyboard\Mouse in emulators myself. Dont know which emu's support this either. PS. Go for a cheap keyboard\mouse. Any smart features macro keys etc won't work. Just the basic keyboard layout works ie letters numbers symbols etc. I actually use an optical mouse and it's bang on. Im guessing if you paid in real money (£'s) your British, go to Wilko's and get a £6-8 keyboard and pay about the same for a mouse.
  5. That's it, no more, it's only a quick fix for showing 3d BoxArt in. All skin values are hardcoded in this version of Surreal. That may change in any future versions.
  6. The Final Burn Legends, Bluefire skin, your talking about was made by a user called Neil222. He uses this forum and x-scene.
  7. New Thunmbnail for dashboards, right click, save as. Rename it on your PC to default.tbn Pop it in the root of the emulator. I haven't !
  8. Extremely easy, its a nice simple skin engine with lots of options. I dont play NES so ive never had the urge, nor will i. Look out for a user called Frank Morris. He was making a little beauty for NestopiaX. Have a go yourself. You may be suprised.
  9. A quick skin for Surreal64. With thumbs for dashboards. Haven't a clue what overscan your TV's will have, should be ok with most. Skin = http://www.mediafire.com/?znnitxmgbuy With this skin you can use slighly larger 3d BoxArt that iv'e made. (Picture doesn't show new size artwork) This pack contains all the fixes i posted too. Copy the contents to Surreal Media\boxart folder. Boxart = http://www.mediafire.com/?mmvyzdmih0a
  10. lol, I'm guessing "own" and "owned" are new word's you've learned this last fortnight. They were "buzz words" coined in the US about about 5 - 10 yrs ago, i'm guessing that kind of sitcom T.V. show has only just reached your part's, lol. Like everything else "your so" left behind the rest of the human race. Series 3 or 4 of "Friend's" must be quite the converstion breaker round your part's, lmfo. You do know Marilyn Monroe is dead ? Ah well, i'll pop back in next week to see what gems you have as i need my weekly fool fix.
  11. I like this one. Looks like a PhotoShop mockup though as the pics are really in focus but the clock and games count are badly focused. Taken from different picture sources me thinks. Be ok if it was real. Is that why you never posted much yesterday you little monkey you ? Been busy PhotoShopping haven't you ! lol.
  12. Anyone that has the hack Super Mario 64 - The Missing Stars for Surreal on Xbox here's the boxart for your emulator Media\boxart folder right click and save as 21FEAE88-A4101424.png then on your PC rename to 21FEAE88-A4101424.jpg Zelda - OoT - Master Quest right click and save as 1D4136F3-AF63EEA9.png then on your PC rename to 1D4136F3-AF63EEA9.jpg Don't forget to change the extension to .jpg as this current version of Surreal doesn't recognise .png's yet.
  13. That's the first time i've used any of your pic's !!! By the way, how old is that design now ? 4,5 -6 yrs ? Hmmm, things really haven't come a long way since, have they ? lol, nope ! You is my bitch ! And everyone knows it. You need me biatch.
  14. Possible template for the Mame/FBL 3d artwork
  15. Contact a fella called nate1579. He could help you. He's an x-scene member i think.
  16. I have found 2 more files for this media pack, the artwork i've found aint that great but its had the 3d treatment. The files are Bust a Move 3 dx and International Track n Field. http://www.mediafire.com/?oiuunwnozmz PS. Knockout Kings 2000 and Mickey's Speedway USA have errors in the naming. Knockout Kings has a space in its name before the extension .jpg that needs removing and Mickeys Speedway USA has "..jpg". Delete one of the full stops (periods). Also i think i've used a wrong hash on one of the Bomberman's, lol, but you can sort that one yourselves aswell.
  17. Here are some resampled 3d boxarts for use in the emulator itself. I have no doubt i am missing some, but hey, what can i do about that ? Although all skin values are hard coded in this version and we all have to use a 480 resoloution. They display nicely onscreen. Put them in the Surreal Media Folder. They are actually .png's renamed to .jpg as the emulator doesn't recognise .png yet. I have heard that a lot more media / artwork / skinning options will be added in future releases. Consider these a prototype pack. You won't damage anything by using them though. http://www.mediafire.com/?mtdgil0ztyh
  18. lol, thanks Darknoir, i was joking. I have access to the same files as you do my friend. However, there are newer revisions that ive improved and uploaded already. Im also puttting the finishing touches to a pack for use in the emulator itself as ive tested them and they look great. Will let you know when ive finished them (sometime today).
  19. Does this mean the 3d BoxArt for N64 has already been built ? Will save me some time if they have.
  20. kinda had similar problems a while ago myself with this emu. My soloution ? Delete all game saves, set global options. Every game booted from now on uses global options. Maybe, just maybe the global options aren't overwriting the existing saves properly, somehow. In any case after you have set global options for each rom they can still be individually set anyway thereafter.
  21. Rebuilding an newer artwork collection shouldn't be a problem for most people especially if they share the results. Full packs will soon come together with collective effort. Backwards compatibility is ok but its really a luxury and tends to make people lazy. Sizes and formats need to be discussed in order that everyone can be reading from the same page, so to speak. Im all for a new GUI, you know that. If a XBMC engine is to be used then there are lots of great "view" mods to choose from. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  22. To be fair, most of the back and forth between us all is harmless and makes me laugh. I love a good "leg pull" every now and then. I think we all do. Let's not get personal, like it did a few months back, no need for that kinda shit. Anywho, a few changes to the latest fixed Madmab emulators have had an effect on the skins in a slight manner. In turn, this means some bits have had to be re-configured. Not a lot ! So i will have to post updated fixes soon plus it gives me chance to post the SD version of this Generic skin. Nearly finished the configs. Motivation is a bit low at the minute but its getting there. SD users, you are a pain in the arse. It takes some configuring to get good sized previews with such limited space. However i have managed to do something for ya. You can easily mod any of the configs or graphics yourself. Consider the skin for both HD and SD as a fully working skeleton for your own ideas.
  23. Thanks for the bump BP, LOL. The thread wouldn't of dissapeared as i always have little tweaks every week of 2. Hell, if i had admin right's i could merge topics, pretending they have thousands of views. I forgot to mention this the other week but here goes. Riddle me this. A few weeks back after your rant about "star ratings" and voting topics down. CoinOps main thread has just over 8,000 + views. By the morning it has 78,000 views and a 5 star rating along with a new Title Header. How did that happen ? The way i see it, either 72,000 + people visited your thread overnight or someone spent an awfull lot of admin time merging post's and only keept the favourable one's i noticed too. Sound familiar ? Stats are only real if they are based on real traffic. You can't collect post's, edit them a little and call them your own, lol. Your voting topics are always one sided affairs, as far as choosable options go. Wouldn't it be easier to just do what you want to do and not pretend it's what others want ! Anyhow i knew your were just trolling and never took any offence. I've stopped reading the post's here in a serious manner anymore.
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