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  1. lol, i'll engage in an encoding shoot off with you any day newbie ! Your stuff isn't good enough and the resoloutions and aspect ratio's are inaccurate and look awfull. The audio has been hammered beyond repair. I had to spank your arse one morning (took 2 mins) over a year ago now. Remember ! Let me remind you, you compared what you thought were Xtras video's to one of your encodings, commenting how good yours was in comparison to theirs. In actual fact the video's you had were from a popular online source you all use and yes, they are terrible. So to set the record straight i decided to send you a sample of our new stuff, i popped some bread in the toaster, sat down to make a very quick video, toast made nice n golden and in the same timeframe a video was produced and posted. Not only was the toast made to perfection the video clip was twice the res of yours, half the file size and 3 times the quality. Oh and audio was sampled @ 44100 but hey who's counting ! You hummed n harred, made some nonsensicle excuses and finally shut up, nobody gloated at you, no need. It's not your fault you neither in the loop or in the know. On saying this, i still salute your dedication and devotion to your project and wish you every luck in your future endeavours/ PS. How did that "team" thing pan out ? Still no takers i believe ! Are you suprised ? You are indeed an exception to the old phrase "there's no I in team" Your a constant amusement to me and as everyone know's "You is still me biatch"
  2. level one coding eh ? Why did it take you 4 yrs to achieve level 1 coding ? PS. Now you just have to learn to encode them in the correct resoloution.
  3. Well with this being another gigantic release its more likely a new version will be around the corner before you even have this one downloaded. Of course the new version will "own" all previous releases and will be described by the author as "bug ridden and bad" just like all previous creations have been. Now ! , can you see the pattern emerging here. All the same, well done anyway.
  4. As per usual wrong again, the wrong skin was FTP'd to the wrong server, thats all. Total mistake. I know you don't like me or my stuff which makes no f***** difference to me at all, we all know new ideas and fast performance aren't your thing which we have all seen in your last 2 yrs work. So i can see why my blindingly speedy work (second to none i might add) doesn't appeal to you. Anyhow, good luck scratching around for another project so you can stand back on your soap box for "2 minutes" more adoration from newbies. PS. Nice to see you eventually learned how to code video too, 2 yrs too late but never the less. Ok i suppose if you like distorted aspect ratios.
  5. You are aware that all the Xport emu's use that save directory ? You have deleted the configs for all your xport emu's and the associated roms. All you had to do is browse inside the SAVES folder, find your particular emu saves folder within that and search that folder (usually at the bottom of the list) for the two important ini's. One is for the skin and one is for the emu itself. You only needed to delete these ini's to reset your emu options to default.
  6. Re-making video previews etc takes quite a lot of time to complete, don't think some users realise what goes on behind the scenes.
  7. lol, sounds exactly like XBMC for Xbox, which for the unitiated, has been around for years now. Plays video, music, multiple skin options, multiple plug-in options and plays Games and emu's too. If a person struggles to place an emulator in their "emu" or "games" folder then they have no reason to be messing with their xbox to start with.
  8. That's refreshing to see, let's hope someone is willing to give you some of their time so you can learn what is a relatively easy task to complete. With the correct tools and tutorial of course.
  9. try the game options, then the option for enabling "freelook"
  10. In all honesty there should be no overscan whatsoever in any resouloution, HD or SD, i myself dont use any pixel perfect (mostly incorrect and pure fabrication) settings as its so simple to do correctly. Its a "2 second fix" for ANY game in ANY emu, not stretched and in perfect ratio's to a decimal of a single pixel. Do the math, correctly, pixel perfect settings are merely a legend and dont exist. Nobody should suffer overscan FACT.
  11. Reading between the lines there DBalls, it would seem you had to have an "alt xbe" written especially for your situation. If that's the case then, no matter how many weeks/months you fiddled with the emu it was never gonna be fixed without re-writing an xbe. Not exactly a "2 minute fix". In fact nobody could have fixed that without the latest source files and as i understand things, only one person has those files ! Say no more, the truth is out there. Nothing new there then, perhaps others don't see it "your way or no way". I heard there's no "I" in team. It should be a joint decision by all involved, if they want something adding they should get involved, if they aren't bothered then don't get involved. Im guessing people are keen to get involved but also understand they will be ignored anyway. See your previous post. So what's the point. You can hardly blame anyone can you ? Take ideas from other projects (not just the media and emu's they make). Everyone talks about the projects in both a serious and joking manner. Things flow beautifully and everyone gets there ideas input somehow. People feel they can contribute with skills or ideas, members are allowed to voice their opinions whether positive or negative without reprisal. That's how teams are formed and how they function. It's the most healthy enviroment. Good luck with your te"I"am. LMFAO a lot.
  12. DreamCast maple bus to XBOX USB is gonna be very hard to find ! In fact, see how you go finding a live unicorn on ebay. You will have more luck.
  13. at a quick guess one of the earlier Xecuter's or an early cheapmod chip. The problem with these models was they had an early bios flashed to em. Only allowing 120gb HDD. The had to be flashed/programmed, then soldered. So im guessing you would have to de-solder it, enable write access and then reprogram it with an according programmer, re-solder and boot. If this is the case then your other option is to cut it from the board, get large HDD and go the softmod option. A "2 minute fix" as the great one would say. In fact im sure he could talk you through the process.
  14. How does "go f*** yourself" sound ?
  15. Weren't NBA and MK games working in previous (pre BP) Xbox Mame builds ie b6 and 0.72 ? If so, you didn't fix shit, it was never broken. ps. Anything ive used by the community works out of the box, my stuff isn't corrupted at all, it's just you ya thick cunt. You mean to say you can't get a drag n drop item to work ???.
  16. What's new •Maps!!! - Coruscant: Chancellor's Office and Endar Spire (both by RepSharpShooter) •Character Class - The three new classes have been replaced with a Commando class •Bug fixes - too numerous to count. See the v1.4 bug report thread to see some of the things I fixed and what still needs to be done that I'm aware of •Stability - Only about 2-4 unique game types don't work properly (SWBF1 Kamino CTF is one) •Sounds! - most maps have proper sounds now. Not all, but most. If you notice a problem, please report it in the v1.4 bug report thread. •Cheat menu - a handful of cheats to unlock characters, make humans nearly invincible, etc. It's all for fun •To find SWBF1 Kamino - scroll all the way past Yavin IV Arena. It says %KAM2_%S% - (I haven't localized it yet) What's coming in the future •Ground maps - Nal Hutta (by EraOfDesann) and Korriban (by martin105038). I may have another map up my sleeve as a very talented editor gave me some great "Lego" pieces to build an all new map based on his models. •Space maps - Space Coruscant and Space Mustafar will be playable in Assault and 1-Flag. 1-2 NEW space maps will also join the fray •Loading screens - I have the technology all ready to go, but I'll be playing Halo: Reach for awhile, so I wanted to get this release out the door (in other words, I ran out of time) •More bug fixes - Campaign will work properly again •To find SWBF1 Kamino - scroll all the way past Yavin IV Arena. It says %KAM2_%S% - (I haven't localized it yet) http://gametoast.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=75
  17. Well well, there's a suprise. Here we go, perhaps half of the new stuff is actually old stuff taken from elswhere and edited. The other half was no doubt created by quite a few people from what i hear and certainly not all by you. So to put it all in context, well done but its not all your own work is it ? Again ! So apparently, you quoted me as saying "i said you couldn't do it" which i don't remember, however i will remember saying, you never did it all this time either.
  18. Quite right, well stated, there is still a lot of stuff that now needs a second look in the Xtras. The monumental task of collecting all of the different system Xtras has now come to a close (well done to all involved). It's now time to have that second look over everything and take it to the next level which will be Xtras 2.0. I fully commend your wish to have higher quality media as it's always been the down side of "all" emulators so far. Last year and this year, have seen a rise in quality acroos the board. One thing i have been very vocal on myself. Well done to all the CoinOps helpers and to BP himself.
  19. Funnily enough thats the naming convention used by the Xtras ! Hmm, i wonder what's going on here then.
  20. Wrong, wrong, wrong, yes Cospefogo is wrong too, ask him ! There are correct mathmatics and absoloute sizes i mentioned over 2 yrs ago, nobody listened. So i leave you all to it, im happy with my speedy builds. Check out the other threads pertaining to incorrect video resoloutions. I need say no more, most pixel perfect settings are a joke.
  21. Now i know your initial post was to draw attention to yourself as you have no-one to talk to. I wasn't going to indulge you at all but i felt like a giggle, so i'll make it brief. Again, as iv'e been saying for over 2 yrs, where do you get your information from, comic books ? My lightgun build floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, how does yours work ? Badly is what i hear from your helpers. No you can't have any patches, work it out yourself newb. My multi-emu launcher also is the bee's knees, it's been around for a very long time now, 3 - 4 yrs. You ought to drag your ass out of the basement, stop with this inwardly pointing opinion and take a look at what's out there. Ah fuck it, i can't be bothered with the likes of you.
  22. oh dear, he we go again, My stuff works 100%, my stuff doesn't stutter or crash and flows 100%. In fact, there isn't a CoinOps out there that works properly is there ? Im doing something right, it's you that isn't. Your attitude is very different when you need something isn't it ! As iv'e said before, i "wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire".
  23. So to summise, most stuff never worked as it was supposed to, as people kept reporting. Yet you would insult people insinuating they were dumb. You would then go on to ridicule anyone who tried to help these people knowing damn well you never had the answers. At this rate one of your bastardised emu's "may" just be worth the download in 2 - 3 yrs time. Well, here's hoping !
  24. lol, you will release a new version, of that i have no doubt whatsoever. It's your ego that's the driving force, never fear users, you will be able to get this version. PS. The Xtras you prvided 2yrs ago weren't good enough then so i don't suppose anything has changed. The next big announcement will be that you invented and put the Xtras together i suppose. You really are a dreamer. I look forward to NOT using any of your crumbling builds. PSS. Geting one of your minions to go through the Xtras FTP for wmv's to edit hardly constitues your own project. In fact the emu and the Xtras weren't yours to start with were they ? No change there then, LMFAO.
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