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  1. After way too many sleepless nights, was able to get everything running smoothly.. Thank you to all who took the time to help me out. On a funny note, once I got it running I had another member tell me that Mame is really the way I should have gone, what is the difference between the two? Mame & Coin Ops 2 that is..
  2. Sorry for the mess up on my side, was not intending on breaking any rules on the site. Honestly I guess I worded it incorrectly.. Was just trying to be directed towards a place where I could get the new Coin Ops Full Build.. The one I have has many corrupted files and was told that maybe someone one this may be able to help me.
  3. Sorry if this is a noobie question, I am new to the emulation world and just signed up as this site as recommened by another user... I have downloaded Coin Ops (full) on another site, in 3 parts, no matter what i do, I end up with corrupt files. Gave up on the full version and downloaded the stand alone version and its 2 updates... That works... Finally... Problem now is 2 fold... When I boot it up I only get arcade, even though I see roms for other systems in the file folder I cant get any emulator except arcade. Second issue is where do I get all the roms that are in the full release. I am not upgrading from a older version so the only roms i see are the ones that are provided in the updated.. Thank you again for any help on this and sorry again for being such a noobie on this matter
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