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  1. Well, I actually entertained the idea of buying a PS3 here in South Africa ( even at the redicilous price of $900 ) but this is yet another slap in the face from sony. Thanks but no thanks. I'll get a Wii instead.
  2. I never thought it would happen, but sadly it did . I don't even really know when or why. When I was still in school - there were only 3 things that I did - 2 of them I did because I was forced to ( namely school and sleep ) the rest of the time I just played games. These days I find myself playing less and less games - and then only on certain days and for a hour at most at random. I mostly play KOF or Old genesis games these days.
  3. Best PC RPG of all time in my opinion Bethesda Softworks is supposed to be working on Fallout 3 ( and that's about the only PC rpg I'm waiting for atm. ) But heaven only knows when they'll be done with it As for MMORPG's I enjoyed Dark Age of Camelot alot when we had a local server going - and a little bit of ultima online on the side. I'm not too fond of all these new eye-candy rpg's for pc they're bringing out these days
  4. I think right about now would be a good time for me to get back into console gaming ( and keep my PC around for emulation only ). I mean lets face it - good games for PC is getting few and far inbetween anyway
  5. I was thinking about quoting all your posts and providing solid responses, but alas I'm getting tired of providing you with proof that Hezbollah is considered terrorists by many countries. No matter how many facts I'll post - you'll simply just keep on making them off as inaccurate/lies/propaganda to defend your stance on this subject. Even the whole EU fully supports all endeavors to disarm Hezbollah ( they wouldn't do that if they though the hezbollah was so great ) so yeah - I still say the majority of countries. and no, I fail to see how I contradicted myself, besides the fact that I exposed your lack of knowledge and understanding about how many countries consider hezbollah a threat to peace and stability. In the face of so many facts provided - you still maintain that hezbollah is "good" for lebanon. Some ppl are clearly blinded by hatred towards israel - to see that Israel would benefit in no way by attacking civilians. You still haven't answered my question as to why on earth they would waste so much money and manpower and ammunition to simply destroy random targets because they can? I'm sorry - but that makes no sense ( or as you so delicately put it "Bullshit") - unless you hate Israel so much that you entertain ideas like that and actually believe it. And btw. Israel dropped millions of leaflets to warn lebanese ppl to stay away from hezbollah and extremist before they started bombing. If they wanted to pile up the civilian casualties, why would they do that? you say that I speak from a media point of view, and yet you do the same when you quoted the attacks on barracks and the number of civillion casualties. ?? don't believe the media you say? hhhmmm. talk about contradicting yourself. this thread could carry on forever with me and you quoting each other and media sources and saying "your sources are inacurate" so I'll make this my last post on this subject. I'll end of by saying this: Terrorists need to be met with force, it's the only language they speak, releasing palestinian criminals out of Israeli jails should never happen - if you negotiate with terrorists today - they'll be back tomorrow making more demands.
  6. Sonic2 sonic3 shinobi 3 Double Dragon 2 ( nes ) and KOF98
  7. Can you substantiate that claim with actual facts? The U.S believes in freedom of speach yes, but extremist groups will never be allowed to have major influence over situations,law or citizens. If you you know differently -please feel free to state the facts and examples. ( oh and secret meetings between a bunch of lunitics with white pillow sleeves pulled over their heads is not a example,since they don't have any real influence or power ) uhm...okay,clearly you didn't have your facts straight before you posted don't you follow the news? Countless suicide bombings, Al-Qaida gunmen shooting down Iraq military, police and civiliians in market places alike, Plus Al-Qaida released a statement and said that they are only starting - they are going to take strong measures against the Iraqi government and the Coallition forces. I'd say they are pretty much alive and kickin So infact the lebanese government actually contributed to events that led to the whole conflict between israel and Hezbollah. Since they didn't deliver on their promise to dismantle the Hezbollah organization or didn't ask for international assistance when they realised Hezbollah is too strong to handle. Harbouring a terrorist organization for 20 years and allowing them to have influence in your parliament certainly came back to bite them in the behind Well, if they refused to denounce a terrorist organization in 20 years time, they shouldn't be asking questions as to why all this is happening. Hezbollah doesn't really care about civilian casualties -it actually serves their purpose - since they nestle themself into residential areas - and when they are being attacked they try to get the world's sympathy by saying "Look Israel is attacking civilians!" the basic rule was always: If you can't handle the situation on your own,you ask for help - and they would have been helped without a doubt. Anything to serve the greater good in the end. remember it's a terrorist organization we are talking about here. the reason why IDF is attacking the infrastructure is because Hezbollah is using it to traffic weapons from Iran and Syria and also using it to bring in reinforcements. using power plants to power their bases and bunkers ( and I'm not sucking this out of my thumb - it's all in press releases made by the IDF to news agencies and networks in the last week ~ cnn, time, bbc, Al-jazeera. and before you say that israel is only making excuses for their actions . answer me this then: why would isreal be wasting manpower, money and ammunition attacking civillians and destroying buildings and infrastructure - to what purpose? fun?) last time I checked the majority of ppl staying in lebanon are muslim as for the christian area being bombed - refer to my post about hezbollah operating in civilian areas. nobody ever said that was a act of terrorism, Hezbollah did it because they wanted leverage on their demands to get more terrorist freed out of israeli jails, but it will never work - Isreal and most other countries do not negotiate with terrorists.
  8. had - being the key word there. and the last time I checked - the KKK is branded a outlaw movement. unlike the Hezbollah in Lebanon yeah . you're right - let me rephrase that. why have the lebanese government not branded the hezbollah a terrorist organization same as all the other democracy loving countries and helped in the battle to either supress them totally or eradicate the movement. If the Iraq government can stand up to a stronger Al-Qaida force against all odds in a wartorn country, why not Lebanon? nobody ever said anybody held the lebanese government responsible for the events between israel and hezbollah, however,they blame the lebanese government's for their supposed "inability" to act against Hezbollah.
  9. Yes,I did,but I don't think you read mine. The are disabling ALL possibible means of entry - meaning ports,airports,roads and EVERYTHING that goes with that . They are not leaving anything to chance. No,the Iraqi government doesn't have control yet, but atleast they have publicly distanced themselves from the terrorist Al-Qaida and are constantly trying to stand up to them. and that's where the difference comes in with Lebanon, they have neither distanced themselves from a internationally recognised terrrorist group [hezbollah] nor have they stood up to them (heck, hezbollah even holds more than 10 seats in their government) No - ithink it is justified. A terrorist extrememist organization isn't supposed to roam free in any country that strives toward democracy,be it north east south or west. Let alone have so many seats in your government 0.o
  10. I don't think Israel as a problem with the lebanese government as such, ( alltho they blame them for not being able to control/contain/discipline the hezbollah within Lebabon. That accusation seems justified when lebanese PM said "We dont now anything about ongoing hezbollah operations and how they are conducted " 0.o I mean as the prime Minister of your country - aren't you supposed to know everything about all of the militant groups within your borders and what they do all the time? The way it seems is that hezbollah has the freedom to move within lebanon unquestioned - even tho they may be moving out of the law-frame of Lebanon - while the lebanese government looks the other way.) As for Israel bombing the Airport and parts of Beirut: according to Israel's minister of defence - they bombed the airport to prevent any logistical support to hezbollah ( be it weapons or actual military personnel ) from Iran or Syria through disabling all possible entry points.. the Raad missiles recently fired into Haifa and other towns are manufactured in Iran ( that in itself is insignificant, except for the fact that Iran denied supplying any weaponry to hezbollah) .
  11. Well, the way I see it,if it develops into a all-out war, it won't be too easy for Israel ( which is very likely to happen btw. since Iran wants to see the "Zionist country" wiped off the face of the earth - israel can barely conceal their their feelings for Syria , since Israeli warplanes flew over the house of Syrian PM" not so long ago + palestinians vs. IDF in Gaza and now Lebanon ) . somehow I can picture all those said arab/muslim. countries teaming up if push comes to shove against Israel and then the Superpowers will have to step in. And that is where it wll become most interesting and also a bit of a volatile situation - since the U.S is clearly backing Isreal ( bush said: "Isreal has the right to defend herself in the face of terrorism") where-as the other big players such as italy,france, China and Russia frowns upon the Isreali offence compaign, and labels it a overreaction. well - that wouldn't be the first time the U.S + brittain is at odds with the other superpowers ( China + Russia ) in the last two months over various matters - first they disagreed over Irans Nuclear -enrichment scheme - where the U.S,Germany and Great brittain is of the opinion that Iran is enriching Uranium for the purpose of making Nuclear weapons - where the other superpowers feel that every country has the right to engage in uranian enrichment for peaceful power generation purposes and that the U.S' attitude about this particular matter is totally uncalled for. Secondly - again the U.S,Japan and Brittain feels that pyangyong's missile tests in north korea is a threat to global security, where china and russia may agree that the tests are wrong - they feel that no harsh action should be taken against pyangyong for doing so ( when it came down to a Vote for sanctions against north Korea - China voted against it and russia abstained ) for me it becomes quite clear who would side with who if it ever comes down to that . conclusion - if the arab world goes all-out against Israel and the U.S steps in ( it's no secret that the U.S and Israel have strong ties ) to help them - I won't be surprised to see the other superpowers show their teeth too. let's just hope it doesn't play out like that.
  12. I loved it! Just didn't like the way Magneto sat there while Xavier was fighting for his life, heh - and scott summers with blue eyes, I always imagined him with brown eyes for some reason. The fact that Collosus played a bigger part in the move was quite cool ( But I hoped for a one on one between him and Juggernaut ). Sadly I lost track of the storyline after the phoenix episodes on TV. I wouldn't mind another X-men movie .
  13. Hmmm - if this is going to be the case - I'll have to get one. Most 3d-titles today are all candy and no-gameplay anyway. 3d games back then were more atmospheric than most 3d games I've played since ps1
  14. Privateer 2: The Darkening Never played it before now ( always wanted to ) It's kewl. Kinda reminds me of the good old days with wing commander 4
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