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  1. So, it is the total package that i could buy right, i mean there's nothing more that i need right?
  2. Okay, hmm, i want to get a hdd drive for my ps2, i was wondering is this the correct one to buy, http://www.modchipstore.com/customer/produ...productid=16189 about how many games could i strore in it, and is this the cheapest ican get it? Also what else could i do with the harddrive? store movies, and songs, or is that only for the X-box?
  3. if anyone was crunching their brain on this one forget it, it's all of a sudden working now.
  4. Ok this all started when for some reason my video card stopped working i realized this when i tried project 64 and tried to play a game and it said i wasn't direct x capable or something. i had to reinstall the video card and now everything works fine exept project 64, infact it will not start up, it tells me failed to allocate memory, i'm using windows xp. i have tried uninstalling project 64 but the uninstall things are rather confusing i clicked them all, and the deleted the folder, then i reinstalled the application, yet the computer keeps giving me the error message, failed allocate memory, it gives me this message twice, anyone know what's going on, because i am stumped.
  5. I wish i knew you, because certainly i would fight you!!, unfortunatly i am watching my Astros play right now, damn an rbi single for the Cards!!! score now 4 to 3, oh well if the Astros lose, i will certainly be furious enought to fight you.
  6. I see the Queer Eye fad has hit 1Emulation; It is indeed a sad day By the way i see two kramer smilies ; but none for George.
  7. George, is awsome, Worlds are Colliding!! the Moops!! and so on and so forth and various other memorable Castanza tid-bits.
  8. Ok, Here's the problem, in project 64, using glide 64 and other plug-ins the game screen keeps moving up and down, the only one which doesnt do this is rice's video plugin 5.6.0, but the rom plays slowly . i looked at the compatability list for Glide and it says "Compatible. Use Mupen 0.4", anyone have this emulator, if so, what can you tell me about it, is it any good, or just tell me if you had this problem and fixed it somehow.
  9. Yes, there you go, and he invites jerry to his private bathroom, yeah now i recall all of it, i knew i liked it, but i kept forgeting it, and that episode is why George Castanza is the best character in the show, not to mention his lovable loser attitude.
  10. i love the one where Elane dances with the kick, it's the one where Jerry has to make bootleg copies of movies, and that part slips into the ending of the tape; also the one where George has been fired from his job but keeps going to work, maybe gryphonclaw can expain it better i forget the details; and of course the festivus episode.
  11. lets rejoice and throw a festivus party(the festival for the rest of us) I'm sure i will win the feats of strength, who will bring the festivus pole?!!
  12. another question, what is the best baseball game for n64? and how do you make starwars-rogue squadron work on project 64, or what emulator is need for it to work, or the name of the plug-in you use for it? I guess i should have said questions.
  13. Is there any difference between these two games? Zelda - Ocarina of Time Master Quest Zelda - Ocarina of Time ???????????
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