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  1. I kinda gave up on anime and stick to manga.
  2. Yvonne Van; French/Chinese Import Model. Not exactly my type ... still -- quite the looker. Trisha Hershberger; online media personality. Lindsay Elyse; Cosplayer babe.
  3. Interesting. Women do have a certain allure, which is a fact. Men usually have no issues with stating that obvious truth, but the same is true of women toward men. Only, they don't like revealing this fact and they front, like they don't want it.
  4. Welcome to the fold, that's whatsup.
  5. I never really had to deal with a situation like that, fortunately. Sounds like a "I saw her first!" situation, and ... well, as friends you shouldn't step on his shoes out of respect. Wouldn't you feel the same way if you just came out of a relationship, met a new girl and desired her? Nothing may come of it, but the intention is there on his part and that means something. Logically the best approach would be if she asked that guy about YOU, and made her interest in you apparent on her own -- then he can't blame you for that. Still ... if she's aware of how he feels and doesn't mind her behavior then that does say something about her, unfortunately. :/ Loyalty is rare nowadays.
  6. I've been here long enough to know you've been through ups and downs ems, albeit looking from the outside in. Can't say I can relate since I don't have progeny but I do know what it's like to need a job and have been trying to land one. It's good that you're trying to be in your child's life, because the kid will count inside how hard you tried or didn't as he/she grows up. Anyway, it takes a lot to admit wrong-doings or apologize in general, and I'm sure it hasn't gone unnoticed. Cheers.
  7. That's not a bad idea. Count me in. I am an avid enthusiast of the paranormal, and needless to say at the expense of potential criticism for honesty, I must confess that my dream job would be living as a professional ghost hunter. I saw Poveglia in an episode of Ghost Adventures, on the Travel Channel. The thought of visiting that location would be amazing.
  8. Oh you meant like ... dating site online dating? Yeah the most popular/commercial ones are chalk full of pretentious women who want a well-paid, good-looking, tall, fit, smart, funny guy who has graduated college and lives on his own, and hopeless guys who dream they can land a high maintenance lady. I feel that categorizing compatibility cheapens the experience of meeting the opposite sex (or same sex if so inclined), but a lot of self-described "modern" women seem to believe that they deserve nothing less than "ideal." What we as individuals believe we deserve is subjective, and confuse separation in our minds with what is an ideal partner from THE ideal partner ... because — let's be realistic — there's no such thing as perfect. I blame the media, for filtering a level of beautification towards society that is superficial. I also know that one cannot fight loneliness.
  9. It's as normal as speed dating is. Social networking has changed the way people communicate, for better or worse. Before the internet, match-making was a profession in some regard, and considered normal. And before that, it was considered acceptable to let your parents find you a domestic partner. It's all relative. Do what works for you in the end. I consider it "normal" insofar as it isn't queer in a social sense, though I prefer meeting a girl under casual, face-to-face circumstances.
  10. Tell that to all the K-pop fanatics in Europe and abroad.
  11. I think they should include Superman just for kicks.
  12. http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/pro-wrestling-legend-ultimate-warrior-dead-54/story?id=23250160 For you current wrestling fans ... I bring grim tidings. The Ultimate Warrior died on April 8th, days after Wrestlemania.
  13. Never tried it on console, but yeah it's very different interface on PC. Any interest in playing on computer?
  14. I've live streamed playing Assassin's Creed III on my HTPC, just to try it out. You couldn't see me though or hear me it was just a stream of the game as I was playing it. Ken says he has a minecraft server? Maybe we could stream that. I used to play a lot of Kaillera online for Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
  15. That's whatsup! Seriously though, if anybody has a problem with it (Alpha?) I can make a different clan, no problem.
  16. Er ... well that didn't post. Let's try again.
  17. Anybody watch or heard of GoPro? Makers of the world's most versatile camera, apparently, and they have some pretty awesome videos on youtube. Subscribed! I mean, the brass balls on this guy ... scary shit. Also, check out this video of a guy fighting off a shark.
  18. Well, the whole Bane breaking Batman's back event was a while ago if I recall, and the quality of comics at the time I'm not so sure is up to par. I am a fan of comics but not an avid reader and collector, I just like following current sagas/arcs in the mainstream storylines; the ones that are universe-ending, all heroes from everywhere come together type events. I've heard good things about The Killing Joke series, but Batman Beyond is basically an alternate universe version and based off the cartoon so its not that hype IMO. I would recommend the Hush miniseries for Batman, though. It's drawn by Jim Lee and is a good read too from what I'm told.
  19. I almost finished Fire Red and then stopped before the end, for some reason -- never collected the cards though. Snorlax FTW!
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