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  1. heh yeah. It's the same with every system when it gets emulated for the first time. Everyone shouts "fake" and if it's real they all grovel and if it's fake they all go for blood
  2. The game comes out on December the 9th. So you guys have to wait a little bit longer
  3. There is no program that does *exactly* what you want but I do have a solution http://nextgl.ngemu.com/vmu/VMITool.html download vmi tool You must have both files for each save (the VMI and the VMS files) VMItool will create an HTML file with links to all the corresponding saves. All you then need to do is burn all this onto a cd-r along with a web browser. this way you can "download" the saves onto your VMU while using the browser on your DC. You won't actually have to be online at all! You can download the free webbrowser at http://homebrew.dcemulation.com/xdp/xdp.html It sounds complicated but it is pretty straight forward, so give it a try.
  4. And he gets it right again ladies and gentlemen! Ok new image up
  5. There is an ISO of Zelda on the net already I thought. anyway I have no idea whether it is real but Nintendo are kidding themselves if they think the GC is unable to be emulated
  6. The max you can get in this country is about 200kb/s with cable. I know plenty of people in the Netherlands and the USA that download nearly 2 Megabytes a second. I want those speeds
  7. Parasite Eve 3? No sorry. Me and my typos I meant PES3 (Pro evolution Soccer 3). Easily the greatest football game on the planet. I might get it for the PC though if I can play online.
  8. Wow that dude is fast. I also think he should go out and get a gf
  9. That is what I think. It's pretty sad to see a movie star in control of America's largest state and the worlds 5th biggest economy. But like Ronald Reagan, it wouldn't be hard for Arnie to be better at politics than he was at acting. I wish him the best of luck though.
  10. I've played all three versions too and I agree that Link is the best of the extra characters. Necrid would also be my favourite though. I bought the Xbox version because of the better graphics and the better sound. In fact I usually buy all multiformat titles for the Xbox because it's usually the best version and the box doesn't have too many exclusives for me to buy for it.
  11. PC - Natural Selection - Half Life Mod (best half life mod ever) PS2 - nothing but I've only just bought it. PE3 will be on it 24/7 starting friday GC - Super Monkey Ball Xbox - Tiger Woods 2004 (love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Dreamcast - Ikaruga GBA - Final Fantasy tactics, Advance Wars 2 and NES games
  12. PC - Worms 3D Call of Duty Champ Manager 03/04 Homeworld 2 Breed Rome: Total War Unreal Tournament 2004 Half Life 2 (or Xbox) Deus Ex 2 (or Xbox) Doom 3 (or Xbox) Thief 3 (or Xbox) Xbox - Halo 2 Amped 2 Crimson Skies KOTOR 2 Jade Empire Sam and Max 2 Ninja Gaiden Project Gotham Racing 2 Fable True Fantasy Live Online Full Spectrum Warrior kameo Elements of Power Breakdown Sega GT Online BC WWE Raw 2 (only for the multiplayer season mode really) Microsoft Music studio Headhunter 2 Links 2004 Gamecube - Mario Kart Viewtiful Joe Pikmin 2 Mario 128 Killer 7 Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes Mario Tennis Mario Golf Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Animal Crossing 2 PS2 - Jak and Daxter II Gran Turismo 4 Metal Gear Solid 3 Pro Evolution Soccer 3 GBA - Mario Luigi RPG Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed sim City 2000 Harvest Moon Onimusha Tactics river City Ransom Advance Quake Quake 2 Metal Slug Advance Kingdom Hearts Elite (not the homebrew version) Archer Mcleans Pool Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker Mario Golf Mario Tennis Sonic Advance 3 Multiformat titles - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sonic Heroes Tony Hawks underground Simpsons Hit and Run Driver 3 Splinter Cell: Pandora blah blah Max Payne 2 90% of these games are due out in the next 6-8 months. I seriously don't know how I will be able to afford half of them, nevermind all of them !
  13. I think he is definitely more obsessed than I am. I have 3 Dreamcasts but 2 are in unopened boxes (one is a special edition) because the first one still works fine. I do have over 150 ORIGINAL Dreamcast games (and a few more backups )but I play my Xbox and my Gamecube more than my Dreamcast at the moment
  14. Correct Dude! I only just put that one up New image going up
  15. yeah heh... Thank god the summer has gone in england. It doesn't stop them. All that blubber keeps them nice and warm, even in the autumn and winter Ok that was mean, sorry cuddly girls!
  16. http://www.newsnow.co.uk/newsfeed/?name=Co...Computer+Gaming It's great for finding out the latest news and releases. If you find something really interesting, remember to post about it here
  17. Correct! Point for the Monkey obsessed Man New image up
  18. I agree about the parents thing. None of my kids, if they are girls, will be wearing crap like at a young age. Things like showing thongs and belly button piercings etc have all gone too far now. You get overwieght girls walking around with thier bellies hanging over thier trendy pants. It's not nice
  19. It's nice to have dialup as a backup. I get backup dialup free with my ISP anyway incase my broadband goes nutso. It looks like a good system and it will definately cope with HL2.
  20. Aaaah there is nothing quite like a cigarette after a long hard day in kindergarten
  21. by pissed he means drunk It's never a good idea to post on the net when you are drunk. And sorry to hear about your gf cheating on you dude. It does sound like you are better off without her though.
  22. It's about time they had different coloured notes over in the US. It makes no sense for them all to be the same colour and same size.
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