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  1. Movie 1 [mirror1][mirror2] Movie 2[mirror1][mirror2]
  2. If it's a fake, it's a damn good one : If that doesn't sound great!
  3. Do you remember we tought the same 5 years ago with the N64, but then UltraHLE appeared (Project Unreality showed already some starting-screens).
  4. I will convince you (read in this order to see the progress): 1: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=16127 2: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=16143 3: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=16181 4: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=16191 5: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=16559
  5. It's not a fake, and I've got the whole screenshot-collection (from the beginning of the emulator to now). The emulator isn't released yet, but it's called "Dolphin".
  6. Well, enjoy and it's no fake: http://www.emulation64.com/videos/dolphin_...elda_intro3.avi Note: this isn't my emulator!
  7. You need to download MUPEN 0.3.1 (great emulator too), then copy the RSP to the PJ64-plugin dir and rename it into RSP.dll. It's faster because this is a HLE-plugin instead of a LLE (I can tell you all the technical details if you want). Link to Mupen: http://mupen64.emulation64.com/files/mupen...n64%200.3.1.exe
  8. You can also try Hacktarux' RSP. It's waaay faster than the default one of PJ64.
  9. The (currently unreleased) beta of 1964 is currently working great (some win98 problems). I attached some screenies to see how the status is (check the speed at my PII 350!). Of course token with the new plugin : http://www.ngemu.com/forums/attachment.php...achmentid=49231 http://www.ngemu.com/forums/attachment.php...achmentid=49234 http://www.ngemu.com/forums/attachment.php...achmentid=49233
  10. Hi all, To all the users of Nemu: Try this ini to increase compatibility. Click here to download it And I'm currently very busy with an updated version which also makes use of very advanced commands of the emulator, and there's already a very big increase, and you'll hear more from this!
  11. Resident evil 2 is emulated very good with unofficial daedalus4 pre0.4. Indiana Jones and the infernal machine is partitially emulated with Rice's daedalus 5.1.0, and Tetris64 and DR Mario are working almost perfect with this plugin.
  12. Well, the problem isn't the emulator, but the GFX-plugin. You should follow the Rice-plugin series. I'm almost sure that he's the first who get this game to work.
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