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  1. great comics mate and I'm glad you cast me as Sonic.
  2. I did this same thing about a year ago and it annoyed me so much. I never thought I would care about my notepad font but when it changed, it just didn't feel right.
  3. Yeah actually I would like to try out the pinball emulation too. It might be a good idea to add that forum. Then again someone could just post a quick guide in "regular arcade emulation"
  4. Are you sure it's conversion and not using the various emulators around? I know pogoshell has plugins of Dr SMS and PocketNES(emulators) for sms and nes but I didn't know there was a gb to gba convertor out there. The reason I say this is because it would have to be emulation as the GBA contains two different chipsets; the GBA and the GB one. The GB chipset is triggered by a switch hit when you plug in old cartridges or when you use the bridge. That is why you can't just stick GB roms on a normal flashcart and get them to run without the bridge. If the convertor works though then I need to use it! If it is emulation then it will be pretty slow as both the curret GB emulators for the GBA are pretty slow at the moment. Either way I will give it a try
  5. Sorry emsley, you lose your nut I got mine from GBAX over here in the UK. Anyway ME! I can recommend a few sites that I know people have bought flashcarts from in the past. http://www.falinker.com/ - slow but won't rip you off http://www.success-hk.com/pp/success.asp - reliable but again kinda slow http://www.winsunx.com - same as above http://www.easybuy2000.com - can be expensive and slow with getting feedback about orders but no ripoffs here. http://www.micmic.net/index.asp - good service, pretty cheap too And last there is http://www.r1.com.mo/_backup_sys/EZFA.asp They are REALLY cheap but I don't know how reliable they are Whoever you choose you should give them an e-mail and if they take more than one full business day to respond then you know not to shop with them. If you got one already then this doesn't matter I haven't been on the computer for a few days, otherwise I would have replied sooner. Hope that helped you out a bit anyway, and if you need any help once you get your cart, you know where to come
  6. Firstly, yes the RGB scart lead is totally worth it because the picture looks so much better for most games. There are a few things I recommend you check: First thing you should do is make sure it isn't loose. I have lost sound occasionally when my scart lead wasn't connected in properly. Next make sure you TV's scart or multiblock scart is S-Video scart. The DC scart lead is and if your TV isn't then you will get a weird mono colour picture effect, or no sound at all. If your TV does have S-video scarts and you are still getting no picture then you should take it back where you got it mate and try and get a new one. Or at least get them to test it. Hope that helps somewhat
  7. I would play for Scotland at football (soccer). Then I would score the winning goal against the cheating, diving germans.
  8. A Vic 20. I don't remember that much about it except that I wasn't really that interested in computer games at the time. How things change...
  9. I would be the one that turns into a radio. If there was ever a completely useless transformer it was that guy! Then again, if I was being attacked I could change myself into a radio and start playing celine dion and britney spears at my attackers. That would soon stop them! muhahahaha
  10. Linux is good because it's far more stable than windows and doesn't have all the bloat. Windows however, has much better compatability for most of the things I do and the Linux alternatives just don't cut it (eg GIMP is nowhere near as good as Photoshop) For the average computer owner Linux is also not user friendly enough and installing it can be quite a challenge for someone new to it. Anyone wanting to try out linux for the first time should download Knoppix. It can just run off the CD-ROM and is pretty easy to use
  11. I used to play monopoly a LOT with my brother but we stopped because we would always fight over it My favourite of all time is probably Chess. I used to be quite good when I played a lot but I'm a bit rusty now.
  12. Yeah thanks, I wanted to try this before I flashed it. The game is good fun but it is so easy!
  13. ePSXe because it's great. Also the original 3 Bleem!cast because....well just because
  14. I don't think it would need, top, top of the range but I'm guessin your 3d card would still have to be pretty powerful to get the games running at a good speed with sound.
  15. Oh and the first console I bought with my own money was the N64. I saved long and hard for it too
  16. I had a feeling Baseley09 would get it He is too good. Ok a new image up!
  17. CyRUS64 is pretty respected in the DC scene so I highly doubt it is a fake. Atani (who wrote DCGenerator - genesis emu) actually wrote a GBA emulator for the Dreamcast but decided not to release it because it would be used for Warez (booo we love warez ) CyRUS64 also wrote one of the first legal (ie not using the illegal XDK) emulators for the Xbox. So yeah my bet is that it is legit and he will release it in a far more advance state than people expect.
  18. The Atari 2600. First computer was a commodore vic 20.
  19. W00t!! This site is the greatest. Also I have always wondered as a emulation fan.. how come GameSpy never got shutdown for hosting roms? Yeah I have also wondered that for a long time too. Edit: And yeah that site rocks!
  20. Yes it's a DC game. A Japanese one but pretty well known.
  21. http://www.thegiantstore.com/product.asp?3=304 You can use that thing emsley. That's what I was talking about before. You could also get a solderless mod. You would have to open up your PS2 but you would only be screwing it in so there is less chance you would blow up your PS2 lol
  22. Yeah it's possible but Lynx usually use songs that are due to be future chart single releases so I guess we will have to wait. The song is great though.
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