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  1. Flash Advance Toolkit will remove intros, patch and trim roms for you
  2. Carmageddon 64 or Superman. They were both awful, awful games.
  3. I agree about Adventures. Broken Sword 3 that just came out is an excellent Adventure game and I can't wait for the new Sam and Max. I'd also like to see a few more RTS games on consoles and maybe some more original games like Rez.
  4. Yeah it is a shame that all these people find out how great the Dreamcast is once it's dead (well in the USA and Europe at least) But a lot of the blame for that goes to Sega for not advertising all the great games that were available for it.
  5. Yeah, I am sorry I haven't been on guys but I've been so busy with work and I was given an ultimatum by my gf to spend more time with her I should be on more often now though as work has eased off for now. I was definitely surprised to see about 60 guests when I logged in though Come on guests, register and talk to us!
  6. The best bet is Goomba which currently runs most GB mono games at a high speed. It's written by Flubba (same guy who did PocketNES and PCEAdvance) and he said he would be working on GBC support fairly soon.
  7. http://www.emulationgalaxy.com/latestgba.php Go there, or Advance power etc and download it now. It's basically Mario RPG 3 but with some new interesting double team stuff. I've really been enjoying it so far. Also the way Luigi and Mario talk is hilarious Download it now I tells ya!
  8. I was always good at English and Music. To be honest I didn't really like any subject at school that much though
  9. I said the worst game hehe, those games are pretty good. Anyway, I know the pic is from an FMV but if you have played the game you will recognise the characters and thier stupid smiley faces. Another Clue: The main character is big....BIG.......REALLY BIG....you could even say a GIANT. Worst. nintendo. game. ever.
  10. It's an excellent idea and I really hope it can be implemented into the forums.
  11. wow, to say there has been a long wait for this tool is an understatement. I'm going to go give it a try right now.
  12. Yeah, Nintendo's worst fears coming true. Well not really but still...they didn't expect it to happen at all.
  13. Any idea as to what spec of computer those were running on? Anyway it all looks very promising and much kudos to the author and you for posting the vids
  14. I don't use WMP for anything really if I can help it, it's rubbish. Winamp I use for MP3s and midis, I use BSplayer for most movies and a combination of other ones for DVDs and VCDs etc.
  15. yeah excellent job so far Keep up the good work mate
  16. At the moment I'm collecting SMS, gameboy and other older system roms to complete my sets. Media wise I've been collecting episodes of Clerks the animation series and also some Sonic anime.
  17. Dreamcast swirl because I love them! I might try something else eventually but all the time I have been here it has been dreamcast related.
  18. I'd love to give it a little beta test run myself Thanks for the screenies though.
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