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  1. No problem as I like Dr robotnik. If you had gone Tails there would have been violence though... /me hates Tails
  2. Welcome And can I just say OUCH on behalf of that dude but if he was an abuser then it's not so bad. I remember when I was about 7 years old and me and my friend were playing on a tree. It was one of those trees that had been pruned etc and had the grey paint to stop branches growing too large. Anyway he slipped and feel about 8 feet onto a branch below that had a nail sticking up. He ripped his.... "baby making bag" and it makes me nearly sick to think of it now But imagine someone crushing your testis! I think I would die too.
  3. Thats what I was thinking It isn't fair that the Tiger is put down. It serves them right for exploiting the animals for so long. I mean I would be scared of any man with mullets like Siegfield and Roy's
  4. http://www.bushorchimp.com/ Get your own US president. He looks like a monkey!
  5. I still can't believe it was because they used the preview panel for outlook express Even my gran knows to have that turned off
  6. My avatar is all stretched now for some reason.
  7. Sonic Of course I'm happy with that.
  8. I've only had regular mountain dew and I didn't like it too much. Give a nice cup of tea instead jk
  9. Depends where you look I suppose. Xbox and Gamecube emulation have been hitting the headlines as of late. The emulation scene always has dips like this though. Give it a couple of months and something will come along and blow our socks off.
  10. If it isn't too hard to impliment then I think it would be good to have
  11. http://www.dbzdimension.ip3.com/roms/histo...toryofgoku2.zip It's translated but quite badly
  12. Tough choice, but since you have heard the praise, I will let you hear what is wrong in both games Metroid Prime - The game looks AMAZING but who cares about graphics?? was far too repetative and finishing the game felt like a chore more than actual fun. Walk into a room, scan stuff, kill stuff, walk into another room, scan, kill etc etc. This is the whole game incidently and if anyone completed it with 100% then I truely salute you for not falling asleep with all the scanning The controls are also badly mapped to the GC pad (my favorite pad ever!) which annoyed me too. The greatest aspect of the game is probably the graphics and the bosses. I'd give the game 7/10 and I think Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are better games by far. Zelda:WW - I didn't like the cel shading but again, I'm no graphics whore so I didn't care too much. The majority of the game is great but I did have a few gripes. My biggest gripe is the SAILING. Seriously, it is so incredibly boring and was an obvious cheap attempt to pad out the length of the game (which is also too easy btw). Lastly is the homosexual navi. I HATE HIM, I WANT TO STAB HIM IN THE FACE!!!! Yes, he is THAT annoying. Now the good stuff: The enemys, the bosses and the sound. Oh boy the sound is excellent. I'd give Zelda 8/10. If there wasn't so much sailing then I would give it more but the sailing redefines the word dull. Trust me. If you can get Zelda with the bonus cd then you should get that. Masters Quest is what a real Zelda game should play like. But like emsley said, if you are not a hardcore Zelda fan then get Metroid Prime. GC exclusive games that I would recommend for your first few purchases: Super Monkey Ball Eternal Darkness Pikmin F-Zero GX Super Mario Sunshine Super Smash Brothers Melee Animal Crossing Resident Evil 1 remake (not Zero, it sucks)
  13. I think MP4 structured audio will be used a lot more in the future as it is a million times better than MP3. I think OGG is better than MP3 too but since MP3s are easier to get, thats what most people use. The standard will change in the not too distant future though.
  14. Well it is something to do with the fact that people can buy Half Life 2 from Steam by downloading the whole thing (1.5 gigs or something). They had to get rid of the WON id system so they came up with steam. I guess the online thing is to check that people aren't just downloading it and sharing between computers, so yeah it must be a piracy thing. either way I hate steam. It's buggy and crap!
  15. u mean its not onimusha tactics. CURSES No that is right Sorry, I missed your post for some reason. Point to you New image up
  16. Can you not just send them backstreet boys mp3's Dreamcast lover, its bound to work I'll get on that straight away! It's cruel but they asked for it
  17. I use pretty much the same settings as you alexis. 128 is an ok bitrate too but any lower and I can't stand listening to them.
  18. Do you know that you have to be online to play it? At least for the first few weeks anyway because of this new Steam system. Sucks if you have a dialup connection PS Steam sucks. I hate it!
  19. The Police Academy movies. They were all rubbish Well except for the guy who made the noises KABLAMMO, KAPOW, BEEP, HONK, NEE NAW NEE NAW, BOING, WIBBLE!
  20. You might be waiting a while if it keeps getting delayed
  21. I don't see what someone like Cyrus64 would have to gain by lying though. He has been an active coder in both the DC and N64 and now Xbox emulation scenes for a long time. Anyway at the moment Icarus is your only real hope of playing DC games on your PC unless Kagero turns out to be real (doesn't look likely)
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