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  1. http://www.commercialbreaksandbeats.co.uk/ would have the answer but it's down at the moment.
  2. I'm gonna wait because there is nothing new in this version apart from the two multiplayer levels and the flamethrower. The whole single player game is identical in every way. I will maybe wait 6 months and then I will buy it because there should be some cool multiplayer mods coming out by then
  3. That's what I do. I usually wait till a quite time and open 8 or so windows at the same time. Then I let them all count down together and use a download manager to download them.
  4. I agree but I love the way you type English anyway loay As for my goals, well I just want to help keep this site at the high standards that it is at right now.
  5. Indian, Chinese, Thai or Italian. I can't really choose between the 4 of them as they are all great. PS Germans invented the hamburger and the hot dog
  6. I'm getting the Xbox version on import since I can't be bothered waiting. The reason I choose the Xbox version over Gamecube is that Link doesn't seem to fit into the game as much as Spawn, slightly better graphics, dolby 5.1 and I don't like using the GC pad for fighters.
  7. Dude! I have been looking for this song too. It has been annoying me so much! Edit: now I must search
  8. I wasn't infected, so having a crap MS operating system was good for once
  9. Nothing to do with the text size settings on your browser?
  10. You can also get one of those slide cards + swap magic disk so you don't have to solder a modchip into your PS2 but I heard it's fidgety and could also hurt your drive.
  11. That FX 5200 card was the exact card I was going to come in here and recommend. I just got it and it's great value for the money. It should also be decent enough to cope with Doom III and Half Life 2 at reasonable graphics settings
  12. You are right, you are getting really good. You will have no use for my art skills now
  13. Ok it was Mouse Trap, the Arcade version. New image up
  14. I don't like the idea of a draught but thats only because in the right circumstance I believe I would volunteer anyway. I would not go in fight in a conflict which Britain created (eg Iraq) but if someone invaded my country then I wouldn't hesitate to fight.
  15. lol someboddy. That pic is horrible! kill it!! KILL IT!!!! I think there is obviously alien life out there. The universe is so huge and we would be narrow minded to think we are the only life out there. If we are the pinacle of "intelligent" life then the universe is a bit of a let down lol
  16. Welcome back mate. I know what it's like when the real world gets in the way of the internet heh. I've been really busy lately myself. PS Battle of Britain in the chamopions league. Man Utd will probably spank Rangers (even though they can't beat the saints) but they will be two excellent games!
  17. I couldn't really care less about Halo, at least not until some mods come out for it. I've been playing multiplayer online halo on Xbox for months now and im a bit bored of it (roll on Halo 2!) I have just bought a new video card in preparation for HL2. It is easily the most stunning game I have ever seen. I also can't wait to get scared to death by some Doom III. I have to say though that I'm most looking forward to Deus Ex: Invisible War. Oh yes! If you haven't played the original Deus Ex then you have missed out on one of the best games ever.
  18. I would be Dr Robotnik and I would fight Tails. I HATE TAILS. DIE TAILS!!!!!!!!
  19. I'm definately going to be up for some of this. Thanks Disoblige!
  20. Bonus Question 1: The answer is Mario. Nintendo named him after the landlord of thier warehouse or something.
  21. Have you ever suffered a game related injury? This might have been done before, I can't remember. Anyway, 2 days ago I suffered a game related injury. I was playing timesplitters 2 GC with two of my flatmates and I was winning by a big margain. Now I was being cheap (I was the monkey character and if you have played you will know why that is being cheap ) and my friend was really annoyed because I kept fragging him. Anyway to cut the story short I said something to put him off and he got so annoyed that he went to threw the controller onto the big cushion that was right next to me. Suffice to say he aims like an American missile so he managed to throw it right into my groin. It was so painful! but I did probably deserve it. So has anyone else suffered something similar or even worse? Please tell
  22. Ok considering this is an emulation site I would guess the number of fanboys of the next gen consoles to be low. I am a Dreamcast fanboy and probably a bit of a Sega and Nintendo one too. I don't however take it as a personal insult when someone says "xxxx Nintendo/Sega game/console is rubbish", even if I happen to think it is one of the best games/consoles ever. I make this topic because I have finally stopped posting on gamefaqs. I really can't stand it there anymore. No matter where you post in any topic, you always get some spotty immature fanboy coming in and saying how much your console SUCKS and his RULES. Why would anyone care!? I'm in the lucky position where I have a well paid job and I can buy all the consoles and all the exclusive games so maybe thats why I don't particularly understand it but I think it's really funny/disturbing how fans of consoles put themselves into little tribes and have thier verbal wars. I know this is nothing new but it does seem to be worse than ever because gaming is so mainstream now. Anyway to end this rant I ask you all if you are fanboys and if so you can give your reasons why
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