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  1. There already is a working Xbox emulator. It runs Halo, not well, but it runs it. I think it's more of a convertor than an emulator though because as you say, the Xbox is basically a PC. I can't remember the name of the emu. I read about it at another emulation site. Ngemu I think maybe.
  2. Ok I'll write you a little guide here but first you should try cleaning the lens to make sure that isn't the problem. Use some rubbing alcohol or zippo lighter fluid on a cotton bud (cue tip) and *VERY* gently clean the lense. After that you want to use a new cotton bud and clean it again gently with soft water(eg store bought bottled water) on the bud. This doesn't always solve reading problems but it can, so is worth a try. If that doesn't work then you are going to have to open up your DC What this basically does is increase the intensity of your laser, so your drive should read disks a whole lot better. First step, you want to open up the casing and gently move the laser assembly away from the rotary nub (to the far end of the spindle). Next you should carefully unclip the wires from the outside of the laser mounting assembly, and then flip the assembly over. Next to where the ribbon cable plugs in you will see a pot (potentiometer). This is where the tricky part comes in. You have to drop its resistence down between 50 and 100 ohms. If the potentiometer is glued down, or you just don't own a multimeter then you will have to be extra careful or just ask someone with good experience with electronics to help you. It is pretty risky but if it's your last resort then it's not so bad. Also if you get it wrong you can re-adjust it till you get it right. I still don't think you should try except as a last last last last resort though
  3. No, as great as that game is (better than Final Fantasy tactics Advance IMO), it's not the answer. Another Clue: The games are from Capcom
  4. I want someone to review Raw 2 for the Xbox and tell me if it's rubbish or not It's amazing how varied the review scores have been. Some people say it's amazing and other people say it's awful. I would review it myself but it isn't out over here
  5. i totally agree with you there. autocad, office xp pro, and the adobe line of softwares, can be added to the list of ones i have downloaded with no real intention of buying. thats only because they are sooooo over priced. To be fair though, there are freeware/shareware and cheaper alternatives to all of these programs. Photoshop - GIMP Office XP - Star Office 3D Studio Max - Maya (there is a free version for non commercial use) But I do agree that they are usually really overpriced.
  6. That probably has more to do with CD-Rs wearing out your GD-ROM laser. When you read normal CDRs on a Dreamcast drive, the laser has to read backwards so it puts a lot of stress on it. Over time this kills your drive. You should try various things like using your Dreamcast upside down (no I am not joking) to see if it makes any difference. Eventually you might have to recalibrate your laser but that's only a drastic last measure. It could also of course actually be the CD-Rs but it's best to check all possibilities
  7. Ok it is a GBA game. The original games of this series are not tactics games. They are survival horror games set in feudal Japan. You will find this series on the XBox and the PS2. You have to get it now!
  8. Well just as long as people don't find out about the supermegah4xspecialsecret forum then it's ok.... oops And yes, I agree that we have more than enough forums already.
  9. Yeah thanks for the turorial IJTF_Cinder. I will be sure to try this out later on. There are a huge amount of tables to download too.
  10. Hopefully I will be able to play this coming weekend. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.
  11. What size cart did you get ME! ? You won't regret buying it anyway. It's worth it alone, to be able to use some of the emulators like PocketNES and Dr SMS
  12. You can still buy DC-X from some places too. It is about $19-20 last time I checked. Also Xploder does the same thing but it has the cheats function too. I will keep an eye out for both of them.
  13. Yeah but I wouldn't put it past them. I mean they sued a 12 year old for starters...
  14. Nope but you both got the tactics part and the system right.
  15. No Mercy. I haven't really liked any wrestling game since then. The 4 player season mode in Raw 2 looks quite fun though.
  16. Well GBA to GBA link cable and GBA to GC link cable support has been around for a while now. Is there something new coming out?
  17. I know if it and it tricks 80% of games or something. I don't know where to download it however http://www.megagames.com/dc/dc_utils_bootcd.shtml has lots of boot discs but I'm not sure any of them do the VGA trick.
  18. You just have to read stuff like http://ircspy.com/comments.asp?mode=view&id=337, to see how insane the RIAA are. One day they are going to get sued themselves...badly.
  19. For me it was bulls testicles when I was in turkey. The chef guy didn't tell us what it was but when I found out I was nearly sick.
  20. Exactly. You don't go to Mcdonalds if you are on a diet or anything. The funniest thing is when people go to order and say ok Two big Mac meals make them supersize yeah two apple pies two mcflurries OH OH and a DIET coke because I'm watching my weight LMAO
  21. It varies for me. Gamecube I always buy Xbox I always buy Dreamcast I mostly buy PC I mostly download but I sometimes buy if it's multiplayer or a really great game. GBA I mostly download but buy a few too
  22. Pro Evolution 3 is coming out for the PC for sure and maybe even the Xbox (I read some rumours on a french gaming site) It would be good on the PC. Even better graphics and you can edit all the teams and names too! Man it has to be the best game ever... The new Fifa might also be ok with it's massively improved game mechanics and it's career management mode. And Emsley when games make you that mad, you know it's time to go watch some tv
  23. 6:30 to 7:00am most weekdays from 10:00am till 2:00pm at the weekend
  24. Yes it is great here and long may it continue I love you all!!!! Now get in the kitchen and bake me some pie!
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