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  1. $99 is great value for an Xbox. Even if you don't like the games it's worth it for the emulators and the homebrew stuff. 2004 has some nice looking releases coming though I think Ninja Gaiden
  2. http://www.cprogramming.com/ is a good learning resource too.
  3. It looks cool but I bet Nintendo don't release it over here. I'll stick to Samba De Amigo on the Dreamcast.
  4. 0.17 nearly every time. I can't do it faster than that.
  5. Strangely enough I also got really bad neck strain from playing the Virtual Boy. This is a funny pic guys and basically sums up how stupid this new idea sounds Edit: NVM it was already posted heh
  6. Weird. You should check the battery in your flashcart hasn't becoming disconnected or loose from the circuit board. Only do this if other save games disappear though. Otherwise you should try and get the meanace release and use http://www.retrocovers.com/advanscene/html...0Save%20Fix.zip that patch
  7. Well we all heard about the new Nintendo console and it has been met with a really lukewarm reception everywhere except from the most ardent Nintendo fanboys. So what do you all think of it? I suppose it has hard to actually give a worthwhile opinion on something which we know so little about but I'm going to try anyway The supposedly "big innovation" here is having two screens. The first thing that sprang to mind for me was "oh cool, some new Game & Watch type stuff" but then I wondered who was actually going to spend $150 on a new console to play game & watch games. Then I heard of the example that Nintendo gave Now is it just me or does this sound pretty pointless? What is the difference between doing something on a different screen and pressing the pause button and manually changing the camera angle? A few button presses? It just sounds like a complete waste of an extra screen to me. What other scenarios could this two screen system be used? Well in a racing game you could have one screen the in car view, and the second screen showing the rear view mirror, or you could save a whole lot of bother and just put the rear view mirror on the in car screen in the first place. The other big worry is getting people to develop for this thing. Having two processors can seriously cut down on the number of people wanting to make games for a console. Just look at Sega and the Saturn for an example of that. Or how many third party developers made stuff for a niche console like the Virtual Boy? So you see my point Anyway I just feel the need to have a rant about this. It seems to me that Nintendo have totally lost direction in the last year by concentrating on gimmicky crap rather than getting to the real meat and veg of gaming. I don't want anymore of this GBA>GC connectivity crap or twin screen handhelds. I want much better third party support and I want Nintendo to take online play seriously. Better still, just scrap the DS and give me a portable N64 with Perfect Dark wireless multiplayer, then all will be forgiven [/ranting]
  8. Chrono Trigger or Earthbound for single player and Secret of Mana for the excellent multiplayer.
  9. I love it. It's my favourite American comedy. It always used to annoy me that it got shown so late over here. BBC2 used to put it on after midnight even though it was funnier than any other American comedy which got earlier time slots (eg Friends)
  10. Even though I couldn't hear that, you probably did a much better job than Mel Gibson.
  11. I read in this months PC Gamer (UK one, not US) that Rockstar of GTA and Manhunt fame had signed up to publish it. This means it will probably be released in time for Winter 2004. The problem is that so many other big titles will be out eg Halo 2, Half Life 2, Doom 3 etc that nobody really cares anymore.
  12. I'd keep my accent I have now. People seem to like scottish accents, especially women from other countries
  13. The 70's by quite a long way in my opinion. I love classic rock
  14. If you have funny stuff then just post it in current affairs. I don't think we need a whole forum devoted to jokes because there are probably too many as it is
  15. Change the file extension from.jpg to.txt so that geocities will let you show it PS It's extremely cool
  16. It looks great. The recent Double Dragon port for GBA was also excellent.
  17. Most of the carts are good but there are some minor differences. If you want to play the Pokemon, Tony Hawk Underground games properly (ie the real-time clock) then you will want to get an EZF-Advance or an EZ Flash 2. Both have a built in real-time clock and the EZ flash 2 powerstar also has much better power consumption so your batteries in your GBA last longer. I would personally go for F2A (mainly for pogoshell support) or an EZF-Advance. XG and EZ Flash 2 are still good cheaper cards but they can be buggy when using stuff like pogoshell. The only other advice I can think of is to make sure the linker has USB support for flashing. This is pretty important if you have a GBASP as flashing with a parallel cable can cause problems with the GBASP. If you have an older style GBA then it doesn't really matter. Also, you can't just run GB and GBC roms on any of these flash carts. If you want to do that then you will need to get a GB bridge which is just another linker and pretty cheap. You can however use Goomba which is an excellent GB emulator and it plays nearly every GB mono game at 100% speed. It doesn't have GBC support yet but that might arrive in the near future.
  18. A few new versions of K-Lite have just been released. Check out http://filesharingtalk.com/ for more info. Also check out http://www.slsk.org/ Soulseek is great for finding rare tracks that you won't find on places like Kazaa etc
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