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  1. Once installed, is there any way to scan the roms? I know they are fine already, but there are some that you missed like Golden Axe 2 and I'd like to add my collection to yours once installed.
  2. I would just like to show thanks to BritneysPAIRS for that latest MAMEdOX, words cannot describe how much I appreciate this release. It's been the only thing that has detored me from Xmugen for the last week.
  3. I've got all that. I put the 2 iso files(tracks 2 and 26) and the 24 mp3 files in a bin file and ran the cue file as if I were trying to run something in PCSXbox. It just won't work. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, they don't go in a BIN, they need to all remain as separate files. Just put them in a folder inside the ROMS directory and then launch from the CUE. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I haven't tried that yet, but it's kinda insulting if it works because I'd have done all that stuff earlier for nothing. And as you can see.....it's insulting. I haven't played this game since since 89' and you can tell in the gameplay that this version has nothing on the arcade version, it feels like a really weak SNK port. Not to the level of the PSX version of Samurai Showdown 3, but it is does when it comes to the feel of the game compared to the arcade version. It feels more sluggish and it was already kinda sluggish. You can also notice several frames missing in strong attacks and specials. And the old holding down the button longer to execute medium-fierce punches or forward-roundhouse kicks is a HUGE pain in this game with how the game moves. You have to predict the action a good 2 seconds in advance if you choose to respond with those moves. If you've got 128megs of ram in your box, just play this in HK$'s latest Mame128. It was perfect waaay back then on import PC-Engine because just having it at home looking and playing this close to the arcade version was an amazing expierience. This and Karate Champ were the best fighting games out back then., now IMO it's mearly a small novelty because it's the rare PC-Engine version.
  4. I've got all that. I put the 2 iso files(tracks 2 and 26) and the 24 mp3 files in a bin file and ran the cue file as if I were trying to run something in PCSXbox. It just won't work.
  5. I did the image over in 3 different ways. I messed up earlier because I had no sleep. 1.Converted the bin file to the CUE sheet you linked. The screen freezes at "loading" and you have to reset. 2.Created an iso of the exact same thing from above. 3.Created an iso of the original files straight from the disk. Some of the info is a little different, but the files are all right there. The LBA for track 2 is different though and the hidden data doesn't come up for the datat in tracks 2 and 26. I assume it's there because the image size isn't smaller than the original bin/cue files. None worked. I give up until someone that has a working version can show me what his files look like.
  6. So far....nope. I converted the wave files to mp3 using Blaze Media, extracted the 2nd and 26th data tracks as.tao files, changed the 2.tao files to.iso, rebuilt the game with the names used in CUE sheet you linked from Xport's website(except I messed up a little on track 23), and it just froze at the loading screen and I have to reboot. Shrinking the audio turned it from a 400meg image to around 67megs. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong and I've seen some people talking about getting it working, but because I'm so late to the party on this one I don't think I'm going to ever get it running. Let me show you a screenshot of the rebuilt image. I used isobuster to extract and magiciso to rebuild the image. Using magiciso is probably where I messed up because it won't even place them in the correct order after it creates the image.
  7. You already answered my question in the other forum. Thanks again.
  8. I've been itching to try out the first Street Fighter for the PC-Engine on my Xbox, but after I burn the image and boot it in the latest Huga build all I get is PC-Engine system screen. I cannot for the life of me get this thing to boot, even when I set HUGO to force booting it to the USA version. Has anyone else had better luck? I just want to try it, I'm not going to want to play a 2-button version for very long. It could be my bin file, but it's got all the files as well as the hidden ones. I've also had a ton of trouble trying to extract the hiddent contents of the bin file so that I could covert it to ISO format. No program I've used will extract it or convert the thing to ISO, it always errors out. Regardless, I'd appreciate any assistance.....as usual.
  9. I've got all that already with 2 backup disks of my old Xbox's stuff along with Slayers and the MS reset disk. I was prepared. I thought I could do that but to tell you the truth, I got a little lazy and didn't check the HDM disk options myself since I haven't used it in so long. Thanks again, I promise I won't be so lazy next time but to be honest I wasn't 100% sure so I asked.
  10. I've got a launch Xbox that's been going through the motions since I've had it, now it seems as if the problem is with the processor itself and fixing that seems a bit of a hassle. I was just wondering if it were possible to change the EEPROM and HDD code on the 250gig drive I installed so that I may purchase another Xbox and throw it in that one so I can leave this old Xbox that's been trying to die to rest. Anyone know? The console just freezes at the Xbox logo most times(the microsoft part that finalizes the boot doesn't show up) and it will load up the dual boot screen for FTTP if I turn it on with the tray ejected, but it won't load a dashboard. Even with the original default HD drive in there it boots right to a "Xbox needs service" screen. The way it's looking I'm hoping I don't have to FTTP 249gigs of stuff from one HDD to another one, any help would be VERY appreciated.
  11. All you need is XBMC0828PIMPED, it has Linksbox integrated right into it and will play any video you click on. As you know, Linksbox is buggy as hell and very prone to freezing so the same applies when using it in XBMC. Better get it quick, the person who compiled it took it out of the last update.
  12. I wouldn't recommend the Xbox Soundtrack Manager, it's buggy as hell and since I've been using it(from the beginning until now) once I started using it my custom soundtrack disappears in MotoGP and now Burnout 3. It's just one seriously buggy app. Just use the Xbox dashboard and a burned CD, it's a whole lot safer.
  13. I just wanted to add that if anyone bought that cheap HDD and planned to throw it in a PS2, don't do it. It's not compatible. I'm just glad I can get my money back. PR, if you got anymore good deals throw em' my way. I'm still in need of a 200+ gig hdd for my PS2. What's the model number on that Maxtor you've got(if you don't mind me asking)?
  14. Is that HDD you've got in your sig a 7200 PR? If so I'll buy it, but sadly I've spent so much money lately that it won't be until the 15th of next month. If you don't sell it by then, I'll gladly take it off you because I have a strange feeling I'm gonna need a back-up Xbox for the long haul. Better safe than sorry.
  15. Forgot to thank you, I already went to the store and picked up. That deal is a steal, thanks again PR.
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