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  1. Thraxen, we are almost there! I did patch the default.xbe with craxtion, don't know if that had anything to do with it, but it didnt hurt. After adding your media file now I am in, and I can recognize a backup of mslug4.zip Maybe I should give you a screenshot of the files its missing, but b4 I do that since I have dialup, can you recommend a good neogeo.zip source? I have one in there is 345kb...just wondering your thoughts...Thanks
  2. Tried downloading media.zip a couple times...winzip said it was not a valid archive. Also, what will xbepatch do, and to what? Again, details plz? I'm not a mind reader!
  3. Please see my post on the other topic I started to anyone that can help. I'm still having trouble just getting this program to run, I have no idea how you guys are getting it to. My friend is following the instructions to a T as well and its not workin! THanks
  4. Ok, still havin trouble here (no idea why), I downloaded the brand new fbaxxx_pro archive from the thraxen site. Got that down. Inside this brand new archive is a default.ips file. I took that file and I put it into the unzipped archive that fbaxxx_06_03.zip unzips too. So now I have fbaxxx_06_03.zip unzipped into a folder with 4 files. Again, I take the default.ips file from the brand new release today and put it in that folder with the 4 files, overwriting the default.ips that comes with that in the process. I then run the patchme!! bat file, which does its thing with the numbers spinning or however you wanna describe it. Now I should have a patched default.xbe in that folder with the 4 files. I take that default.xbe and I put it in the folder of the unzipped brand new archive downloaded today. FTP it over to my box, and nothing, it boots back to dashboard. I have no idea what is going on here.
  5. Thanks for the update Where can this new pro archive be found/downloaded? And this will have ALL the working files needed to enjoy ROMS? Thanks! BTW, if we need a neogeo.zip , can you recommend which one/what the file structure inside the archive should be? THanks again
  6. Ok I read the latest FBA-xxx post and frankly, I'm confused. I downloaded two files last night off xbins: fbaxxx_06_03.zip, and fbaxxx_pro.rar Inside of the 06_03.....zip there are 4 files: default.xbe, default.ips, uips.exe, and patchme!! Inisde the the...pro.rar there is there is a semi directory outline with a skins folder and those.dat files. This is where I get a lil confused. Maybe I'm doing it right or maybe there is info left out, but when I start the program it returns to the dash: For the sake of convenience the FBA-XXX Pro IPS patch will always work with the latest official build. The one in this archive is intended to be applied to the unpatched 06.03.2005 release of FBA-XXX. So basically you just extract fbaxxx_06_03.zip, replace the included 'default.ips' file with this one, and run 'patchme!!.bat'. So I extract the 06_03.zip, replace the default.ips file with the one from the pro.rar and run the patchme? If I am correct there, then I am still hangin up. THen what do I do after that? I'm sorry if you feel like you are holding my hand, but after that it's skimp on instructions. Then do I take the patched files from the.zip and put them in the unrar'd directory from the pro.rar? Is there anything else I need to know? Clearing out TDATA? Getting a neogeo.zip file? (which neogeo.zip) I have a neogeo and I would just like to play backups on my xbox! Thank you for your help
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