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  1. I'll probably watch it after it dies down in a few weeks. Let all the nerds and costume queers desert the theaters. But I might not either...I don't like things that are overly hyped...that's why I never played Halo.
  2. Halo doesn't phase me one bit. Putting it on PS3 launch day is ensuring its death.
  3. I don't have one and don't plan to get one. Methinks your money is better spent elsewhere.
  4. Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones! Just released! Haven't played it yet but I think Fire Emblem speaks for itself.
  5. Don't remember too many...but I think there was a Gunstar Heroes game that was awesome.
  6. Guess I should start stacking up on those "games".
  7. All the more reason for the piraters to fight back even harder.
  8. That's cool and everything but I think IGN and Gamespot will beat you to the chase.
  9. I rather get the wireless street fighter controller... Or maybe the cammy version. That's a good angle.
  10. Too much...FINal...Fantasy.. *head explodes*
  11. Wow, i was more interested in the Hajime no Ippo advertisement. That's a lot of soldiers, but I smell CG and not actual gameplay.
  12. OMG, going to that site made me jizz in my pants.
  13. Did anyone else get an attempt to download some related_links.asp crap? Stupid Kikizo.
  14. I rather use pocketheaven, but new releases aren't what im looking for. I looking for new, good releases. That requires pre-testing.
  15. China is teh cool, go Jet Li and Jackie Chan!
  16. Star Wars Ep III for GBA. Conker's bad fur day and that's it.
  17. Too bad you don't live in my area. There's a shop down the street that sells a whole bunch of them.
  18. Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith I should've posted earlier but I haven't got the time to play it since today. If you do not have this game...GET IT. Provides great graphics and animation with old skool gameplay. Please, if you don't do me a favour, do one for yourself.
  19. Guild Wars, Guild Wars, Guild Wars..and a little bit of Guild Wars on the side. This game is ruining my social life.
  20. OMG, im going to wet my pants! Another version of ruby/sapphire. But its still good!
  21. This game is the reason why I haven't been online for the past week. Man im hooked, even though my vid card is shiit and I lag like hell, i still spend hours wasting away life on this game. If you want to join my guild, please drop your username in this topic, and ill get back to ya. BOO Yeah!
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