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  1. I saw this report yesterday on the news. In every picture, she has eyes like someone is poking a stick up your butt.
  2. i wonder if you could do that with your censor
  3. Oh dear god...kyo has been defiled! Nooo!! Somebody through acid on my eyes!
  4. I can't wait for the dvd. Hopefully its better than that spirits movie.
  5. Can some explain to me the marvel of this hitch hiker movie? I've never heard of it but everyone is calling it the next sliced bread.
  6. Final Fantasy 7 was such a classic. But they are stupid if they think Im going to buy everything with that name in it. Its great but not Mario.
  7. I saw a list compiled at IGN...man, they are milking the FF7 series until the cows gone mad. Now the FF7 legacy has been tarnished.
  8. Just some more news about the release. The first one released a week ago was a pirate version and was nuked. The retail came out yesterday.
  9. It may seem to be a little unreal but I don't think you should expect getting crap internet play. There's server saves so it won't be that easy to hack the characters if it were saved on your computer, and there will be support regarding protection against hacks and cheats, just like diablo 2 I guess.
  10. Yes, it is very happy. Because so many are having fun.
  11. Do you mean monthly subscription fees and such? As I've mentioned above, there are none.
  12. Anyone interested in this game? Basically if you haven't heard about it, it's a diabloish MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that resembles World of Warcraft. The retail version comes out next week and there's no subscription fee or other costs to play online. The game emphasizes team work and making guilds and such. I might get this game, if I do, anyone interested in joining my group? Guild Wars HomePage
  13. Just played Rise to Honor for 2 hours and God of War. BOOBIES!
  14. Oddly the site where I got it from has removed the game. The release hasn't been listed on the scene release list. Strange. Might be a beta or something and has been nuked.
  15. Playing DBZ budokai 3. Man that game is so sexxy.
  16. damn tooting. Megaman Battle Network 1 through 5 Megaman Zero 1 through 4 Megaman Anniversary Collection Megaman X8 Megaman Command X mission or some crap like that.
  17. Thanks for adding the screenies. They haven't officially announced a release date for europe or the us yet. Im still waiting for the usa release before I play megaman 4 though.
  18. Good work stealing the newz. Nothing interests me however.
  19. That's what happens when you deny your kids from video game goodness.
  20. My name is spelt with a "u" instead of the "o" but whatever, I see my qualities in him. Anyway, I chose him because I thought he had white hair (turns out to be his headgear) and since he's a fighter of justice. Everything he does is about the justice and I love his one liners. Personally I don't like using the horse because its so much more fun using the spear on foot. Now I wondering who else I should play as. None of the others seem cool enough.
  21. God of War is one of those "lets hype it up the wazzoo and join the band wagon". Like it has really repetitive gameplay and crap puzzles and yet it gets the 9's from everyone. I beat Musou mode with Ma Chao. He is the coolest because he has the same name as me.
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