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  1. Well, yeah, that's the other use of this products...but who ever really buys one for that? They've all been taking off the market so info is very scarce.
  2. I hate dealing with people period. Clerks on the other hand are so annoying. Especially the attitude filled sexy beyotches that I want to bang.
  3. Drake, your the only person I know on this forum who would attempt to do such a thing. What if it hit you in the head..then what? You would lose brain cel- nevermind.
  4. I wonder if BattleZone and Vilgilante 8 work now. Before it had unnecessary slow down.
  5. I'm guessing your talking about a n64 add on where you can play roms on the system. I'm pretty sure you won't find any nowadays from official websites and can possibly spot them on ebay or some crap. I tried looking for a CD64 but they just don't make them anymore.
  6. Are there any mod chips now that allow you to play dual layer discs? That was one of the problems that didn't allow gt4 to run.
  7. I have the english dc version too. Oh, I was playing timesplitters 3 again but co-op campaign and this game now really kicks butt. It just has so much you can ask and it gives it too you straight up.
  8. The GamePark has the emulation down so this device to me is useless.
  9. Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent --------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish SNK would move beyond rehashing old 2D stuff. Like, I really wish they make a maximum impact 2, I know there were some gripes with the first one but if they continue expanding the 3D game it would be awesome. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent
  10. I don't see the appeal of Kung Fu Hustle. I hate that movie with passion flakey. As for the newer movies, I'm not really interested in any. I'm against marvel based flicks and rather watch old classics then new shizt.
  11. Project justice is the japanese name for Rival Schools. Don't know which version gryph is talking about though.
  12. Never said cel shading is bad. I wouldn't dare bad mouth Wind Waker in any way because that game is the zenith of what cel shading beauty is about. As for Viewtiful Joe, I just don't like the way the characters are drawn and it's cool for a comic book and all but maybe they should've chosen a prettier style. And another reason why I might not appreciate the look is because the game is just a "look at me, I can bring you the happiness of old school gaming" but it just doesn't deliver.
  13. Viewtiful Joe games are so boring. The art style is eery and distasteful.
  14. NeoMaster: Hey NeuronMaster, want to trade belts? NeuronMaster: No, yours is just a piece of extension cord. Agozer: He's ragging on your cord. NeoMaster: Get him. --------------- Heheh, anyway, can't help you there. I'm not too much of a belt guy.
  15. Can a mod advise if I can put a link to the other site? It contains dead romlinks. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's a lot of perfects for a new handheld. Now if if they could work DS as fast.
  16. E3 is not such a big deal. Getting in is easier than you think. But it's really noisy and slimey fingered geezers hog all the games. It's more fun following around the E3 girls and ask them questions to videogames that they obviously don't know the answers too.
  17. IMO still not worth getting. The only way they could entice me to pay for this game is if they included a "Girls of KOF" calender with it. Screw crappy add on characters.
  18. I made the system work for me though. I rented Bloody Roar 4 and to keep the game all I have to do is pay another 3 bucks because the retail price for the game is 10 bucks and I already paid them 7. LOL.
  19. Too bad they screwed us with the Game Pass not being available in Canada. Like, it would've been sweet to rent as much games as you want for 30 bucks a month.
  20. I got God of War and it seems like a pretty cool game. Wasn't expecting boobies though. A definate plus.
  21. You are a loyal member of blockbuster too? Man we have so much in common.
  22. Another small reason why I wish I had a ExBox.
  23. Not quite...im still wondering how Rumble Roses would play.
  24. Sometimes your friends isn't the best source for facts.
  25. It's a cheap scam so that Sony can manipulate people into buying all their products.
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