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  1. LOL, so they are sticking with 360? Hahah. 512 mb memory ehh? Coolawesomefaboulousomg
  2. Wow...none of those games excite me. Except zelda of course.
  3. Spears: Oh no, im pregnant...and I was just thinking about divorce again. Drats.
  4. This is pretty old news to me. There were images of her "gaining weight" in the right places. This is what happens when you watch inside entertainment everyday.
  5. Absolutely. Remember this is really ground breaking news. You can find the link right here drake, and you too gryph if you want the offical news page. SNK KOF 20XX News and Screens
  6. SNK news just in! Now that's....news.
  7. Hahahaha...No. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dear God, that's freaking expensive! That's like 1000 bucks in canadian funds. I wonder what the price for games will be...probably at least 60 dollars (canadian!) per title.
  8. When all else fails, just blame the guy who can't speak english.
  9. Why can't we get any worthwhile kof news...
  10. Actually it's doujin of yufi, aeris and tifa on last part of the 4 disc. The 5 disc includes a increased hole size in the center of the disc.
  11. When I was in Grade 4, we had a gay ass 50 year old beyotch teacher who scolded everyone when they did something wrong on the super crappy macs in the day. Since then I sworn never to use one.
  12. Sagat: Tiger Uppercut! I'm not to excited about this OS...whatever it is. My mojo towards MAC/APPLE stuff is hanging.
  13. That better be in Canadian dollars...or else!
  14. The original version I bought like 5 years ago had 4 discs. Someone in this topic claims the EA one has 5...maybe its just a bonus demo disc of some other game or crap like that.
  15. It took me forever to get the xvid ogm vobsub and crap together and to have working ogm. So many different codecs out there makes things even worse to try to install the right programs.
  16. I can't believe they just didn't release it in one dvd...burning 4-5 discs is so bleh.
  17. Dynasty Warriors 5 isn't anything revolutional. But its still loads of fun to play if you compete with a friend. The only downside to 2 players is the draw distance is cut down substantially.
  18. Crap, don't have mtv...oh wait. I don't care about xsox.
  19. I liked how they smoothed the graphics of character models and summons. The psx is too grainy for my tastes.
  20. I just got it this afternoon. I'm waiting for my bro so we can play it. It's more fun playing multiplayer.
  21. Yeah, I agree. Imagine having the entire set of PS2 games? That will be like a gazillion gigabytes. But who knows, next thing that comes out are Terabyte Super HD Blu Ray DVD's that will store all of that.
  22. Bring on a true KOF compilation and ill wet my appetite.
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