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  1. Take a chill pill k'dash. I'm only referring it to "DVD Quality" because most OGM files on the net provide multi language and subtitles. The visual quality is DVD in my books compared to older anime releases that are very low quality.
  2. FF7 roxxers your coxxors. My disc 3 is messed up so I'll probably get whatever is the latest version.
  3. I could care less for people stalking in the dark. But ill still "get" it.
  4. I have SP2 and WC3 works perfect for me.
  5. Because of OGM, they re-ripped anime in DVD quality so that's another great thing about it. I've replaced my grainy 320x240 movies with sexxy 233 meg episodes.
  6. I've seen pimper. Don't make me bust out the fur coat and equip myself with hat and feather.
  7. Just got DW5 and it kicks serious behind. It's much cooler than DW4 if my memory serves me right, but you can't make your own character like number 4...
  8. These two statements are the most truth you'll ever get in this thread. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This isn't happening..this isn't happening!
  9. Isn't it that Ultima Version or something? If it is...its oldddd news.
  10. OGM is in the hizz house. I love the format especially when collecting anime. Escaflowne and Inuyasha rock both the languages.
  11. I never liked PS2 emulation, it will never be able to replace the real thing. Playing GT4 on the pc would be extremely hard because of the cpu power needed to run a game like GT4, the precision provided by the smooth framerate to master the curves and pressure sensitive controls.
  12. If that's the case...why don't all ps2 games become PTP pressed then to prevent pirating?
  13. I know how you feel man. I went through the same thing, but with about 8 women...at least I thought they were women.
  14. I hope you are joking. Everyone remembers Cominus. Right? Right?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not me, I would forget myself if they board disabled cookies.
  15. I really wish he'd get all those years in jail. He's probably the one sending me free condom spam.
  16. Welcome back...whoever you are. I think bob from down the street might be interested.
  17. I would visit his cell just to point and laugh.
  18. I never knew the ultimate fighter existed. Is it on satelite?
  19. Wow, that's a pretty outrageous restaurant. If you bad mouthed their country they would probably pitch fork your ass.
  20. I don't understand why people would bring handheld systems (especially psp's) to school. It's just asking to be robbed.
  21. Alright, bought Lord of The Ring ROTK and GT3 A Spec. Now I will be able to transfer credits so I don't have to settle for shittty cars in GT4! Muahahha.
  22. Compare that to the PSP where is sold half a million in the first two days of release.
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