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  1. I still haven't played the first one yet. But number 2 seems promising.
  2. All this atomiswave talk makes me want to play Rumble Fish.
  3. Mega Man Zero 4 just came out. Can't link to any images because that will point out to where the rom is.
  4. There's still nothing wrong with classic kof gameplay and sprites.
  5. Athena looks a bit chibish. The boxart is good.
  6. I'm scared to play fighting games in the arcade because I get pwned by asian dudes.
  7. Those screens don't do the game enough justice. Ivy looks weird in white.
  8. I'm still not impressed with this game. It's going to take a lot of alcohol to induce me to put this in my ps2.
  9. You must a be real namco lover for reporting every single detail about soul caliber.
  10. I was banging a girl yesterday...then the internet went out so I had to wait an hour before I could continue.
  11. I can't believe this topic isn't dead yet. *dreams of mod powers*
  12. Sole Casiber news is always good.
  13. Damn these sexy new pc games. I wish I didn't have such a crap computer.
  14. I'm betting its not a translation patch...since taiketsu was released in the US. I think he wants a nickotine patch or something.
  15. No no no. The real number is 912.
  16. Never seen this movie either.
  17. It looks like a good film. I have this thing against the theaters so I'll probably wait for the dvd.
  18. It sounds like your wife's ipod is possessed. Sell it on ebay for 1000 bucks.
  19. WaveBird is the God of Wireless. I should've bought one when they were on sale.
  20. It's not wise to keep the save type on "automatic". There are two solutions that might work. First, make sure that there is no existing save file in the folder where the rom is located. Go into the save type options and choose either 1. SRAM, and 64 save size 2. EEPROM, and 64 save size. If that doesn't work you may have a bad dump. You should go find another one if the above doesn't work.
  21. Graphics do matter to me because in most games it does affect gameplay. Especially games set in a fantasy world since it wouldn't be much of an adventure if you weren't immersed by the graphics. But gameplay needs to be there too or it isn't worth shizno.
  22. At least the initial system colour isn't purple. Man nintendo are hippie freaks.
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