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  1. Damn...Is there a US version out? I'm actually considering purchasing it.
  2. Yeah, id love to build my own arcade cabinate too, its not that i dont have the room, i just don't know where to start or what i'd need, i main, i know i'd have my other pc inside of it, with that arcade font end that boots up as soon as you turn it on and gives you a list of games to play and then when you pick the game it loads the emulater you set for that game, but i don't know how i'd go about building the joysticks, or where i'd get all the parts from or what type of screen to use and all stuff like that. Try this site, it has a link to a store where you can buy all the basic parts. http://www.arcadecontrols.com/arcade.htm
  3. What system is that game for and is there a ROM for it?
  4. Yeah well, no crap. I knew it was about his new computer. But its basically a useless topic. He could have gone into greater detail about his benchmarks and that would have made more sense. Ah forget about it.
  5. Cosplayers...the saddest group of people. On Halloween it's alright, but dressing up as your favorite videogame character other times is just sad. And I want to see this video too.
  6. Instructions for playing Doom 3 demo: 1. Unrar (duh) 2. In your Doom_III\base directory, open the runact.cfg file. 3. Comment out the last line. In other words, add the "#" sign in front of the string "devmap $e3_intro" so it looks like the following: #devmap $e3_intro 4. Launch the game using the main exe. 5. Press the tilde key to bring down the console (just like Q3) 6. Type the following: exec runact.cfg 7. Hit enter, and then go grab a soda. Seriously, it takes about 5 mins to load all the crap. 8. Once it is done, you can launch the intro movie, or play yourself. 9. From the console, use the following commands: * map e3/intro (Loads intro movie) * map e3/e3_1 (Loads first map) * map e3/e3_2 (Loads second map) * map e3/e3_3 (Loads third map) * map fred/e3bathroom5 (won't work for some people) Changing controls: From the console, type: bindlist This will list all the currently bound keys and their functions. Use the page up and page down keys to scroll through the list. The controls for standard movement are not bound to the regular WASD config, so type the following to put it back to normal: * bind w _forward * bind s _back * bind a _moveleft * bind d _moveright Check out some of the other bindings, God mode and give health are already bound for you Checking FPS: type com_drawfps 1 Download this text file to check out some more commands to play with: http://folk.uio.no/magnus
  7. Yeah great, what about it?
  8. I want to build my own arcade panel but I don't have any room in my room or on my desk so it sucks.
  9. Hahahaha! The true makings of a super-hero, leather pants.
  10. You should get Serials 2000. It's an awesome program. To get it, go to Google and type in Serials 2000. It is a database of a crap load of serial keys.
  11. You know...maybe he didn't have anything there. That's medically possible to not be born with any genetalia. Hmm...but usually those people don't survive past child hood.
  12. I remember watching an episode of HBO's Real Sex and this yogi hung a huge rock from his dick. It was trippy. And if these so called powers really exist now, I'm sure there would be some videos of it.
  13. 14 quid a year? Ha! I'm trying to sound like a brit But seriously...that's not much. That's like $10. I might eat my words and sign up for that. BTW, nice avatar emsley!
  14. You know...that's a bunch of bull crap. Where and when did you see it with your own eyes? Were you sober? Why didn't you video tape it? I don't know but there's just something awfully fishy about all that. But then again, I am one cynical bastard.
  15. Well free sites are the best. If anything is news worthy or close to decent, you'll hear about it there and all the media will go to other sites. No reason to pay for crap that you'll get if you wait like a day. But then again, I don't spend much time reading and watching videos of games that I'll never play. There's more to life than a bunch of video games. Not much more, but it's something.
  16. But his family goes bankrupt... I assume you wouldn't want that. I'd rather have Iori's powers. Have a nice three way with Vice & Mature, well 4 way if you include his girlfriend. Wear cool pants, have cool hair, emit flames, and play in a band. The Riot of the Blood is only a small price to pay.
  17. SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos (ADVANCED) ? What's so advanced about your version?
  18. Speaking of Garou 2, has it even been officially announced? I'm sure it has been in production for the past few years.
  19. I remember driving half way across town to go play Marvel vs. Capcom 2. But gas was like $1.10 so it was all cool, now it sucks ass.
  20. When did this NeoGeo 64 thing come out? What are it's specs?
  21. Maybe that guy has a Multiple Personality Disorder. He's probably sitting in an old rickety chair and his two hands are having an intense arguement on whether KOF2003 will be released soon...
  22. It's in North-eastern United States.
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