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  1. try kof or MAME32PLUSwithKOF2k3rom or kof2003 I did all those combinations last night but didn't work. No sweat, I'm downloading it from devil666
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! For those of you who don't get the joke, go here. Bush vs. Tic Tacs
  3. No it's not. It's ten years. Suppose the president gets assassinated or resigns and the vice president serves as president for 2 years, he can still run for president 2 more times. (Edit: GameCop | Reason: Starting Flame War)
  4. Thanks devil! If this doesn't work, I'll just wait a day or two. The web will be crawling with mirrors by then and I've got 3 lab reports to write for next week. I don't want too many distractions...
  5. I typed in KoF2k3 in filemirrors and nothing of value showed up...
  6. Can someone host this biatch on a website so I can download it at school. I'm on crappy 56K at home.
  7. Yes it did. I too couldn't get on for a long time.
  8. I know that emulation encompasses everything, I'm not a moron. I meant to say arcade. Consoles are easier to find, and less expensive while arcades are hard to come by and very damn expensive. I mean, I beat Golden Eye and Perfect Dark already on N64 emulator. 3 years ago. What's wrong with UltraHLE? Bleem! works just fine. But I did forget about PS2 and Dreamcast...but those won't be emulated for a while. I didn't mean to say it will die, I just meant to say that nothing of huge news or value will be done soon. That's what I'm saying. How soon do you expect a Dreamcast, PS2, GC, NAOMI, CPS3 emulator? Atleast 1.5 years. Between now and then, what else do you forsee happening?
  9. NeoGeo emulation will be practically dead. Or atleast on life support. No more big games are slated for MVS release. This forum will probably cool down because many people come here to check on the latest game being released. Till NAOMI and/or CPS3 is emulated, emulation is practically going to fade away. So sad But I won't abandon this forum. Now only if a damn arcade opened up with new games, everything will be fine and dandy. Actually I found out my school has an arcade so I went there and they have 2 machines for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Crisis Zone, among other not as steller games. So all is not lost but I don' think this school will pay for any other arcade machines. According to some people, a long time ago the arcade had Street Fighter III: Double Impact. Maybe I can try to jack one of the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 machines...heehehe
  10. CPS2: X-Men vs. Street Fighter NeoGeo: Blazing Star, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Bang Bead
  11. Can you speak all those languages fluently? That's a lot a language.
  12. Dammit! I forgot to put "None of the Above"! Well the only reason Bush won the last election is because a record number of people did not cast a ballot so not voting is just as bad as voting for Bush. And yes, Clinton would be awesome. I wish there wasn't the 10 year cap on the length a president can serve in office.
  13. So if you were allowed to elect the president right now, who would it be? Ofcourse the public election means nothing, it's that damn Electoral College. But if you were legally able to vote right now, who would you cast a ballot for?
  14. Thanks for the info. It explained it somewhat
  15. I could tell them that it will help my motor skills and will make me a better surgeon I wish...
  16. I've seen this mentioned a couple of time and don't know what's so special about it. I know it deals with Capcom games but thats about it.
  17. Apparantly you can use those files with KOF2K and see some progress. I read about it on the Apocalypse website a few hours ago.
  18. When I came back to the States from spending 3 years of boarding school in India I had a little Indian accent but it was weeded out a few weeks after being back. My American accent was in remission
  19. Well I'm from South Louisiana and am subjected to the horrible accent here. Then next door is Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The accents don't improve. It's just what I'm used to. And I was kidding about us all sounding like moron
  20. It'd be a cool name for a buoyant console system. Or a console that can do advanced mathematics homework for you.
  21. Yeah I read the page. But that's just sale blather. I wanted to know if anyone of you have had personal experience with it. Now I have to pitch this sale to my parents... They hate it when I play games so I don't think they'll agree to letting me buy this thing.
  22. This looks pretty tempting. Have you heard anything about these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...agename=rvi:1:1
  23. Make me want to change my name to Mike Rowe and make the website www.AdvancedMikeRoweDevices.com and get some free Athlons
  24. HA! I have that clip. I used to have the whole movie but I don't know where it is now. I would send you the clip but I'm on a 56K connection
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