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  1. nah expect a page update by this weekend.
  2. Yes I know that the small portriat is crappy but what the hell. I'll report more soon. Later.
  3. ok here is the deal, get the giri giri hack that was mentioned above. those that have irc, irc://irc.choopa.net/saturn <----copy and paste to your webrowser and it will take you directly to that channel. "Thats if you have mirc installed in your pc. if not find it on google. thats the link to the channel that host satrun iso's you can thank me later.
  4. Guys, Certain mods for ps2 systems are know to cause the system to blow a fuse. Myself, I have the swap magic 3.0 cd and 2.0 dvd along with a fliptop lid for my ps2. As of now I have over 70 titles. thanks to this. cd and dvd games. anyway if you are looking for a online store to trust, go here. This is where I get all of my stuff from plus if you have comments or questions about a product or whatever the case maybe, you will gat a response. http://www.xtreme-xbox-mods.com I recommend them to anyone.
  5. Im having problems with Mugen on my xp pro pc plus I need xp as my os for buseness reasons. plus my job takes up most of my time. So I am releasing Insane hiryu as is due to the fact that I may never work on him again or as far as I know. Oh well, Enjoy him. the amout that I did to him. But he will be kinda buggy. just Click here to get him http://ironmugen.free.fr/MugenAfterShock/homepage.htm -Sinasta p.s. Also here is Insane Hiryu's Movelist
  6. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but read the above that I posted on another section of this board. but the mugen without installing linux method works, you can try that. check the pinned posts on the top of this board. -Sinasta
  7. If you are using an intel based graphics card then you are out of luck. those cards dont support the correct vesa modes. but you may wanna try the linux from windows method to run mugen in which Alexis posted on this section of the forum. I can vouch for the fact that it will work.
  8. Thank you all. Well my new job keeps me busy, but im adding the final touches to him. Also my two beta testers gave me a report on what to correct as well. On my next off day, I hope to have this matter resolved and a possible release for the public. Ill post as much info as I can. I have to get ready for work now. Take care everyone, And Thank you for taking intrest in my character. -Sinasta
  9. That technique is almost a year and a half old. But I can say this. Linux Mugen is the closest thing to Winmugen that you will get. I have tried that techinque and it works well. But, Installing characters and sounds and such are a litttle different than the Ms Dos version of Mugen. I can say this, Those that are having problems running mugen on their pc Due to XP issues and sound issues or Vesa Driver issues can use this method for it works well.
  10. Curse this patience But, you know whatever a certain news site says seems to be the truth for the rest of the community. You, are however, the admin of MAS, technically making you the leader? But, we both know this isn't your first time being written up there, they like supporting your popularity despite what they say And undoubtebly you'll continue to be an interest there, maybe even with that recent MFG thing (Why did they do that?). True indeed. But Im not sweating them at all. Besides they are running amock saying that Im trying to gain popularity, Heh, they dont relize that they are making more of an effort than I am, If popularity was what I aiming for. as far as the MGF incident, I just happen to start posting there after leaving them alone to certain circumstances. I accidently revived an old topic trying to catch up on the things that I missed. "Hence the green light that WAS by my name" I killed my account there. Ill return. Maybe?
  11. well I like the bright sprites better. Sorta CvsS quality. even though it was just modifinig the air file coding making ot transparent. but as far as his release, Just a few more things to implement and some more Ai Tweaking. Be patient my son! As far as the leader thing, remember we discussed that. No leader was needed. But its seems that some are not trying to hear that. You know who I mean.
  12. Climhazzard, Not like I care anyway. lol yeah the same ppl who made me leader of Mugen Aftershock? right? "walks off laughing" anyway Good to see you "AGAIN" see ya in the chat. p.s. Ill be releasing my updated insane hiryu soon. to those who dont know who he is, here are some shots. Hmmm, what happens if you input the command before the time runs out? btw, it only shows the command for a split second. If you blink your eye, you are A$$ed out! p.s. the ai is the last thing I have to do. also on the image that says "13 rush", the hit spark thats out of place and the explod to the left has been corrected. also, these are beta pics.
  13. I just joined your forum after finding out it existed thanks to "The Team Player" Just a quick post, and just wanted to introduce myself. Greetings to all!
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