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  1. I'd want a Brooklyn accent. It'll make me sound tough. "Ey! I'm walkin' ere!"
  2. This forum rocks. I join in December and have been coming here multiple times a day. Great place to be when I'm at work.
  3. Rumble Fish...WTF? I have to look this up.
  4. Well Februray is not far away at all so this is welcoming news. Hopefully its true.
  5. I do agree with maninderb that Capcom does have the most recognition for its characters simply because it was the first successful fighting game franchise. Though I give major props for SNK for creating many interesting characters. And yes, a new KOF with 3 more characters is "HOLY crap! MUST PLAY!" Akuma is not the original "guy with the chain." As far back as I can think, Wan Fu from Samurai Showdown is the first guy with the "chain" (prayer beads). Where do you get SNK never trying to redraw their characters? Have you seen the progression from Fatal Fury 1 to Real Bout to KOF to Garou? Just Terry himself has been redrawn. Though the differences are minor and negligible, they created fighting games with the best gameplay (for me atleast). Umm...dammit I lost my train of thought.
  6. I was wondering something about the Sammy vs. games...Do they really have a huge line up of characters to already make Sammy vs Capcom & Sammy vs SNK. The characters they already have are great but they can't contend with the sheer amount of Capcom and especially SNK.
  7. Well I'm not into football but I think the Pats will take it. I mean, their guys are huge and they seem to have awesome skills. I usually root for the underdog, but Carolina sucks...those flockers at Duke didn't accept me, I will hate both Carolinas forever!
  8. Is Gal Fighters that good? I've never had a chance to play it; I only read about it.
  9. Well someone would have to get the source code for MUGEN. Or if they are very good reverse engineer programmers they can somehow extract it.
  10. Ask this friend if he has any news on Garou 2...
  11. Well the Garou graphics engine can't really support 32+ characters on the Neo Geo hardware. Maybe in the next KOF which is on Atomisware, we'll see ultra detailed characters, ultra smooth animation, ultra cool KOF style music, and ultra cool stages. But I don't want Playmore to go ALL out on the next game...I mean, they need to give themselves some room to improve and make more money by rehashing the same game by updating some graphics. Maybe when 3D graphics processing is good and fast enough to render a fighting game to have the same speed and look of a 2D game, we'll see some new and awesome stuff. Till then, we'll have to deal with tap-tap combo 3D games like Tekken and DOA. Maybe the PS3 is that powerful...
  12. Oh well. I guess I'll have to drive across town and spend lots of quarters on the arcade machines. The games are worth, the drive isn't. I discovered this arcade that has some pretty good games (it has KOF2000) but the people that go there are gangbangers and the ricer AzN crowd. It's like they live there or something and never go to school or work. And damn those motherflockers are GOOD at KOF2000, it's amazing.
  13. Does anyone know if there is progress in the emulation of these powerful ultrabadass systems?
  14. Yeah I think they died a long time ago. I wish they would release the source code. I really doubt that they'll be anymore updates to MUGEN
  15. Maybe you have a tough guy reputation "Man that james is some real trouble! He can bring down a forum with a single post. Let's block him!" That could be another reason...
  16. I was born in 1984 and most people my age love this new crap. I don't know what these kids are thinking. That's why a majority of them are so stupid and conformist. Also, late 60s-mid 70s owned! 80s is alright, very embarassing though
  17. AHAHAHAHA! I just noticed that fu*k is censored to flock! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  18. Personally I think this should be what era of music was the best because choosing just 1 year is a bit sketchy. So my favorite era would be 91-96. Nirvana, Weezer, and Rage Against the Machince were created during that time. Not to mention a whole bunch of other not-as-famous-even-though-they-deserve-to-be bands. But I can definitely say what year music went to crap. That would 1998. The era of boy bands and new-age pop culture flockheads.
  19. Since I don't eat red meat, that excludes pork or beef. But chicken is good. On the veggies side: black olives, green peppers, extra cheese (even though its not a vegetable), and onions. Mushrooms are an absolute no. I hate those things.
  20. Oh I remember seeing that game at an arcade in Orlando. I didn't play it but I played the other game made by the same people which uses the same technology. Instead of being a boxer, you're a cop and you have to physically duck and move out of the way of the screen to not get shot. It's pretty intense. Those boxing gloves were pretty heavy and I didn't like having to keep my feet spread so far apart. But yeah, the technology is nice. Very difficult to emulate because you actually have to move your body.
  21. It's an RPG so the storyline is rather important. I wish I knew Japanese.
  22. Ah just give it time. The game hasn't been out for long in the arcades. The ROM will no doubt take some time. Patience is a virtue, my friend Just think about the game and masturbate to it to pass the time It works! Believe me...
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