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  1. Why would Dreamer require extremely powerful PC specs? I mean the console isn't that powerful compared to a PC.
  2. XBOX emulator leak? When did this happen? Maybe Elecbyte ran out of funds?
  3. Never stop the quickies, if you catch my drift *wink* *wink*
  4. Well probably the last high profile game on the MVS system.
  5. What is Razoola's site? Is it in english?
  6. I really hurt my neck playing on a Virtual Boy once. It was at a Service Merchendise a long time ago when they carried electronics and before they went out of business.
  7. Nintendo Virginity Keeper (Nintendo VK) Sony Life Waster Microsoft HaloPlayer Atari OWNZj00@11 SNK NeoGeo 2
  8. The music is pretty...weird. They had hot chicks on the show. Most of Jerry's girlfriends were hot. Elaine began looking good during the 5th season. And Kramer is the best looking man ("I'm beautiful. Tell me, is my face not beautiful.") Well Kramer is based on Larry David's (the Curb Your Enthusiasm guy) neighbor Kenny Kramer (www.kennykramer.com). And the fat bald dude, George, is based on Larry David. Larry David was the co-creator on Seinfeld and was the head writer.
  9. Naw dude! I'm from Cajun Country (South Louisiana). Trust me, you don't want this accent. It sucks!
  10. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 Street Fighter 2 King of Fighters 95 (bought it for PSX and now I love KOF) King of Fighters 98 (the only one I've ever played in an arcade) X-Men vs. Street Fighter Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (I wasn't too thrilled with the first one) Capcom vs. SNK 1 & 2 Street Fighter 3: The First One (Just because it had such awesome animation) Garou: Mark of the Wolves (it brought back all my faith in SNK)
  11. I never liked Friends as much as Seinfeld. Don't get me wrong, Friend's is hilarious but there's too much drama. I don't watch the show to see if Chandler and Monica get a baby. Hey Cominus, do you like the Ross character? I'd love to put a jackhammer to his face.
  12. Loddoss Wars to be serious. Dragon Pink and Golden Boy for fun Golden Boy owned! And Tetsuo from the one and only Akira.
  13. Haha! Yeah those two shows rule too. Here's an interesting fact, Michael Richards (Kramer) was the first choice for the Al Bundy character. Good thing he did Seinfeld instead. Ah...young Christina Applegate...mmm.
  14. HAHA! Yeah I love these. Actually you can find one of them on his Best of Will Ferrell VOL. 2 DVD. It was aired on NBC the weekend that ELF came out.
  15. What's this P rom, S rom, V rom, C rom, and whatever else rom stuff? What do each do? I've been reading about that since I came here but never understood it. I now they are functional parts of ROMs but I don't know anymore than that.
  16. Ah yes, the episode is The Boyfriend (Pts. 1 and 2). It was a parody of JFK which is a great movie.
  17. Well I love the show. I've been hooked since Season 5 and still watch reruns all the time. Actually I have all the episodes on my computer. So who else here loves this wonderful show about nothing? What's your favorite episode? Who's your favorite character? Who's the least favorite character? I just love this show so much that I have to spread my love to everyone else! And please, let's keep this a flame-free topic.
  18. US accents suck. We sound like morons.
  19. Well I'm a college student who is a biology lab assistant. I do experiments for my professor, it's not really a job. But I get paid for it so I call it a job.
  20. There is? Awesome. I've been looking for it and was about to give up. Now there is some hope in finding it.
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