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  1. Saw III and IV. flocking disgusting. Just goes for the shock value and nothing else, which I really don't appreciate at all. Not scary, just revolting.
  2. Dawn of War II. Still coming to grips with it. It is very different when compared to the original series.
  3. Since my last post, I am feeling the sore throat/burning nose come on. I am now officially a plague bearer!
  4. I don't know if I get the flu, but I do get a cold usually once a year.
  5. The graphics look reasonably good, maybe just alittle too flashy, however.
  6. I was a slave to Mortal Kombat 1,2 & 3. I also played Street Fighter 2 religiously. On my Amiga, I loved Gods, Speedball 2, and R-Type 1 & 2. Plus other shooters and platformers. Ah, those were the days.
  7. I've had about 10 drags in my entire life. I don't like how I feel like a smokestack afterwards. Tastes yuck to me.
  8. Akheron, I like your avatar. I just started playing Sin Episode 1: Emergence, and right now I'm really liking the fast and fluid gun play. And the shots of Alexis's boobs and ass.
  9. I don't think I have ever met someone who takes masturbation so seriously. It's normal, it's a stress-release valve, and everyone does it. Why feel guilty for? I don't think you should change your masturbation habits...I think you should change your thinking. Just enjoy yourself. It's harmless.
  10. He can keep it up in the cold! He has my respect.
  11. I'm going through Dead Space, and it's revolting! I love it! I really like the suit, because it looks ancient and worn rather then futuristic and streamlined. It's like an old style underwater suit meets a garment in Gladiator.
  12. Emsley, what did you do to the person who stole your stuff? Did you do anything at all?
  13. There are some wicked looking combos in there, Fatal.
  14. Sounds like you have hit a down patch. Stay tough and something will work out, bud.
  15. Just saw The Wrestler. What a great movie! More about a man's (and a woman's) struggle with middle life and its stresses rather then wrestling. Mickey Rourke was so utterly convincing as The Ram, not to mention charming and funny, in a bummed out sort of way. I usually don't like human drama sort of films, but I really liked this one.
  16. I'm a metalhead, which means I should hate all nu-metal. But I did like Linkin Park's Meteora. Haven't heard the new stuff. I like Disturbed as well.
  17. Does that happen when you reach 1000 posts? Edit - LOL! I just realised it does! Look at my post count!
  18. Corpse Bride. It was really good. I liked the humour.
  19. I'm dying to fire a gun as well! Why did you pass up firing a shotgun?
  20. For anything apart from fighting games: keyboard. Lol! For fighting games: Oz Stick.
  21. I was probably abit too harsh when I saw the first screenshots...I am looking forward to playing this game.
  22. Hello bud. Bored at work, but in these times, I cannot complain. Looking to buy a house of my own.
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